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Iraan Cowboy Band

The famous Iraan Cowboy Band

A Boy Scout band was organized in Iraan, Texas in the May of 1934, under the leadership of E. O. Moore, who served as Scoutmaster of Troop 49.  Charles Baldwin, who played trumpet, directed the band and Mack Greenhow, saxophonist, was the announcer.  Vern Brownlee served as second Scoutmaster

The band came to Camp Louis Farr on June 10, 1934, as a Troop.  While they were at camp they made appearances before the Lions Club in Mertzon, over radio station KGLL, and marched on the streets of Mertzon.   First members of this band were: 

    Trumpets --  Wilson Lauderdale, Lewis Blackburn, Orville Fraker, Arthur Barasso, David Morrison, R. C. Calk
    Clarinets -- Udel Copeland, Layton Johnson, Ed Earl Heberson, and Jack Baker
    Saxophone -- Mack Greenhow, Atlas Charles
    Bass Drum -- Robert Ivy
    Trap Drums -- Harry Glendenning, Norman Montgomery
    Bass Horns -- Robert Patterson, Charles Halcomb
    French Horns -- Jimmie Rigsbee, Ted Simon
    Altos -- Raymond Warner, James Cooney, Billy Joe Greenhow
    Trombones -- Claude Webb, Pat Moore 
The band was selected as the official band for the 16th district of the American Legion, and made a trip to Marfa to participate in their convention from November 16-18, 1934.  Jacques Nonce, high school band instructor, was in charge of the band during this trip.  The citizens of Marfa made arrangements to entertain the members of the band, and their trip was paid for by the American Legion.

On January 26, 1935, the band played for the Council's Annual meeting held in San Angelo.  A photo of the band in their Boy Scout uniforms appeared in the January 26, 1935, issue of the SAN ANGELO MORNING TIMES. 

The band was suppose to have gone to the National Boy Scout Jamboree in August of 1935, but because of a polio epidemic, the trip was canceled and they went to California to the San Diego Exposition instead. 

The band was present at Camp Louis Farr on June 16, 1937, for the dedication of Carr Village.  They played the Star Spangled Banner, following the invocation, while the flag was raised in the center of the Village.  They also provided music to the group. 

Band a hit at 1937 National Boy Scout Jamboree

(Taken from the West Texas Scout News, Tuesday, August 3, 1937, written by Bryan Cooney)

"There were twenty-four Scours from Troop 49, Iraan, who attended the Jamboree.  The rest of the band of thirty pieces was compost of Scouts from other troops.  Under the capable leadership of Mr. Jacques Nonce, this band put Iraan on the map.  It also gave the Easterners a good idea what Texas is like, with members wearing cowboy boots, chaps, spurs, gay colored shirts and ten gallon hats.  Others who were with the band were Acting Scoutmaster H. B. Blackburn, Assistant Scoutmaster James K. Biggs and Assistant Scoutmaster J. B. Morris.

"This was the official band for Regions eight and nine, and they had the privilege of greeting Dan Beard as he arrived at the Jamboree.  They serenaded James E. West, Chief Scout Executive, and broadcast from a National hookup on the Jamboree grounds.

"Their toughest job at the Jamboree was playing for the Circus program of region eight and nine.  They had to play fast circus marches for over two hours and then walk three miles back to camp.

"The boys had a great time.  They visited the Washing Monument, The Capitol, White House, Supreme Court, Mt. Vernon, Smithsonian Institute, Library of Congress, Arlington Cemetery, Lincoln Memorial and all the Government Department Buildings.

"The band members were: Luther B. Stover, Eudell Copeland, Ed Earl Hebisen, Winston Holcomb, Oliver Barnes, J. B. Copeland, Lewis Blackburn, Keith Anderson, David Morrison, Jolly Johnson, Montgomery, Zack McFarland, J. D. Carr, Jimmis Rigbee, Elmer Sutton, Raymond Warner, Bryan Cooney, Leon Harris of McCamey, Tom Hogan from Crane, Clarence Holcombe, Robert Patterson, Robert Ivy, Norman Montgomery and Edwin Shadle.  Four Scouts from San Angelo also played with the band. R. C. Calk and Jack Baggett of Ozona were the drum majors."

Make Trip to Eagle Pass

The band played for the first Winter Garden Boy Scout Circus in Eagle Pass on November 13, 1937.  They played during the parade of all Scouts present and also several numbers during the Circus.  The band played at the dedication ceremony held on the Town Square in Iraan on August 23, 1940, for the Sea Scout Patrol's cruiser, the S.S.S. Yates, prior to the boat being taken to Lake Nasworthy near San Angelo.




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