(information from Rains County Deed Records submitted by Elaine Nall Bay)

Henry Ivey sold a tract of land out of the Elizabeth Boren headright survey to the Richland Missionary Baptist Church for $4.---Aug 1, 1892
(DR 9/594)

F.T. Beaird sold for $5 a tract of land in the town of Emory out of the G.B. Yarber Survey, beginning at the junction of Wood and North St. to the Trustees of the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Emory, Thomas M. Cain, George R. Kimbrough, and Felix P. Hardin, Trustees.
July 14, 1891.
(DR 9/569)

On February 27, 1893 the Emory Methodist Episcopal Church South of Rains County, Texas requested
financial help from the North Texas Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church South in order to build a house of worship; they were granted aid in the amount of $150.00.
(DR 9/631)
J.B. Rabb, Jr. of Hunt Co. sold a tract of land out of the A. Spain Summerlin Survey in Point for the
purpose of encouraging the development of Point religiously and industrially to the Union Church;
said church represented by four different protestant denominations:
A.J. Rabb, Trustee for Methodist Episcopal Church South
S.N. Burnside, Trustee for Missionary Baptist Church
C.C. Harris, Trustee for Christian Church
D.C. Trumble, Trustee for Cumberland Presbyterian Church
---June 1, 1901
(DR 11/549)

L.J. Abernathy and wife Emma Abernathy of Rains County sold one acre in the J.W. Thweat Survey for $20 to Martha Chapel Missionary Baptist Church  (colored)---Feb 17, 1904
(DR 25/618)

Henry Ivey, a single man, sold to C.T. Thomas, L. Wert and Gus Magee, Trustees for Ivey Chapel, a Methodist Episcopal Church and W.M. Martin, Pastor, 2 acres of the James Montgomery headright survey.  The deeding of the land was a donation for the church and the Trustees paid $10 for the 2 acres.---Sep 5, 1908
(DR 25/284)

W.C. Whittle and wife, Maggie, sold a tract in the town of Emory out of the G.B. Yarber Survey, beginning at the intersection of Planters and North St., to E.L. Allen, C.J. Crabb and R.S. Hill, Trustees of Salem Baptist Church of Emory for $400.---June 7, 1909
(DR 25/479)

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