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Iraan Memory Gardens

Rogers, Arles Arel September 6, 1875-February 24, 1938

Rogers, Anna Margaret November 2, 1883-March 10, 1937

Donaldson, Charles E. Mar. 15, 1880-Feb. 18, 1934

Altho he sleeps, his memory doth live. And cheering comfort to his mourners give.

Nance, Jack Oct. 20, 1900-Nov. 22, 1929

McGinnis, Addie Fay 1894-1930 Mother. The Lord is My Shepherd

Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. L. J. Dixon Died July 17, 1931

Harriet T Aileen Mayberry Jan. 25, 1932-Feb. 1, 1932 Our loved one.

Gerald, Infant son of C.A. & T. B. Lattion Sept. 19, 1932

Barnes, Zora Dove Oct. 18, 1897-Nov. 25, 1993

Barnes, Dewey G. (military) Oklahoma Corp. 20 Inf 10 Div December 8, 1898-February 9, 1939

Turner, Jana Dell Oct. 8, 1973-Nov. 25, 1973

Niederhoffer, Dell Barnes Dec. 4, 1923-June 27, 1981

bricked square plot, unreadable marker, child size

Ward, Mery E. Apr. 25, 1867-May 12, 1943 Mother. Beloved. How we miss you.

small enclosed metal fence, no name

Rhinehart, Lyle E. Dec. 11, 1933-Jan. 19, 1934 Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: For of such is the kingdom of God.

Jackson, Travis Gordon Sept. 5, 1932-Feb. 15, 1933 A sunbeam from the world has vanished

unreadable metal marker

unreadable metal marker

Humphrey, Alma T. Apr. 7, 1900-Feb. 18, 1942

small concrete enclosed plot metal marker, no name

Petty, Infant son of Mr. &Mrs. Roy Petty Jan. 6, 1946 (o.d.) Budded on earth, to bloom in heaven (broken)

metal marker, no name

Jennison, Infant twins of Madge & Russell Jennison Dec. 30, 1930 (o.d.)

metal marker, no name

Ryan, Zela Jane Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. A. E. Ryan June 19, 1931-June 19, 1931 Of such is the kingdom of heaven

Sanders, Marceline V. Jan. 7, 1927-Nov. 10, 1931

Sanders, Bobby Ray March 1930-Nov. 10, 1931 (same stone)

metal marker, no name

Hatfield, Infant Son of O.D. & Lucille Hatfield April 8, 1939 (o.d.)

Hatfield, Marvin Kendall Oct. 19, 1933 (o.d.)

Hatfield, Lucille Aline Oct. 8, 1934 (o.d.0 (sunken in ground)


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