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To Postmasters & Post Offices of Harris County, Texas

LORD. A settlement on the H., E. & W. T.
Railway and on San Jacinto river, in Harris
county. 186 miles southeast of Austin and
20 miles northeast of Houston, the county
seat and nearest banking point. Settled in
1883, it contains steam sawmills and ships
lumber and country produce.  Population,
150.  Mail, daily. Wm. McIlroy, postmaster.
Dunman, J. W., live stock.
Isaacks, A. M., live stock.
James, A. J., saw-mill.
Kaimn, Charles, cattle breeder.
Kleiber, A. M., saw mill.
Lee, Acy, cattle breeder.
Lee, Medem, cattle breeder.
Lord, J. C., saw mill.
McIlroy, Wm., Bookkeeper for J. C. Lord.
Parker, A. W., saw mill.
Turner, Wm., carpenter.
Williams, B. I., live stock.
Source: Polk's Texas State Gazeteer & Business Directory, 1884-1885, p. 498.