1914 Point Enterprise News Edition

(The Point Enterprise was published in Point, Rains County, Texas for only a few years.  It appears to have had its beginning in 1913 since it's 1st Anniversay Edition was published July 2, 1914.)

The Point Enterprise
May 7, 1914

Roy T. Spencer, Publisher
J.M. Spencer, Editor
Published every Thursday at Point, Texas

Barnes & Hambrick – clothing, Lone Oak, Texas
J.L. Bullock – Singer Sewing Machine Agent, Emory, Texas
W.H. Clendenin – lawyer, land agent and Notary Public, Emory, Texas
C.P. Davis – café, Point, Texas
Dr. J.N. Fain – Point, Texas (office Peoples-Foster Pharmacy)
The First State Bank
H.A. Horton – Point, Texas
G.W. Hurst, M.D. – physician & surgeon, Lone Oak, Texas (office at Weatherly Drug Store)
F.B. McKay – General Passenger Agent, Terrell, Texas
Robt. Koontz – groceries, Point, Texas
L.C. Parker – “The Live and Let Live Store”, Point, Texas
Peoples-Foster Pharmacy, Point, Texas
J.H. Porter – City Barber Shop, Point, Texas
Rushings Drug Store
W.E. Stovall – Point, Texas
A.B. Swepston – “Tailor For Careful Men”, Point, Texas
Tackett & Allen – Emory, Texas

Ray & Taylor can take your measure and assist you in selecting that new suit.  Also, they clean and press clothing.  Prices reasonable and satisfaction guaranteed.  At the Vincent barber shop, two doors south post office, Emory, Texas.

I will keep a Supply of Feed on hand at all times.  Prices Guaranteed. S.S. Bowers, Point, Texas

 For the newest things in millinery for Ladies, Misses and Children at the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere, visit Mrs. L. Pirtle’s Millinery Parlor at Emory, Texas.

You can have your Kodak Pictures finished for only 3 cents each at Howse Studio, Greenville, Texas.

 Go to Peoples-Foster Pharmacy and drink Ice Water when in Point.

For prompt and efficient service and always honest, courteous treatment take that laundry to Ray & Taylor, Emory, Texas

When in Emory call on J.T. Reeves’ Café for your dinner.

 If you Stock do not eat nor look well, it is a bad sign, take them to J.T. Rushing, Point, Texas, and have them examined Free of Charge.

Point Enterprise – 75 cents for The Point Enterprise, Farm and Ranch, Holland’s Magazine until December 1, 1914

Let Ray & Taylor, Emory, Texas, gloss up that old suit for you.  They can make it shine like new.

 Bargain in a slightly used pair No. 9, $3.50 men’s shoes.  If you want them call at once at W.E. Stovall’s.

 Remember J.T. Reeves’ Café is always ready to serve you with the best the market affords.  When in Emory pay them a call.

O.E.S. Meeting
All members of the O.E.S. Lodge are requested to be present at the meeting tomorrow night (Friday) at the Masonic Hall.
Mrs. Carrie Simmons, W.M.

 Thomas Slyder has our thanks for his subscription to the Enterprise, Farm & Ranch and Holland’s Magazine.
 Mr. F.W. Watts is among the new ones for the Enterprise, Farm & Ranch and Holland’s Magazine for which she has our thanks.
 A.R. Braziel is among our new Enterprise readers, for which he will please accept our thanks.
 W.H. Howell is among the new ones for the Enterprise, Farm & Ranch and Holland’s Magazine.  Thanks.
 H.S. Mooring has our thanks for a dollar on subscription this week.
 Joe Trumble has our thanks for a dollar on subscription this week.
 Will Cooke (colored) has our thanks for a dollar on subscription since our last issue.
District Court
The May term of District Court will convene in Emory, Monday, May 11th, and the following is a list of jurors:
Grand Jurors – May Term
T.N. Tackett C.B. Johnson R.M. Armstrong
E.B. Holman G.T. Askew A.B. McCalester
C.C. Branch S.B. Oler Wm. Cooke
R. Cain T.H. Dyer R.W. Newman
W.M. Sams J.D. Patton R.P. Roberts
F.L. Evers

Petit Jurors – 1st week, May 11
S.H. Hedgcothe J.L. Plaxco Robt. Koontz
G.H. Morehead W.R. Terry J.M. Neal
Ira Scott J.B. Davis S.G. Dreaden
R.S. Hill B.R. Hall J.B. Strickland
J.C. Waters S.J. Morris A.J. Arnold
J.B. Moody W.R. Shultz J.P. Garrett
J.B. Herrell O.O. Power J.T. Gresham
A. Johnson D.C. Trimble  C.E. Abernathy
J.E. Alfred A.A. Hughey E.S. Knight
E.A. Trimble W.M. Nelson T.W. Newman
L.W. Asbill J.A. McLeod T.J. Parrish
C.L. Lynch J.W. Bledsoe R.M. Pollard

Petit Jurors – 2nd week, May 18
Tom Henderson A.A. Humphrey G.A. Morgan
Jesse Adams H.A. Turner J.S. Horsley
F.M. Myrick S.P. Cain G.W. Bellah
Will Northcut J.H. Greer J.T. Terry
J.M. Middleton W.J. Kerr Dee Cooper
W.A. Fitzgerald W.D. Peeples M.D. Wade
W.A. Wilkins J.S. Sisk S.F. Bryant
W.O. Adams R.L. Branham J.E. Magee
H.R. Whitworth J.F. Hays W.D. Kinser
A.C. Ivie H.L. Stokes E.M. Rylant
Mark Irwin S.H. Hood C.P. Henslee
R.W. Usry J.D. Whittle J.T. Reeves

Notice to my Friends
I want to announce to my friends that I am in the race for Tax Assessor of Rains County and will appreciate your vote and influence.
A.P. Lennon

To the Public
We, the undersigned citizens of Point, Texas, agree to keep our stock up and not turn out on the public and allow them to get in gardens and patches, as it is a violate of the Law.  We request all citizens to do the same.
J.J. McMillion D.R. Robinson W.G. McMillion
H.S. Mooring C.V. Ray J. Alex Greer
J.F. Fenter J.H. Foster W.E. Stovall
J.H. Porter J.A. Fenter R. Koontz
W.T. Knox Will Jennings W.F. Thornton
Dallas Cain J.W. Bledsoe J.M. Harris
D.C. Trimble Doyle Porter J.T. Rushing
F.C. Montgomery R.L. Simmons W.M. Lawson
A.J. Rabb Guy Davis

Fish and Game Law
To the Public:

As there seems to be some degree of uncertainty among the people of this county as to the law relative to the taking and catching of the fish in this county.
You are notified that in my opinion it is a violation of the law to take or catch any fish in any of the rivers, streams or Lakes of this county with a seine, the messes of which are less than three inches square.  This is the act of the 33rd Legislature and there are no counties within this State exempt from this law.
Therefore you will please take notice of this as the law is now in force in this county, and prosecutions will be made in all cases in all violations of this law.
O.H. Rodes
County Attorney Rains County

Singing Convention
The Rains County Singing Convention will meet in regular session with the Stones Chapel Class on the 2nd Sunday and Saturday before in May 1914.  All classes are requested to have their delegates present on Saturday, as the business of the Convention will be transacted on that day.  There will be new features introduced that all should be interested in.  The Health Officer of the county is asked to exercise all possible care to guard the health of the county by keeping a close watch on those who have been exposed to the small pox or other contagious disease that are now in some parts of the county.  All coming by rail should stop off at Ginger.
W.J. Lennon, Secretary
Rains CO. Singing Convention

Local News
G.R. Kerr was an Emory visitor Sunday.
J.T. Rushing was a Lone Oak visitor Monday.
W.M. Rice was an Emory visitor Saturday.
W.M. Rice was a Greenville visitor Thursday.
George Burchett was a Lone Oak visitor Monday.
W.H. Rainwater was a Lone Oak visitor Saturday.
Mrs. Tana Cain of Emory visited in Point Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Williams visited in Alba Thursday night.
M.E. Scott was reported on the sick list the first of the week.
Jack Cozart was an Emory visitor Friday night and Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Swepston visited his father, Dr. E.A. Swepston, at Myrtle Springs, Van Zandt County, the first of the week.
J.T. Rushing took dinner with his son, I.W., at Emory Thursday.
J.M. Harris was reported quite sick the latter part of last week.
Misses Maude and Jesse Freeze were Emory visitors Saturday.
Miss Estrill Scurlock visited friends in Emory from Friday til Monday.
W.E. Stovall transacted business in Greenville the latter part of last week.
G.R. Kerr was a Greenville visitor Wednesday and Thursday of last week.
J.A. Guinn was transacting business in our little City the latter part of last week.
W.E. Bevers of Ginger attended the graveyard working at Lone Star last Friday.
Miss Ruby Coker returned to her home at Emory Thursday after a few days visit in Point.
There was a freight wreck just south of town Monday afternoon, and three cars ditched, which delayed the southbound afternoon passenger about four hours.  No one was hurt except the company.
Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Willis of the Antioch community received a phone call the first of last week that their daughter, Mrs. C.R. ---cher, at Kampbell, Texas, was very low and they left immediately to visit her, returning home Thursday and report her improving.
Mrs. W.C. McAdams and daughter, Miss Della, of the Woosley community left Thursday for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. F.H. McMurry, at Nevada, Texas.
W.C. McAdams has our thanks for a subscription to the Enterprise, which we send to his daughter, Mrs. F.H. McMurry, at Nevada, Texas.
Mrs. M.M. Vincent and children of Emory came up Friday for a few days visit with the families of G.C. Duncan and A.B. Swepston.
E.N. Denton and family of Donelton community spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mrs. Denton’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. F.P. Parker, here.
J.D. Patton and B.?. Strickland of the Cody community passed through the City Saturday enroute to Emory on business.
Constable Will Thornton attended court at Greenville last week.
The Point and Donelton Base Ball Boys crossed bats in Point Thursday and the score resulted in 8 to 16 in favor of Point.  The Point boys went up and played them again Friday at Donelton, the score resulting 7 to 9 in favor of Donelton.
F.P. Parker was a Lone Oak visitor Tuesday.
Dr. J.N. Fain was on the sick list the first of the week.
W.M. Lawson visited at Cash the latter part of last week.
Mrs. L.O. Burnside of Emory was a Point visitor Tuesday.
Carl Huffman and wife of Emory spend Sunday in Point.
The Point and Antioch baseball boys crossed bats in Point Tuesday afternoon and the score resulted in 5 to 14 in favor of the Antioch team.
J.O. Ferguson returned Tuesday from a few days visit at Dallas.
Mrs. Tom Bethall of Longview visited her sister, Mrs. F.C. Montgomery, here Monday and left Tuesday for Greenville for a few days visit with her parents.
Masters Karmon and Wayne McHenry of Greenville, who have been visiting their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Harris, here for the past few days returned home Tuesday.
Miss Lillian Scott of Greenville visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Scott, here, from Friday til Monday.
Misses Hankey and Willie Duffey and Hadie Settle and Luther Brooks and Everett Robertson of Emory attended the graveyard working at Lone Star Friday.
Wayne Porter was on the puny list the latter part of last week.
G.T. Lynch, Guy Davis, Hubert Hughes, G.R. Kerr and Truman Knox were Emory visitors Saturday.
Mrs. D.S. Peoples returned Thursday from a few days visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dixon at Cumby.
Judge J.B. Allred, I.L. Brown, S.J. Stuart, Elmer Robertson and Dock Burnside of Emory attended the graveyard working Friday.

The Cemetery Working
Per announcement, the people interested met on last Friday to clean up, beautify and generally improve the Lone Star Cemetery.  A large crowd was in attendance and the needed work was thoroughly attended to, and a nice collection taken up to meet necessary expenses.  All claims have been paid in full and there is still a small balance in the treasury.  The Lone Star Association, with D.S. Peoples president and J.H. Foster Secretary-Treasurer, has done a loveable work in looking after and caring for the last resting place of ones who have gone on before.  We almost forgot to mention that the dinner spread last Friday, as is always the case, was as sumptuous as it was ample and almost as much was carried away as was eaten.

Wattsville Doings
Rev. Thomas Dement delivered a fine sermon for us last Sunday.  He will preach for us again the first Sunday and Saturday night before in June.  No prayer meeting Sunday night for some cause.  Possibly because the weather looked so threatening and the roads was so muddy to be out after night.
Mrs. T.W. Donaldson visited her sister, Mrs. T.O. Bledsoe, at Point Saturday night and Sunday.
Sam Chastine spent the night with T.W. Donaldson and Felix Shepherd Sunday night.
Grandpa and Grandma Donaldson visited Jim Waters and family from Thursday til Sunday of last week.
Several from Wattsville attended the graveyard working at Lone Star Friday.
Jim Waters and daughter, Miss Virgie, visited T.O. Bledsoe at Point Saturday night and took in the movies.
Ulys Watts spent the night with Ernest Waters Saturday night.
Johnnie Watts spent the night with Ernest Waters Saturday night.
Pink Dardon and wife visited the latter’s mother, Mrs. Watts, Sunday evening.
Most all crops in the bottoms that the high waters last week run over is to replant.
Oscar Castleberry sold his crop prospects to Rev. Miles Pelky and is going to work for wages.
Addie Lynch left Monday for Greenville, where she attends the Burleson College.

Moved to New Quarters
Hon. W.H. Clendenin has moved from his old office in the court house at Emory into the new Tackett & Allen building on the southeast corner of the square.  He occupied the two front rooms on the second floor and with plenty of room, new furniture and office fixtures has an office Metropolitan in appearance and arrangement.  Judge Clendenin by his natural and acquired ability and his strict business integrity has merited and won the confidence of Rains County people and built a practice and a reputation he may well be proud of.  The Enterprise admires pluck, perseverance and honest effort and congratulates Judge Clendenin on the enviable reputation he has gained and the success he has achieved since he cast his lot with Rains county people.

Woosley Items by Red Bird
Well, it is still raining.  We sure did have a fine rain this morning.
Lee Bentley and wife are visiting Mrs. Bentley’s father, ‘Squire King, this week.
Miss Juanita Bailey is visiting Miss Annie Irwin this week.
Mrs. Tillie Lynch and little Miss Bessie are visiting her sister, Mrs. Lydie Spikes.
Mrs. Bessie Slyder was the guest of Mrs. Lydia Slyder Saturday.
George Young and wife took dinner with John Lynch Sunday.
Mrs. Lizzie McAdams and daughter, Miss Della, are visiting Mrs. Frank McMurray at Nevada.
Mrs. Jessie Lynch spent Saturday night and Sunday with her brother, Herd Horton, of Lynch.  We are sorry to report Mrs. Maggie no better at this writing.
Frank Lynch and family spent Saturday night with Sam Calloway and family.
Mannie Shook has been visiting homefolks the past few days.
Mrs. Kate Allen visited her brother, Walter Shook, Monday.
Mrs. Montie Carter was the guest of Mrs. Eugie Lynch Monday afternoon.
Mrs. Elmer Spikes was the guest of her sister, Mrs. Ollie McAdams.
Burl Ivie and wife took in the musical at Robt. Johnson’s; they report a fine time.
Mrs. Carrie Lynch and Goley Dunn made a business trip to Point Thursday.
Fan Dunn of Point visited homefolks Sunday.

News by Dixie
The rain Monday was the biggest for years.  Our singing school is progressing nicely.
Misses Fay Nix and Stella Amis of Emory visited Miss Maude Willis from Saturday til Monday.
Miss Iona Hill is visiting in Emory.
Will Settle, Wallace Hill and others were automobiling in Ginger Sunday.
The little 18-months-old baby of F.M. Jenkins died Friday and was buried in the Turner graveyard Saturday at 3 o’clock.
George Morgan was in Ginger Sunday.
R.S. Hill attended church at Emory Sunday.
Bob and George Allen returned from Oklahoma, where they had been called on account of the former’s son being struck by a live wire and seriously injured.  They report the young man as doing well.
W.E. Bevers, Captain of the W.O.W. team at Pilgrim’s Rest, has received word that the Encampment will be held at Galveston this season and all railroad fare and expenses will be furnished and the team is preparing to attend.
Prof. E.F. White, formerly of Rains County, but now of Mills County, will sing at this place Thursday night.
W.E. Bevers and Marshall Yandell attended the singing convention at Quitman last Saturday and Sunday.  They say they have the promise of both of the Quartett Music Companies of Fort Worth and the Trio Music Company of Waco, to have representatives in our convention, which meets next Saturday and Sunday.  Everybody come and lets have a good time.

Martin-Johnson Nuptials
It affords the Enterprise pleasure to chronicle the marriage of Mr. Will Martin of Norton, Runnels County to Miss Derinda Johnson of Pilgrim’s Rest community.  The marital rite was solemnized between them on Wednesday evening of last week by Rev. I.D. Teer at his home.  Mr. Martin was formerly a citizen of Rains County and is a model young man, sober, steady and industrious, thrifty and prosperous.  The bride is the daughter of C.B. Johnson, charming, accomplished and withal one of Rains County’s most estimable young ladies, loved and honored by all who know her.  The happy couple left the day following the marriage for their new home in Runnels county.  The Enterprise joins their many friends in wishing them prosperity and all the happiness the marital state affords.

Subject to the Action of the Democratic Primary, July 25th, 1914
For Representative, Rains & Wood Co. – J.E. Laney
County Offices
County Judge: J.B. Allred (re-election)
County & District Clerk – L.O. Burnside (re-election)
Sheriff & Tax Collector – Will Whittle ( re-election)
County Attorney – H.D. Garrett
County Treasurer – W.J.F. Glass (re-election)
County Tax Assessor
J.A. Amis I.L. Brown W.H. (Hubert) Hughes
M.L. Houston C.P. Henslee E.E. (Ed) English
G.R. Kerr Guy Davis G.A. Morgan

Precinct Offices
Justice of the Peace, Prect. No. 4
 W.O. Jennings (re-election)
 T.A. Williams
 W.T. Knox
Constable, Precinct No. 4
 W.F. Thornton (re-election)
 G.W. Hughes
 G.W. (George) Burchett
 Ed. Clark
Public Weigher, Precinct No. 4
 J.C. Walker (re-election)
 Atholl Williams
Commissioner, Precinct No. 4
 J.E. Alfred
 J.F. (Little Jim) Waters
 S.H. Carter