Ads placed in  Rains County Leader

 J.S. Pierson & Son – general merchandise
 Dr. M.B. Smith
 R.M. Hutcherson’s – jewelry, Greenville, Texas
 J.R. Ingram, proprietor – Southern Hotel, 214 W. Washington St., Greenville, Tx
 Dr. J.W. Swindell – ear, nose, throat, Greenville, Texas
J.T. Apperson - piano tuner, Emory, Texas
V.H. Montgomery – The Emporium, Emory, Texas
J.C. Wylie – hardware, furniture, undertaker’s goods, Emory, Texas
 The First National Bank of Emory, Texas
         T.H. Leeves, President
         B.C. Barrier, Vice-President
         S.K. McCallon, cashier
 W.L. Green – barber, Emory, Texas
Hardin & Montgomery – drug store
 A.A. Hardin – The City Drug Store
 Montgomery & Johnson – undertaker’s goods
 W.H. Clendenin – attorney-at-law, Emory, Texas
 Dr. Cawthon – dentist, office at Hardin & Montgomery, Emory, Texas
 S.J. McMilan – barber, Emory, Texas
 O.C. Vincent – barber, Emory, Texas
 Tackett & Allen – general merchandise, Emory, Texas
 Settle & Nunn – real estate agents, Emory, Texas
 A.O. Alexander – Emory, Texas (next door to he bank)
 J.T. Reeves – The Cold Drink Stand
 W.D. Peeples – Emory, Texas
 W.A. Harris – Point, Tex
 Parchman Bro’s – Point
Robert Wilson - wagons & buggies, Point, Texas

V.H. Montgomery – Emory, Texas
P.W. Pearson, M.D. – physician and surgeon, Emory, Texas
R.A. Tarbutton – jeweler
A.A. Hardin – The City Drug Store
W.H. Clendenin – attorney-at-law, Emory, Texas
S.J. McMillan – barber, Emory, Texas
O.C. Vincent – barber, Emory, Texas
Rodes and Cornelius – attorneys-at-law, Emory, Texas
 Office in County Judge and County Attorney’s office in Court House;
office hours from dawn to dark
J.C. Wylie – hardware, Emory, Texas
W.D. Peeples – Emory, Texas
Dr. Cawthon – dentist; office at A.A. Hardin’s Drugstore, Emory, Texas
Parchman Bro. – Point, Texas

J.A. Cox – general merchandise
P.W. Pearson, M.D. – Emory, Texas
Dr. L. Faulk – general practice & surgery, Emory (office-Motes bldg, SW corner square)
C.J. Crabb – attorney-at-law; office at court house
W.H. Clendenin – lawyer, land agent & notary public, Emory, Texas
O.C. Vincent – barber, southwest corner of square
A.A. Hardin – the druggist, Emory, Texas

Tackett & Allen
First State Bank – Point, Texas
 S.S. Bowers, President
 R.L. Simmons, cashier
 R.P. Etter, director
 D.B. Corley, director
 J.N. White, director
A.O. Alexander – dry goods
J.F. Allen, M.D. – Emory, Texas (office Allen & Adams’ Drug Store)
P.W. Pearson, M.D. – Emory, Texas (office at Hardin’s drugstore)
Dr. L. Faulk – general practice and surgery, Emory, Texas
B.A. Carter – Attorney-at-law, Emory, Texas
A.R. Cornelius – lawyer and land agent, Emory, Texas
W.H. Clendenin – lawyer, land agent, notary public, Emory, Texas
O.C. Vincent – barber
E.P. Burge – watch repair, Emory, Texas
Emory Mercantile Company – Emory, Texas

S.S. Adams – Grocery & Feed
J.S.H. Allen – M.D., Emory, Texas (office at C.M. Nix’s Drugstore)
M.J. Arrington – Emory, Texas
F.S. Ashburn – The Hardware & Furniture Man
A.L. Cain – Dry Goods, Alba, Texas
W.H. Clendenin – Lawyer, Notary Public, Emory, Texas
J.M. Clifton – groceries, millinery goods
Emoryl – Emory, Texas
Dr. L. Faulk – Physician & Surgeon, Alba, Texas
First State Bank – Emory, Texas
            G.H. Morehead, President
            B.A. Carter, cashier
            W.Y. Adams, Director
            W.L. Ivie, Director
L.H. Harkey – Real Estate & Loan Man, Emory, Texas
S.H. Hood Lumber Co.
E.C. Hutchins – M.D., Alba, Texas (Office at Nabors’ drugstore)
Emory Mercantile Co.
L.J. Orear – groceries & dry goods, Emory, Texas
P.W. Pearson, M.D. – Emory, Texas (office in Tackett & Allen building)
Mrs. L. Pirtle - milliner
F.M. Pomeroy – Notary Public, Abstractor of land titles and District Manager of United
B.A. Prestridge, M.D. – Emory, Texas (office in Tackett & Allen building)
States Fidelity & Guaranty Co., Emory, Texas
Mrs. Nell Potts – Milliner, Emory, Texas (Balcony Alexander’s story)
B.A. Prestridge – M.D., Emory, Texas (Office in Tackett & Allen building)
W. Ed. Rabb – Lawyer & Notary Public, Point, Texas
John Simmons – Veterinary Surgeon, Emory, Texas
Tackett & Allen – Emory, Texas
W.E. Taylor – shoe & harness repair, north side square Emory, Texas
O.C. Vincent – barber (two doors south of post office)


S.S. Adams: Feed store
J.S.H. Allen, M.D.: office in Alexander Bros' Buldg.,
 Emory, Texas
Braziel Motor Co. - Odd Fellows' Building, Emory, Texas
 Ford cars; If you want one it will pay you to come in
 at once and place your order, as they are selling faster
 than we can buy them.
J.L. Bullock, S.S.M. Agt, Emory, Texas
 I am now selling the latest Singer Sewing Machines.
 Let me place one in your home on easy payments.
City Barber Shop: Holland & Holley, Prop'rs
 opposite postoffice; open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday
 to 11 p.m.  "Popular prices; special attention given Buster  Brown haircuts"
G.W. Clements: "We have added a line of staple and fancy groceries
 to our stock of fruits and fresh vegetables."
The Cash and Carry Help Your Self Store, L. Cline, Prop'r
Dowell & Fitzgerald for hardware, furniture and implements
Heeth's Barber Shop: Will H. Heeth, Prop'r
"Our razors and scissors are sharp and we study the
 latest wrinkles in the tonsorial art."
 Located in rear of Nettle's Gents Furnishing Store, west
 side of square
S.H. Hood Lumber Co., Emory, Texas:  lumber, hardware,
 furniture and coffins
J.W. McElroy, Emory, Texas
 "We handle the genuine Ford Parts and guarantee all of
 our work.  Plenty of room for storing your car at
 reasonable rates.  Also, our gas and olubricating oil
 service is unsurpassed."
Will Melton in the Hood Building, southeast side of the square.
D.S. Nettles, Emory, Texas: Gents' Furnishings - dyeing,
 cleaning and pressing.  Also, Laundry Basket.
C.M. NIX, registered pharmacist: open at 7 a.m., close at 9 p.m.
Nycum's Grocery Store: "Nice line of the best Groceries to be
 found in the wholesale markets.  Reasonable prices
 and free delivery from 9 to 11 a.m."
Nycum's Cafe: "We serve the best things to eat we can obtain
 and if it's a meal or only a lunch you will find us
 ready to serve you at any hour of the day."
Nycum's Market: "We keep fresh meats and a nice line of packing
 house products on hand at all times."
P.W. Pearson, M.D.: General Practice; office at Reeves Drug
 Store, Emory, Texas
Peoples-Foster Pharmacy: "Yours for pure drugs and honest dealings"
B.B. Rabb, Point Texas
Reeves Drug Store: "The Home of Pure Drugs"
 "We give S&H Green Stamps

Do you need Glasses:  "I now have one of the most up-to-date
 eye testing device of today, The Shore self Fit machine.
 It is absolutely correct you do not have to take our
 word for it, you simply have to look thru the glasses
 on the machine and determine for yourself whether you
 are in need of glasses.  The Shore Optical products are
 guaranteed to me, and I guarantee them in turn to you.
 Come in today and test your eyes and see for yourself.
 It will not cost you one cent.  Don't wait."
 R.A. Tarbutton, Emory, Texas
 2 doors North of Depot in Mrs. Seaton's store
R.A. Tarbutton, The Jeweler: opposite old postoffice building
 "We, wife and myself, have opened a lunch counter in
 connection with our Hamburger stand, where you will be
 served with clean, wholesome food.  Lunches from 10c to
 25c and other prices reasonable."
W.E. Taylor, Emory, Texas:  "That pair of shoes that you laid
 away last Summer can be rebuilt at Taylors.  We have
 the very latest machinery installed for your
Vincent Barber Shop: Alexander Bros. Bld'g.
 "If its a Hair Cut you want you'll find our scissors
 and clippers working fine, or it its a shave you'll
 find our razors sharp and hot towels waiting for you."

Other Advertisers:

City Barber Shop – HOLLAND & HOLLEY, Prop’rs
DOWELL & FITZGERALD – hardware, furniture and implements
Reeves Drug Store
BRAZIEL Motor Co. – Odd Fellows’ Building, Emory, Texas
The First National Bank, Emory, Texas
B.B. RABB – Point, Texas
The First State Bank of Emory, Texas
C.M. NIX – registered pharmacist
Nycum Grocery Store
Nycum’s Café
Nycum’s Market
J.L. BULLOCK, Singer Sewing Machines agent, Emory, Texas
Dr. F.L. YOUNG – eye, ear, nose & throat specialist – Greenville, Texas
Simpson & Parker – office at Reeves’ Drug Store, every Saturday
P.W. PEARSON, M.D. – office at Reeves Drug Store, Emory, Texas
O.C. VINCENT, barber – Emory, Texas
H.H. McMILLAN – Point, Texas
R.W. HARRIS – Cumby, Texas
Will MELTON – Hood Building, southeast side of the square
J.W. McELROY – Emory, Texas