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Eli F. Bibb was born one winter Saturday of 1823, on February 1 in Alabama.

Eli was given a land certificate for his services in the Mexican War, 1846-1848, for 160 acres in 1848, which he sold prior to 1850.

Eli F. Bibb married Elizabeth Bradford, Monday, 16 July 1849, in Wilkinson, Wilkinson Co., MS. In Sept 1850 the newlyweds were living in Rapides Parish, LA - Eli F. Bibb 27 carpenter AL; Elizabeth C. 19 SC; boarding with them are Julius Wellum 26, a Cooper and William H. Watson, 33, a carpenter.

Within ten years, Eli and family have migrated to Hopkins County in east Texas. Before the white settlers arrived, the Indian tribes of the Sulphur Springs area used the camping grounds around the springs for their home. Vegetation as well as the giant oak and bois d'arc trees flourished to make this area a lush grazing spot for animals. As time went on, long trains of ox wagons carried supplies to the new outpost and the immigrants used the springs for their camping grounds. There were hundreds of springs that were strongly impregnated with sulphur, therefore the name, Sulphur Springs. The first beginning of Sulphur Springs, Hopkins Co., TX between 1840 and 1850 was due to the fact that it was such a good camping place along the old Jefferson Highway. Of course, it was not long before somebody put up a stand to sell supplies to the campers, and it appears that Eli Bibb had the first little store in Sulphur Springs, located on the highway. Mr. Bibb built a small cabin on the spring lot and kept a small stock of staples, whiskey, his home-brewed persimmon beer and slabs of his wife's ginger cake. Mr. and Mrs. Bibb were well known along the old Indian highways. As other merchants and settlers arrived, the post office took the name Bright Star. (The Story of Sulphur Springs - http://www.hopkinscountytx.org/history/story-sulphur-springs.htm)

By 1860 Eli is living in the house with, whom it is assumed, are his parents, Thomas Bibb and wife Maris in the town of Sulphur Springs with Bright Star as their post office. Eli is 37 yrs old and is occupied in the carpentry business. There are three young Bibb boys, ages 9, 7, and 5, in this household; evidently these are Eli's children and he is a widower, gone back to live in his parents' household. Eli, 37, married Mary Ann Ingram, 20, in Hopkins County on Friday, February 1st, 1861, apparently his second marriage. Just a few months after his marriage, Eli is called into the service of his state. He was inducted with the rank of Sgt. and discharged as Pvt. in Co. G Unit 9 (Young's) Texas Infantry. (Maxey's Reg't, 8 Texas Reg't.) This unit organized in Precinct #7 of Hopkins County Texas and filed muster roll and election returns on 17 Aug 1861. A copy of the muster roll is located in the Texas State Archives. It states the following:
The State of Texas, County of Hopkins, We the Judges and Clerks of an Election held in the Town of Sulphur Springs Precinct #7, on Saturday the 17 day of August 1861 in said County do hereby certify after being duly sworn that the annexed result of the election as counted out by us is correct and true...
W. S. ___?, Judge
Eli Bible, Judge
J. L. Garrison, Clerk
W. P. Ramsey, Clerk
F. M. Rogers, President and Enrolling Officer

Genl. H. Shelton
Sulphur Springs Aug 19, 1861 (Monday)
Sir- I send you results of Election for officers active service. I have enrolled 150 men. All did not vote on account of sickness.---F.M. Rogers
Enrolling Officer, Precinct #7, Hopkins Co., TX
Alexander, Jos., Pvt.
Alsobrook, William (Tom), Pvt.
Barnes, H. L., Pvt.
Bell, W. W., Pvt.
Bellstead, George, Pvt.
Bibb, Eli, Pvt.
Brown, Anderson, Pvt.
Brown, S. M., Pvt.
Brown, W. S., Pvt.
Buford, J. C., 3rd Sgt.
(Company for Beat #7, Hopkins Co., TX, 9th Brigade, TX State Troops, TX Millitia, compiled by Ron Brothers)

In 1870 Eli Bibb, aged 47, is living in Quitman, Wood County with his wife Mary A. Ingram, aged 30, where he pursues the trade of a mechanic. The oldest three boys are Bethel, age 19; Thomas J., age 17; and William W., age 15, supporting the conclusion that the three small sons in his household in 1860 are his children from his first marriage to Elizabeth Bradford. There are younger children in the home by 1870 - Ellen, age 7; Horace age 4; Gracie, age 4 and Myron, age 1.

By 1880 The Bibb family is living in Emory, Rains County where Eli actively participates in community and poliltical life for the rest of his life in Rains County. In 1880 Eli is a US Deputy Marshall with J.W. Montgomery as Sheriff and R.J. Cooke as Deputy Sheriff. The U.S. Marshalls usually hired their own deputies. Eli is 57 and M.A., his wife, is 35, with children Ellen, age 16; Gracie, age 12; M.M. age 10; Allen, age 8; Emma; age 6; the youngest of the 7 children at home is Jessie G. Bibb, age 2, father to Richard Huston Bibb and grandfather to Huston Dean Bibb. The main function of US Marshalls and their Deputies was to support the federal courts. They served the subpoenas. summonses, writs, warrants. and other process issued by the courts, made all the arrests, and handled all the prisoners. They also disbursed the money. The Marshalls paid the fees and expenses of the court clerks, U.S. Attorneys, jurors, and witnesses. They rented the courtrooms and jail space and hired the bailiffs, criers, and janitors. In effect. they ensured that the courts functioned smoothly.

Eight years later and at the beginning of the summer, Eli Bibb, 75, married Amanda Bell, 30, on Friday, June 1, 1888 in Rains County - what is believed to be his third and final marriage. In 1900 77-year-old Eli is living in Prect #1 of Rains Co. with his 32-year-old wife Mandy, two sons and two daughters. Even at his elderly age, Eli continues to desire to serve his county citizens.
Later that same year, the Saturday election of Nov 6, 1888 for Justice of the Peace if Precinct #1, the balloting resulted in:
T.S. Morgan 138
Eli Bibb 122
H.M. Corbett 182

Eli served as postmaster in Emory on several different occastion. "Upon the death of Emory Rains in 1878, Elijah Bibb, postmaster at Emory and an old, dear friend, built Emory Rains' coffin as he had requested." Eli Bibb again served as postmaster for Emory, Rains Co., Texas, appointed on Thursday, 26 Dec 1889

Original documents from the Department of the Interior Bureau of Pensions, dated Nov. 30 1895 for certificate #5.989 state that Eli was awarded $12.00 per month for his service in the Mexican War.

Again Eli sought the position of Justice of the Peace for Precinct #1 in Nov 1896 with the following results:
W.M. Wheatley 178
W.O. Hebison 250
Eli Bibb 104
J.L. Wheatley 1

Eli filed a pension application in Rains County for his service during the Civil War, which was rejected based on the fact that he probably was earning $12.00 per month for his service during the Mexican War although the application states Eli is poor, doesn't own his home, has a horse valued at $10.00 and a cow valued at $25.00, and has six family members to feed.

Eli Bibb apparently lived the remainder of his life in Rains County dying 102 years ago on Thursday, August 28, 1902 and is buried in a lone grave at Prospect Cemetery, half-way between Emory and Point.

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