1880 Road Overseers

Submitted by Elaine Nall Bay

Until about 1900 roads were maintained by dividing the roads into districts about 6-10 miles long and by appointing a road overseer and requiring men within the districts to maintain the roads.  All men between the ages of 18 and 60 were subject to road duty.  Each man was required to work the roads 10 days per year in order to keep the roads in passable conditions.  Roads were classified as 1st class (60 ft wide), 2nd class (40 ft wide) and 3rd class (30 ft.wide); most roads were 3rd class roads.

Precinct #1 (Emory-Wills Point Road)

C.H. Yoakum, overseer

Hands :  J.M. Bethell                Hugh Gordon                 T.R. Mitchell
         W.N. Brook                  J.W. Greer                  W.N. Motes
         R.J. Cooke                  A. Hamlet                   David Northcutt
         Tom Cox                     W.A. Hart                   J.F. Pierson
         E.B. Davis                  Lee Horn                    M.S. Pierson
         ?  Evans                    Sam Jones                   J.D. Smith
         J.N. Forbis                 John Killman                John Trontman
         Spencer Forbis              T.S. Magee                  M.C. Whitfield
         ?  Gorden                   W.M. Malone                 Robert Wilder
         J.F. Gorden                 H.W. Martin                 ?  Wordenz

Precinct #2 (Emory-Cedar Grove Road)

S.S. Waskom, overseer

Hands :  Ben Bullard                 T.M. Hughey                 Thomas Pounds
         F.M. Cain                   W.M. Lamb                   J.W. Quarles
         J.D. Cain                   F.M. Lawrence               John Smart
         S.T. Cain                   S.E. Lindsay                A.E. Sparks
         J.L. Curry                  Samuel McGowen              W.H. Sparks
         J.W. Goolsby                Wm. McGowen                 Thomas Waskom
         Frank Holmes                Dick Murray

Precinct #3 (Emory-Cedar Grove Road)

William Cooke, overseer

Hands :  T. Daniel                   Timmeny Slider              J.B. Woosley
         Andy Dement                 Wm. Spradling               J.P. Woosley
         John Lindsey                John Wheat                  J.W. Woosleyz

Precinct #4 (Emory-Greenville Road)

B.F. Killiam, overseer

Hands :  H. Abercramby               James McCloud               George Parlor
         James Burke                 L. McShan                   G.A. Phillips
         E.R. Flewellen              W.M. McShan                 H.D. Phillips
         Anderson Hill               Frank Martin                N.E. Phillips
         James Hobbs                 Nives, Charles              Moses Trimble
         A.O. Kelley                 Nives, Daliel               M.A. Vincent
         W.F. Killian                J.L. O'Kelley               W. Woosley

Precinct #5 (Emory-Greenville Road)

J.W. Goddard, overseer

Hands :  Wm. W. Baird                J.K. Greer                  S.J. Rice
         C. Ballew                   C.C. Harris                 John Rowell
         John W. Ballew              E. Harris                   M.L. Scott
         J. Blanagam                 J.M. Harris                 R. Sullivan
         Benj. Brien                 ?.  McFaddens               Thomas Thrasher
         G.B. Chambers               T. A. Martin                D.C. Trimble
         George Cooper               B.B. Montgomery             John Watson
         V. Goddard                  W.F. Montgomery             J.A. Willingham

Precinct #6 (Emory-Sulphur Springs Road)

Benjamin Wilson, overseer

Hands :  Bud Forbis                  Martin Lamb                 W.S. Spradling
         Henry Gviton                O.D. McIlroy                M.L. Williams
         James Jackson               S.G. Payne                  ?. Wilson
         Wm. Jackson                 Levi Rushing                ?. Wilson
         John Kerr                   Jerry Seegar

Precinct #7 (Emory-Wills Point Road)

C.H. Hensley, overseer

Hands :  Thomas M. Allred            W.S. Maloney                E.C. Reynolds
         ?. Bateman                  J.W. Montgomery             Wm. Sheffield
         J.J. Follis                 John Morehead               James Slider
         J. Gary, Jr.                M.A. Motes                  O.P. Spradling
         H. Herridge                 Mike Motes                  T.C. Spradling
         Matt Herridge               V.T. Murphey                W. Strickland
         B. Hill                     J.B. Northcutt              A. Stuart
         George Johnson              W.M. Porter                 T.J. Tommlinson
         H.P. Kelsey                 J.A. Reid                   Wm. Tomlinson
         Henry Malone                M.C. Reid                   S. Williams

Precinct #8 (Emory-Wills Point Road)

J.H. Boring, overseer

Hands :  J.G. Aignier                H. Meier
         S.N. Coon                   E.Z. Ripley
         J.W. Johnson                Egbert A. Trumble
         Isaac Lamb                  Cornelius Williams

Precinct #9 (Emory-Alexander Crop Road)

S.J. Stuart, overseer

Hands :  Thomas Havins               Henry Phillips              B.L. Taylor
         Thomas Jones                J. Potts                    J.R. Taylor
         James Killian               W.O. Richards               W.H. Taylor
         J.P. Knight                 Wm. Taylor

Precinct #10 (Emory-Alexander Crop Road)

W.J. Jennings, overseer

Hands :  J. Adams                    J.B. Greer                 George Mitchell
         A.M. Anderson               J.K. Jennings              M.J. Mitchell
         W.P. Burke                  J.R. Jennings              T.H. Mitchell
         J.A. Cates                  W.J. Jennings              J.R. Phillips
         Phillip Cates               W.M. Jennings              John Potts
         T.D. Deaton                 W.W. Jennings              W.J. Potts
         R. Funderburk               C. Mentent                 J.F. Pranke
         W.B. Ratliff

Precinct #11 (Emory-Clark's Crop Road)
J.H. Mitchell, overseer
Hands :  J.W. Auld                   F.M. Hall                  J.W. Rushing
         J.M. Austin                 W. Hriatt                  ?. Sheffield
         Jeff Clewis                 ?. McFateridge             M. Smith
         ?. Cooper                   Thomas Mills               Thomas Taylor
         John Cox                    Robert Mitchell            James Turner
         R. Fuston                   W. O'Rear                  M.V. Turner
         Wm. Fuston                  A.P. Parish                Isaac Wheat
         A. Willingham

Precinct #12 (Emory-Winsborough Road)

J.A. Childers, overseer

Hands :  William Bridges             Virgil Gill                Ben Morris
         Thomas Dean                 G.A. Godfrey               V. Nash
         James Dunn                  James Harrison             T.W. Pinson
         James Ford                  Wm. Harrison               Rufus Robbins
         H.C. Ford                   Willis McKay               Thomas Sells
         W.F. Gainey                 Elisha Magee               David Spicer
         J. Terry

Precinct #13 (Emory-Mineola Road)

W.S. Hopkins, overseer

Hands :  ?. Allen                    Wm. McCord                 R. Magee
         J. Butler                   Alex McRight               George Melton
         J.R. Dyer                   N.A. McRight               Thomas Melton
         John Eaton                  Bose Magee                 W.H. Reid
         C.B. Johnson                N. Magee                   John Shipley

Precinct #14 (Emory-Sulphur Springs Road)

William Tabor, overseer

Hands :  B.J. Adams                  W. English                 W.S. Robertson
         C.R. Anderson               J.A. Goodnight             Wm. Tabor
         R. Blankenship              Robbs Hands                P. Vanlandingham
         Lon Braziel                 ?. Hudson                  Sam Williams
         A. Dement                   H.C. Middleton

Precinct #15 (Sulphur Springs to Wills Point)

T.A. Williams, overseer

Hands :  O.H. Anderson               P. Pace
         J. Compton                  ?. Roberson
         Cain Cooper                 Wm. Worcester
         Sol Jackson

Precinct #16 (Sulphur Spgs to Wills Point)

C.R. Lindey, overseer

Hands :  Y.H. Barton                 Hugh Lynch                 ?. Reid
         Simon Cain                  Isham Lynch                T.W. Shook
         John Havins                 C. McElory                 ?. Stockton
         Frank Hill                  ?. Morris                  W. Stockton
         J.L. Hughes                 J. Myrick                  Wm. Wilson
         Buck Lynch                  ?. Peeples

Precinct #17 (Sulphur Spgs to Wils Point)

J.W. Aker, overseer

Hands :  J.W. Acres                  Thos. High                 Chas. Millander
         W. ALexander                Henry Hill                 John Rains
         Clinton Dement              Mark Hobbs                 Mark Tollett
         Joe Fletcher                Frank Martin               Frank Trimble
         Gus Heath                   Leek Martin                Joe Ward

Precinct #18 (Wills Point to Mineola Road)

Frank Samford, overseer

Hands :  Joe Bullard                 Ed Kennemer                Peter Roe
         Thos. Bullard               H. Kennemer                S.W. Roe
         W.J. Byrum                  J.C. Kennemer              P. Sheilds

Precinct #19 (Wills Point to Mineola Road)

John Northcutt, overseer

]Hands : ?. Barker                   Wm. Harvey                 A. Taylor
         R.R. Carter                 Wm. Jones                  Milam Taylor
         F.M.  Harvey                W.G. McClure               W.G. Wills
         Jas. Harvey                 John Nix                   T.K. Woosley

Precinct #20 (Wills Point to Mineola Road)

Thomas D. Tankersley, overseer

Hands :  H.W. Aaron                  V.A. Goodson               Marion Parker
         Albert Arnold               M.A. Hayes                 J.W. Tankersley
         S.R. Ayer                   Burk Newson                E.L. Turner
         W.A. Bullock                Drade Newson               John Turner
         W.H. Dees                   Jerry Newson               W.H. Turner
         Am. Edgar                   Thomas O'Rear              H.B. Waites
         A. Gleghorn                 J.H. Parish                H.W. Willisford
         L.A. Parish                 J. Wooton

Precinct #21 (Wills Point to Lone Oak Road)

James Stuart, overseer

Hands :  A. Cornelius                A. Hunt                    J.P. Reid
         Theo. Finn                  R. Jones                   Silas Reid
         Wm. Fitzgerald              W. Laws                    W.J. Rivers
         J.C. Flowers                Wilburn Laws               S.O. Stockton
         ?. Harper                   J.H. McMahan               O.F. Voyles
         Ed. Hughes                  N. Minchue                 H. Hughes
         Bud Plemons

Hands at Mrs. Lynch's :  Booker and hands

         Mit Neil
         Thos. Neil

Precinct #22 (Donelton Road)

S.J. Ward, overseer

Hands were :  hands at Bellah
              hands at Clarks
              hands at C.C. Shepherd's
              hands at John Stephen's
              hands at Trimble's
              hands at Woosley's

Precicnt #23 (Wills Point to Mineola Road)

J.J. Jordan, overseer

Hands :  J. Adair                    A. George                  Wm. McGayhey
         H. Cobern                   P. High                    Hugh Moore
         J. Compton                  F. McGayhay                P. Whitis
         W. Garrette                 Sam McGayhey               M. Wooten

Precinct #24 (all roads in Prect. 24)

Hands were :
         G.L. Cain                   J.R. Hunt                  Isaac Ryan
         M. Clark                    W.M. Kitchings             H. Scott
         J. Coates                   S. Laws                    T.E. Stucker
         W. Coates                   Ed McElroy                 Quint Thomas
         L.J. Coiner                 J. C. Mercer               J. Thornton
         J. Fowler                   Joseph Ogle                J. Thornton, Jr.
         N. Fowler                   Nat Rabb                   Joseph Thornton
         Buck Genkins                George Ryan                W.L. Thornton

Precinct #25 (all roads in prect. 25)

M.M. Gamblin, overseer

Hands :  H. Cates                    Jas. Fitzgerald            F. Slatter
         Wm. Clifton                 F.L. Holland               W. Walker
         John Earley                 D. McAlister               M.W. Ward
         Samuel Early                Wm. McAlister              T. Williams
         J. Fitzgerald               Dick McBride               Don Yandell
         Jack Yandell