Emory Rains Family History

Children of Emory & Maraney Rains

George Rains, born 1750, migrated to Randolph Co. N.C. from Caroline Co. VA. where Joab was born. Then around 1800 went to Tennessee and built a home on the Caney branch near Jacksboro, Tennessee in Warren Co.; it appears most of his children went there as well, along with other family members and members of his wife’s family, her and her father being dead. George lived out his life there and left the home to Asahuel, his 2nd son, who lived out the rest of his life there as well; most likely all his other children had moved on. Other family members went to Ohio and on to Indiana, others to Alabama and on to Texas, and points unknown. This is the account of the children of George Rains; his children were all named in the will of Richard Graham, George’s wife Rosannah Graham being dead, and the details of the line of his son Joab. George Rains died about 1807 in Warren Co. Tennessee.

1. Joab. was born August 12, 1770, in Caroline Co., Virginia. Joab, born in Virginia, had moved to North Carolina at age 2 with his parents. He married Martha Hammer about 1797 in Randolph Co., North Carolina. Joab and Martha had eleven children, including the second born James Alfred Rains. Later he went to Tennessee and, not liking it there, went to Ohio where his Uncle Lawrence was located and then on to Indiana where he made his home and lived out his life. Joab Rains died July 15, 1856, in Ogden, Henry Co., Indiana and is buried in the Old Knightstown Cemetery.
     The second child of Joab, James Alfred Rains, was born August 12, 1800, in Randolph Co., North Carolina. James married Katherine DeMoss, daughter of Peter DeMoss and Mary Meelenger, on December 21, 1815, in Preble Co., Ohio. He married a second time to Elizabeth Wright, daughter of Philburd Wright and Elizabeth Regan, on December 16, 1823 in Wayne Co., Indiana. He had two children by his first wife and seven children by his second wife. James Alfred Rains died February 10, 1856, in Marion Co., Indiana and is buried at Mt. Jackson Cemetery in Indianapolis
2. Asahuel, born May 5, 1772, in Randolph Co., North Carolina; he married Lavina "Vinie" Duncan, daughter of John Duncan and Nellie (unknown). Asahuel had relocated after the War of 1812 along the Caney Branch near Jacksboro, Tennessee and inherited the property of George Rains, his father, where he lived out his life. They had nine children; their first-born George, married his first cousin Sarah, daughter of James Rains. Asahuel Rains died August 30, 1861 in Warren Co., Tennessee, and is buried in the French Cemetery

Another daughter Lavina went to Indiana, then to Texas, and back to Tennessee; records indicate both she and her husband died in Tennessee. Lavina Rains married David Dixon Hipp; their grandson James David Hipp moved with his wife Eliza Warren Moore Hipp to Rains Co. in 1913 from Collin Co. where they had moved in 1894 after coming to Texas.

3. George, Jr., was born about 1773; more research is needed on him.

4. Hannah, born about 1774 in Randolph Co., North Carolina, married John Wesley Woodward. They first went to Tennessee and then followed her brother Joab Rains to Ohio and Indiana. Later Hannah and John Wesley Woodward moved on to Texas where she died after 1860 and is buried in the Woodward Family Cemetery in Lamar, Texas. They were the parents of ten children.

5. James was born about 1775 in Randolph Co., North Carolina and married Elizabeth Jackson. He settled near Jacksboro on the Caney Branch with rest of family in Tennessee. James and Elizabeth had ten children; one daughter, Sarah, married her first cousin George Rains, son of her Uncle Asahuel.

6. William was born about 1777; more research is being sought on him.

7. John, the father of Emory Rains was born about 1777 and married Katy Duncan; their children were: Isaac, John, Joel, Emory, Joab, Sexton, Gilbert, Raleigh, James Spencer, and Margaret.
The birth of Emory Rains, the 4th son and child of John and Katy Duncan Rains, was on May 4, 1800 in Warren Co., Tennessee. In 1846, Emory Rains settled on a section of land on the Turkey Creek Territory of the Sabine River in what was then Wood County; there he bought 640 acres of the Martin Ferring survey on Turkey Creek and Rains Creek off of Lake Fork about two miles northeast from Point. It was at this place that he spent the remainder of his life. In 1869 Emory Rains, E.P. Kearby, and Captain T.M. Cain set out to survey Rains County, parts of which were taken from Wood, Hopkins, Hunt, and Van Zandt counties; the county was laid out and named in his honor, and county seat, which was then Springville, was changed to his given name, Emory. Judge Emory Rains died Monday, March 3, 1878 from an apparent stroke. Judge Rains served the people of Texas for over half a century.

8. Robert Rains, the youngest child of George Rains was born about 1778. More research is needed on Robert and his family.
Information provided by Robert Gene Raines & David Earl Raines, Sr.  A lot of new research has been taking place and DNA testing has become a part of  the Rains/Raines family genealogy work. For inclusion in this project, or to see if your DNA matches, contact David Raines, Sr.

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