1870 - 1930


Does anyone recognize this mailman?
Looks to be 1930's maybe.


DAISY (Hopkins , Rains)

Spradling, Thos. C., 3 Jan 1891
Ward, Green M., 9 Jan 1903
Spradling, Thos. C., 11 Feb 1904 (Declined)
Discontinued 31 May 1904; mail to Emory
Daisy Post Office was kept in 3 different homes.  First was in the James Garrett home, behind where Arline & Gwen Holman currently live.  The second was located directly across from the Dallas Blanton Memorial Hall in the Tom Spradling home.  The third and final move was to the Ward home,  located on today's FM514, in front of Ester Lue Vittitow's home.

DUNBAR (Rains)

Aaron, Sam'l. F., 2 Feb 1900
Yancey, Geo. M., 14 Dec 1900
Gowin, Jas. M., 5 Dec 1901
Northcut, Geo. W., 30 Jan 1903
Discontinued 30 Sep 1904; mail to Emory

EMORY (Rains)

Chambers, Dan'l R., 19 Dec 1870
Pierson, Marshall S., 29 Apr 1873
Bibb, Eli, 26 Dec 1889
Williams, Lizzie, 8 Jly 1892
Sutherland, Mrs. Louisa, 26 Jan 1894
Allred, Jo. Bunyon, 1 Apr 1895
Cain, Thos. M., 8 Jun 1896
Campbell, H. P., 12 Aug 1898 (Declined)
McLaughlin, John, 28 Oct 1899
Lamb, Wiley M., 25 Jan 1902
The Emory Postoffice bondsman appointed Ernest Lamb, acting Postmaster to succeed his father, Judge W.M. Lamb, until the postoffice authorities can be notified and make regular appointment.  Judge Lamb's widow has made application for appointment.  (The Rains County Leader, April 22, 1904).

Ryan, Geo. W., 12 Sep 1904
Miss Winnie Cawthon is assisting Mrs. Wylie in the post office. (The Rains County Leader, Sept 16, 1904)

Montgomery, Jesse J., 24 Aug 1907
Miss Myrtle Bethel has accepted a position as assistant in the post office. (The Rains County Leader, May 3, 1909)  Postmaster J.J. Montgomery has sent in his resignation as postmaster at Emory, to take effect as soon as his successor is appointed....Prof. L. Cline has been recommended by petition for postmaster and will likely receive the appointment. (The Rains County Leader, June 3, 1910)

Cline, Luther, 1 Jun 1910
Postmaster Cline says the Department is arranging to put in new furniture in the Emory office. (The Rains County Leader, Feb 23, 1912)  Postoffice lobby open until the principal business houses close. (The Rains County Leader, March 15, 1912) The Emory post office has been designated as a postal savings bank, and postmaster Cline tells us that they will open this branch of the office about the middle of next month. (The Rains County Leader June 22, 1912)

Duffey, Ada F., 29 May 1913
Carriers were J.B. Reeves on Rt. #1, C.H. Cameron on Rt. #2, Robert T. Pierson on Rt. #3, and Jno. K. Woosley on Rt. 4, with Ed. V. Cooke as postal clerk (The Rains County Leader, Jan 14, 1916)  Mr. S.P. Cain has been installed in Emory as assistant postmaster. (The Rains County Leader, Jan 21, 1916)

Cline, Okey B., 9 Feb 1922

GINGER (Rains)

Fraser, Walter B., 1 May 1909
Someone broke in at the back door of Tackett & Allen store at Ginger last Thursday night and took about $4 in money, a pair of men’s shoes and about $5 out of the post office, which is kept in the store. (The Rains County Leader,
May 2,1912)

Hill, Rich'd. S., 10 Oct 1913
Shaw, Thos. J., 18 Mar 1915
Jenkins, Jesse J., 21 Mar 1916
McAllister, Eunice A., 24 Jun 1921
Campbell, Russell A., 9 Dec 1921
Shaw, Mattie M., 27 Dec 1924

GOFF (Rains)

Lynch, Cary L., 1 Feb 1902
Pirtle, Polk H., 14 Nov 1905
Discontinued 15 Mar 1906; mail to Emory


English, Wm. J., 2 May 1903
Prather, Isaac J., 11 Dec 1903
Discontinued 30 Sep 1904; mail to Emory

POINT (Rains)

Ballew, Hattie A., 16 Dec 1879
Swepston, Elmera A., 19 Sep 1881
Cozart, Sarah A., 14 Apr 1890 (C)
Greer, Mary A., 7 Jly 1896
Bowers, Sam'l. S., 12 Apr 1900
Ryan, Danl. W., 17 Aug 1907
Guinn, Jas. A., 3 May 1911
Postmaster Guinn hung out the postal savings bank sign at Point Saturday morning, the 1st day of June. (The Rains County Leader, June 7, 1912)

Stuart, Mattie, 25 Mar 1914

Daniels, Mattie S., 22 Dec 1915
E.V. Cooke, Emory's assistant postmaster has been appointed as carrier on a rural route at Point and went up the first of the week to go on duty.  (The Rains County Leader, Jan 21, 1916)  The Rains county rural carriers had as their guests Saturday night the Hunt County Rural Letter Carriers’ Association.  The meeting took place in the Odd Fellows’ hall.  There were present at the meeting carriers from Point, Lone Oak, Greenville and Campbell.  Carriers Reeves, Pearson, Cameron and Woosley of Emory, assisted by Carriers King and Cooke of Point, are to be congratulated for the successful entertainment of the association. (The Rains County Leader, Dec 14, 1917)

Lynch, Addis L., 28 Jan 1919
Spikes, Addie L., 23 Apr 1920
Ryan, Dan'l. W., 4 Oct 1921 (Acting postmaster)
Ivie, Herman R. 16 Sep 1925 (Acting postmaster)