Old Records of the Prospect Baptist Church 1899 - 1955

The old church records are in the possession of the Rains County Historical Society;   Transcribed copies of the records are in the genealogy section of the Rains County Public Library.  This church is no longer in existance.  The building still stands on the same grounds as the Prospect Cemetery, located halfway between Emory and Point.

Members listed in the oldest church record books ; they are here by year.  Included are any comments written in the church records :
     baptism      Etta (Grayson) Moody         1920 letter
                         Mrs. Willie Cochrum            Emory, Texas
     baptism      Mabel Pounds                      1921 letter - Emory, TX; 1950 letter
     baptism      Nannie Sisk                           1923 letter
     baptism      Carrie Cornelious                  1920 letter
     baptism      Willis Pounds                        1920 letter - Emory, TX; 1950 letter
     baptism      Pearl (Martin) Robertson
     baptism      Minnie (Waskom) Martin
     baptism     Irene Rogers (Firzgerald)
     letter         Claude Grayson                      1920 letter
     baptism     Beadie (Moody) Conrad        1930 letter
     baptism     Lillie Sisk                               1920 letter, 1942 letter
     letter          Mrs. Maggie Kerr                 1947 letter, Point
     letter          Calvin Jaggers                       Arpil 1957 death
     baptism      Leola Jaggers
     letter           Zeryna Hogue
     baptism      Erman Hall
     letter           John Hogue
     letter           Lora Hall                                1949 death
     restoration Ada Cooper
     letter           W.A. Curtis                           Emory, TX
     baptism      Janelle (Burns) Addiler        1922 letter
     letter           Bessie (Burns) Engerlman
     letter           Willie Kerr (Burns)
     baptism       Juanita (Burns) Oliver
     baptism       Ruby Woodson
     letter            R.M. Sisk                              1949 death
     letter            Jennie Pounds                     1950 letter
     baptism       Fay (Sisk) Price                    1934 letter
     baptism       Nellie (Irwin) Turner
     baptism       Waymond Watson
     baptism       Clara Graves
     baptism       Letha (Watson) Scott
     baptism       Cora Sisk                              1950 letter
     letter           Pearl Glass
     baptism      Annie (Cochrum) Lunan
     baptism      Gertrude (Cochrum) Huddeston   1951 letter; 1956 death
     letter            Ruby (Prather) Woodall
     letter            Van Prather
     letter            Bessie Prather
     baptism       Edmond Hughey                     1949 joined Church of Christ
     baptism       G.T. Hughey                            1942 letter
     letter           Elmer Hughey                           1954 death
     baptism      Illa (Cochran) Henderson
     baptism      Ella (Hughey) Slyder                1948 letter
     baptism      Viola Hogue
     baptism      Addie (Tuttle) Hall                  1951 letter
     baptism      Floyd McDonald
     baptism      Leona (Woodson) Maddox
     baptism      Loreta (Tuttle) Vincent
     baptism      Jack Pounds                             joined Church of Christ
     baptism      Clifton Prather                          1941 letter
     baptism      Buster John Pounds                Army
     baptism      Corene Waskom
     baptism      Marie (Newman) Wynn
     baptism      Violet Cochran                         Aug. 25, 1956 death
     baptism      Will Cornelious
     baptism       Mattie (Luckett) Ivey              1950 letter
     baptism      Clara Hogue
     baptism       Irene Hamilton
     baptism       Lillie Mae (O'Neal) Ballew     moved 02/12/1961
     baptism      Ollie Greathouse
     baptism      Cleo Freeze                            1953 letter - Point church
     letter          Mrs. O.C. Cupp
     baptism      Mattie Luckett                        1950 letter
     baptism      Maggie (Cochran) Wallace
     baptism      Estalee (Irwin) Van
     baptism      Mary (Nelson) Ray
     baptism      Dick Pounds                           1950 death
     letter          Mrs. Cora Watson                  1950 death
     letter          Ada Watson                            1928 letter
     baptism      Henry Jaggers
     baptism       Leona Irwin                              Dallas
     baptism      Barney Hall                               1954 death
     baptism      Mozelle Hughey                      1942 letter
     baptism       Letha Mae (Prather) Cole
     baptism      Agnes Greathous
     baptism       Hazel Donaldson
     restoration  Otis Woodson
     baptism       Owen Wafer
     baptism       Mrs. Maggie Wafer
     baptism       Edward Wafer
     baptism       George Tuttle                         1942 joined Church of Christ
     baptism      Annie Turner
     baptism      Mary Lee Shane
     baptism      Faye Nell Slaughter (Cason)
     baptism     Oma Prather                          1941 letter
     baptism      Annie Lea Prather (Willis)
     baptism      Adell McAdams                    1945 letter
     baptism      Verda Belle McDonald
     baptism      Hershel Greathous
     letter           Mrs. Nernie Harvey               1948 death
     baptism      H.L. Hughey                           5102 Phillips Ave., Dallas
     baptism      Dwain Cooper
     baptism      Lloyd McDonald
     baptism      Adaline Tuttle
     baptism      Laurie Lee (Wood) Turner
     baptism      Mrs. Nina Vincent                     1950 death
     letter          Fannie (Waldrop) Melton
     baptism     Mrs. Margie Jaggers Hatley
     letter          Hattie Brown                             1953 letter, Point
     letter          Marion Brown                           1953 letter, Point; 1955 death
     baptism      Oren (Moore) Degner
     baptism      Eva Mae Rhodes
     baptism       Elouise Jaggers Melton             1943 letter
     baptism       Robert Henderson, Sr.
     baptism       Robert Henderson, Jr.
     baptism       Lois Hogue McDaniel               1944 letter
     baptism       Grady Hogue
     baptism       Claud Hogue
     baptism       Ruby Hogue
     baptism       Margie Hogue Snow                 1948 letter
     baptism       J.W. Hogue                                 Dallas church
     baptism      Geneva Hogue McGee              1945 letter; Commerce, TX
     baptism       Fay Hogue
     baptism       Oleta (Rivers) Briggs                 1949 letter, Dallas
     baptism       Blanch Blakey
     baptism       Billie Jean Conrad                       moved to Lone Oak, Oct 1950
     baptism       Gequeta (Conrad) Smith            Dallas, TX
     baptism       Betty Eason Catlett
     baptism       Elsie Eason
     baptism       Lovel Donaldson
     baptism       Roy Mark Watson                    Navy
     baptism       Grace Pounds                           joined Church of Christ
     baptism       Carlton Prather                         Army
     baptism       Nellie Fay (Turner) McDaniel   1943 letter, 1949 letter
     baptism       Mrs. Edith Wilcoxon
     baptism       Loyd Nelson                            Army
     baptism      Ina Faye Cochran Rhodes          Dallas
     letter           Mrs. Edgar Northcutt                July 1951, letter - Point
     baptism      Christene Sisk Busby
     letter          Junior Turner                             Army
     baptism      Rosebert Turner                         joined Church of Christ, 1950
     letter          Edgar Northcutt                         08/26/51 letter
     baptism      Johnny Jaggers
     baptism      Authur Harbin                             Greenville
     letter           Preston McDanile                       1947 letter; Army
     letter           John T. McDaniel                        1944 letter
     letter           Mrs. John T. McDaniel               1944 letter
     baptism      Geri Lee Luckett (Gowins)          joined Church of Christ
     letter           Marie Newman (Turner)
     letter           Mary Frances Newman               1949 restoration
     baptism      Nadine Northcutt (Barrett)
     baptism      Mildred Watts                             1948 death
     baptism      Betty Lee Sisk                              1947 letter
     baptism      Burl Vice                                       1944 letter
     baptism      Mrs. Burl Vice                             1944 letter
     baptism      Rosa Lee Vice Atkins                1944 letter
     letter          Kathryn (Rhodes) Turner
     letter          Mrs. Della Rhodes                     1945 letter
     letter         Calvin Brown                              1949 restoration
     baptism      Mrs. Hamer Duvall                     1948 death
     letter          Annie Ruth Duvall                       1945 letter
     baptism      J.B. Northcutt
     baptism       Jo Dan Shedd                            1944 letter
     baptism       J.H. Rhodes                               1945 letter
     experience  Mr. O.V. Pace                           1949 death
     baptism       Robbie Freeze (Morning)
     letter             Mrs. Eulan Duvall                       1945 letter
     letter             Miss Jo Duvall                            1945 letter
     baptism        Bobbie Duvall                             1945 letter
     baptism        Gertrude Newman
     baptism         E.R. Newman, Jr
     baptism        Betty June Rhodes
     baptism        Ima Lou Alkire
     baptism        Miss Betty (Kerr) Walker
     letter             Nellie Fay Carter                       1949 letter
     baptism        Roland Carter                            1949 letter
     letter            Mr. Claude Williams                   Deacon; 1949 death
     letter            Mrs. Claude Williams                 1950 letter
     letter            Mrs. George Carr
     letter            Mrs. Bettie Carr
     letter            Mrs. Hattie Walker
     baptism       Mrs. Lorea Tuttle                       07/07/57 letter
     baptism       Miss Ruth Tuttle
     baptism       Douglas Turner
     baptism       Johnie Finter                              1951 letter
     baptism       Lester Finter                              1950 letter
     letter            Joyce (Fenter) Turner
     letter            Preston Lyle
     letter            Audrey Lyle Hutchett
     baptism       Kenneth Jaggers
     baptism       Lou Hogue (Jaggers)
     baptism       Allen Hogue                              Army
     baptism       Mary Herrage (Ivie)
     baptism       Cleo Hatley
     baptism       Odeal Hays
     letter            Erie Hatley
     letter            Mr. Bud Carter
     baptism       Mariana Lyle (Pinion)             1957 letter; 7809 Pond St., Dallas
     baptism       Jock Luckett                             1955 letter
     letter            Polly Luckett                             1955 letter
     baptism       Dollie Trimble
     baptism       Billie Jean Trimble
     baptism       Wanda Fay Trimble Traylor        02/03/1957 letter, Dallas, TX
     baptism       Claud O. Kerr                            Point
     baptism       Lois Kerr                                  Point
     letter            Ora Cockran
     letter            Elder & Mrs. C.H. Pritchett      1951 letter
     baptism      Tom Hays
                         Sam Hogue                               1953 death
     letter           Mrs. Rollie Carter                     Dallas
     letter           Mr. Rollie Carter                      Dallas
     baptism      Buddie Moorehead                  Emory, TX
     baptism      Gerry McCalvin                       Emory, TX
     letter           Maril Turner
     baptism      Billie Joe Smith
     baptism      Miss Billie Smith
     baptistm     Jadge Pace
     baptistm     Blanche York                          Point, TX
     letter           Ed Burtchett                             1957 letter
     baptism      Mrs. Ed Burtchett                      1957 letter
     baptism      George Jaggers
     baptism      Wynell (Hays) Dennie
     baptism      Kat Burtchett                             1957 letter
     letter           Mr. & Mrs. James Sloan          10-29-56 letter, Emmanuel BC
                                                                                                        Ferrell, TX
     baptism      Miss Joyce Kerr
     baptism      James Kerr

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