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To Postmasters & Post Offices of Rockwall Co., Texas



BLACKLAND, Rockwall Co., May 18.


     After a short respite, I again appear before you, with a desire to say something that will interest your readers. I regret not being posted in local affairs, but Mr. June Bug, I am sure, will continue to give you the incidental news. Mr. J. B. resides at headquarters, and as he is the pet of that vicinity, he would do himself and his many friends justice, by keeping you posted in whatever of interest should come to his notice. Allow me to say to Mr. J. B. be cautious whom you personate lest they take umbrage at what you say of them, for there are not a few who are more punctious than wise, you had best turn away from those who are not apt to give or take a joke.

     The recent commotion in relation to Nadine will have an excellent effect in expediting the building up of that town. It is not a myth as some supposed but a fixed fact, that Nadine will shortly be of more benefit to Rockwall county, than all other towns within its area combined. The great boon for the farmers is now at hand. Last year they hauled their wheat to Terrell; the combined fraternity at that place, without giving them notice, refused to grind their wheat, forced them to sell at a great sacrifice and sold flour at an enormous profit. A flour mill will shortly be established at Nadine, several stores, etc., and an abundance of good water, with good roads, will certainly be an attraction that not many will overlook.

     On Sunday, the 30th inst., I visited Nadine, and the juvenile Butterfly gave me a cordial welcome. If example is better than precept and actions speak louder than words, then the commendable acts of Butterfly in corresponding to the SUCCESS, we hope, will shortly be followed by other juveniles, for I know the kind editor would gladly receive their favors.

     I am informed that a postoffice will shortly be established at Nadine. If so, and Butterfly could get the contract, he would make things fly, provided he could obtain Shoo-Fly for the expedition.

     While at Nadine, I attended the Sunday School, which was conducted by Mr. Geo. Fink, who is the present acting Superintendent. The introduction of new books attracted much attention. During the interim of the exercises, the Rev. Mr. Campbell delivered an interesting address which was quite applicable to the occasion.

     Mr. Fink has been a great sufferer with Rheumatism, and notwithstanding his often infirmities, has never relaxed efforts for the support of his family. There is no such word as fail with him. He needs help in the prosecution of his work, and I hope he will obtain it. Mr. F. and his noble partner have a large gin-house to complete, a grist and flour mill, together with proper dwellings, then let their friends tender them that assistance which they richly deserve.

     Nature dictates to us that Nadine is the most eligible position for an emporium; its central location; the conveniences of the ingress and egress; the dense population of the surroundings, and the abundance of good water, which I am informed, is sufficient for all of Rockwall county. There is certainly sufficient inducements for the erection of a town.

     Five years ago, the idea of a town being built at Fate, would have appeared chimerical, yet a town is there. We are informed that "isolated sections shall blossom as the rose and pools of water and springs shall be there." Fate is now a respectable town, with neat cottages, flower gardens, etc., with a spacious church, an able Ministry, a classical institute with efficient teachers, and pools of water and springs are there. Last summer, during the drought, kind friends at Fate supplied us with good water. Infinite wisdom through nature, dictated to us, that not only Nadine, but many localities in Rockwall county are suitably adapted for towns, churches, institutes, etc., and I am of the opinion these desirable results will shortly be realized.

Respectfully, OLD CITIZEN.

-January 24, 1885, Rockwall Success, p. 2, col. 3.



NADINE, May 19th, 1885.

     Farmers of this place have all got the blues on account of wet weather.

     Mr. John Peace has gone over on Sabine on a deer hunt.

     A fine work ox belonging to Mr. Fondren of Rockwall, was killed by lightning last Saturday.

     We learned to-day that Dr. Harvey White of Fate has turned out to be a champion fighter and Bob says he's a boss to slap.

     Little Willie McKnight has been suffering with chills the past week.

     Health is tolerably good in this locality at this writing.

     Mr. S. C. Payne and T. W. McKnight got a thorough washing on
their way home from Rockwall last Saturday evening.

     Mr. Birtner of this place is going into the bee business.

     We have a new chicken peddler from Dallas, driving through our vicinity once a week.


-January 24, 1885, Rockwall Success, p. 2, col. 2.