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GREER posted by Joyce (Harris) Fugit on Wednesday, January 7, 1998
GREER : In 1894, J.W. GREER was County Commissioner of Precinct #4 in Rains County. Would appreciate any information concerning this man's ancestry.

NORTHCUTT, STOVALL posted by Michele L. Stovall on Wednesday, January 7, 1998
NORTHCUTT : Hazel Virginia NORTHCUTT d/o Elmer E. NORTHCUTT s/o Ollie NORTHCUTT. Ollie NORTHCUTT may have come from I.T. and he spent the last 50-60 years of his life in Rains Co. He died Aug. 1974 or1974 in Wood Co., TX. He was married twice to Fannie Mae ? and his 2nd wife who died in Wood Co. Elmer E. NORTHCUTT may be the one in the SSDI b 14 July 1907, d Nov. 1967, Dallas Co., TX. Hazel Virginia NORTHCUTT (b Aug. 1929 or 1934, Rains Co.; d 19 Dec 1981, Dallas Co.; buried Dunbar Cemetery, Rains Co.) m David Franklin STOVALL 12 Aug. 1955. Any help establishing family groups of these will be greatly appreciated.

CREEL, INMAN, SAMFORD posted by Annette Samford Kaufman on Saturday, January 17, 1998
SAMFORD, Elijah R. and Sarah Elizabeth CREEL SAMFORD, George Washington and M.C. Viola INMAN. Searching for SAMFORD descendants.

SPARKS posted by Marty Ramage on Monday, January 19, 1998
Searching for descendants of William H. SPARKS (born ca1841), who migrated to Rains Co., TX, from Talladega Co., AL

ROWSEY, WALLACE posted by Tanya Gilliam Griffin on Monday, January 19, 1998
Seeking info. on T. Spencer ROWSEY who died abt 1923. I need his full death date and any other information about him. Spencer lived near Lone Oak, Hunt Co., TX. Also would appreciate information on Spencer's daughter Zella Rowsey WALLACE, wife of Jack WALLACE of Lone Oak and their son Rafe "Red" WALLACE, co-founder of the Loen Oak State Bank.

LAKE, LYNCH posted by Mary Lake on Wednesday, February 4, 1998
Would appreciate any info. regarding James W. LAKE (born 1829/30 in MO). He moved to Hunt Co., TX and married Sarah LYNCH about 1848-49. It's believed he had a brother, Alanson, living there also. James W. may hve died 1860-1870; however, I can't find him anywhere after the 1860 Hunt Co. census.  (NOTE:  This is a new email address as of Jan 2007)

ALMON, POPE posted by Patricia Almon on Tuesday, March 17, 1998
Searching for J.B. POPE, who married a daughter of J.L. ALMON. They were living in Point, Rains Co., TX in July 1923.

SAMFORD posted by Annette Samford Kaufman on Tuesday, March 17, 1998
Looking for the obituary of Mrs. E.R. SAMFORD, 14 Jan. 1909, buried at Smyrna Cemetery.

BRYANT, LAUGHLIN posted by Michele on Sunday, March 22, 1998
I would like to find any documents (birth, death, census, marriage, etc.) relating to John BRYANT and Lillie LAUGHLIN. They married abt 1890; they had a daughter, Hellen Faye (b April 1894).

HUMPHRIES posted by B. Stephens on Sunday, March 29, 1998
Seeking any info. or descendants of J.G. HUMPHRIES that was living in Point, TX, in 1919. J.G. (possibly John G.) HUMPHRIES was born ca1857 & was living with his parents in Collin Co., TX by 1870. Would appreciate any leads or help. Thanks.

GODDARD, SHEPHERD posted by Shirley Derington on Thursday, June 4, 1998
On the 1880 Rains Co. census C.C. SHEPHERD is listed with wife, Mary; daughter, Mary; son George; and granddaughter M.M. GODDARD, age 1. I am trying to locate the mother and father of M.M. GODDARD. Her mother could possibly be Rose Ann or Elizabeth SHEPHERD. If anyone has any information on this family, I would appreciate your help.

HERRING, ROBERTS posted by Walter Glenn Herring on Tuesday, June 16, 1998
Seeking info. on Geroge Washington HERRING, John William HERRING, Samuel HERRING, Frank HERRING and Martha Jane ROBERTS.

ADAMS, BULLARD, GOWIN, ROBINSON posted by Mary Parker on Tuesday, June 16, 1998
Researching : John Quincy ADAMS (b 1862; d 1910-1913) who m Melissa Belle GOWIN (b 1872; d 1930). Also Robert GOWIN (b 1824) m Mary Ann BULLARD. Also John Thomas ROBINSON (b 1879; d 1924) m Leah Belle ADAMS (b 1890; d 1924).

BARKER, DAVIS, SCROGGINS, YANCEY posted by Sherry Jo Johnson on Sunday, June 21, 1998
Seeking info. on the following surnames : BARKER, DAVIS (Frank Avis DAVIS, s/o Belah Bascum DAVIS & Bettie Bell BARKER) and SCROGGINS, YANCEY (Opal Mae YANCEY, d/o Samuel Hassie King YANCEY & Mae SCROGGINS). Both were born in Emory.

FLEMING posted by Debra Beard on Tuesday, June 23, 1998
Seeking info. on Thomas Jefferson FLEMING and Myrtle Edna FLEMING who moved to Emory, Texas, abt 1905 and any info. on their children.

ARNOLD, HALL, SPIVA, WILBANKS posted by Jan E. Dunham on Tuesday, June 23, 1998
Seeking info. on the SPIVA and WILBANKS families that lived in Rains County. Lela Maude WILBANKS (b abt 12 Jan 1876) , d/o Charles & Sarah A. "Sallie" WILBANKS, married Charles M. ARNOLD and Phineas Jasper SPIVA, s/o Francis "Frank" M. SPIVA& Mary Jane HALL.

SESSUM, WOODSON posted by Sheila Catron on Tuesday, June 23, 1998
Seeking info. on the families of Effie Lela SESSUM, d/o William Buchanan "Buck" SESSUM, and John A. WOODSON.

JOBE posted by Steve Jobe on Saturday, June 27, 1998
Researching JOBE surname.

COATS posted by Carol Brown on Saturday, June 27, 1998
Researching COATS surname in Rains County, Texas

POSTON posted by Phyllis Poston Jennings on Friday, July 17, 1998
The 1920 Rains Co. census shows Fred G. POSTON, age 29, and son Bobbie, age 1, as well as Gilly J. POSTON, age 57 and Fonzie POSTON, age 25, as heads of households; these are related to J.G. POSTON. Would like to contact any descendants and exhange info. about this family. It traces back to North Carolina and then to Maryland.

MILLER, WHITE posted by Linda Kaps on Friday, July 24, 1998
Seeking info. on Oscar Freeman WHITE who was born in Rains Co., TX 01 March 1893; his parents were William Thompson "Tompy" WHITE and Amanda "Mandy" MILLER. Amanda was said to have died in childbirth at time of Oscar Freeman's birth.

BUZAN, EARLEY, MOORE posted by Sherry Fox on Tuesday, August 4, 1998
William P. BUZAN emigrated 1853 & had land in Hunt & Rains counties unitl 1867. Looking for possible cemetery that could include not only members of BUZAN family but also members of connected families who were with him -- Hartwell MOORE (d 1857) & EARLEY.

GILLENTINE, SANDERSON posted by Lola Sanderson Marsal on Thursday, August 13, 1998
Searching for my maternal (GILLENTINE) and paternal (SANDERSON) ancestors who were in Rains county about mid-1800's.

COOKE posted by John Sawyer on Monday, August 24, 1998
Looking for information on R.J. (Robert Jeremiah) COOKE, b March 16, 1849, in Blount Co., Alabama. Are the following graves in the Willow Springs Cemetery, located 4 miles south of Emory, his wives and son? Graves marked : COOKE, Lou E. w/o RJ 8/27/1846 - 8/27/1879; COOKE, Edward T. s/o RJ 12/21/1871 - 08/10/1879; COOKE, Abbie w/o RJ 03/01/1853 - 03/22/1891.

MILLS, PITTS posted by Charlotte Avila on Monday, August 24, 1998
Searching for Jasper MILLS and Rose Ella PITTS who married prior to 1905. Jasper had a brother William "Bill" MILLS who stated in a book that he was one of 7 children and was raised on a farm in Rains Co., Tx. Any info. available would be very helpful.

COURTNEY, SISSOM posted by Leila Raye Smith on Wednesday, August 26, 1998
Seeking information on Jacob COURTNEY (b 1838 Mississippi; d ca1900) who was in Texas by 1850.; hiw wife was Sarah J. COURTNEY and one son was John COURTNEY (b 28 May 1858) who married Nancy Mandy SISSOM.

MAGEE posted by Marsha Magee on Wednesday, September 2, 1998
I am most interested in learning what the "A" stands for in Richard A. MAGEE's name. I show his frandfather to be Elisha MAGEE but have no documentation on him. My husband, William Curts MAGEE is a direct descendant of Richard A. MAGEE. I have information that I am willing to share.

KERR, RAINS posted by Annie E. Benedict on Wednesday, September 2, 1998
I would like more info. on the prominent KERR family. Jeff T. KERR (b 1838) m Mary Ann RAINS, d/o Judge Emory and Marana RAINS; they had 4 children : Betty KERR, William KERR, Robert KERR & George Ransom KERR. I am a great-granddaughter of George Ransom KERR (b 21 Nov 1871, Emory, Rains Co., TX and d 21 Oct 1961, Point, Rains Co., TX). I am the granddaughter of Maude Estelle KERR.

COKER posted by Marshall Harris on Wednesday, September 2, 1998
Seeking information on the COKER family in Rains County in 1900; specifically Andrew Jackson COKER and Squire John COKER. Also seeking information for the marriage of Andrew J. COKER and Julia E. ----, whose oldest son was born ca1900.

GARRETT, LITTLETON, MATTHEWS posted by Marsha Magee on Wednesday, September 9, 1998
GARRETT, Rev. William W. (b 1852; d 1933) married Mary LITTLETON. Children - Carmen, Mattie (married Wm. I. MATTHEWS), Willliam Rosser, Laura, Jessie. Am researching this family. Have been in touch by telephone with Jessie's daughter-in-law, Cecil English. Am willing to share information.

SHOOK, SHUMATE posted by Bunny Shumate Freeman on Wednesday, September 23, 1998 (this is good e-mail addy SP)
Searching for info. on William Bogart SHUMATE and Mary Elizabeth SHOOK, both born in Rains County ca 1862. William's parents were William R. & Susan SHUMATE. Mary Elizabeth's parents were John Franklin & Mary R. SHOOK. I would love to hear from anyone researching these lines.

BARRETT posted by John Brown on Wednesday, September 23, 1998
James and Annie BARRETT lived in Rains County about 1890. They died in Rains County. Anyone know this family?

HARVEY posted by David Harvey on Wednesday, October 7, 1998
Researching the HARVEY surname in Rains Co. L.B. HARVEY resided in Rains Co. along with W.E. HARVEY and F.M. HARVEY, according to the 1880 census. It is suspected that L.B. HARVEY is a brother to a G.B. HARVEY that settled in Erath Co., Texas, abt 1874. G.B. HARVEY married Emily A. ----- in Choctaw Co., MS. Willing to share info. with anyone having info. on L.B. HARVEY and descendants.

FENTER, MANN posted by Emma Shrum Butler on Tuesday, October 13, 1998
William Franklin MANN (Oct 1854 - 29 Sep 1947) married Leanna "Tuddy" FENTER (Apr 1858 - 21 Feb 1934) in Hot Springs Co., Arkansas on 21 March 1874. If you are researching this family or have information, please contact me.

DAWSON, DOLLAR posted by Terry Parker on Tuesday, October 13, 1998
Searching for marriage records for my grandparents, Joseph F. DAWSON and Rebecca DOLLAR, who were married abt 1907. She was born around Alba, Wood Co., Texas.

GILL, MCDONALD posted by Thomas J. McDonald on Tuesday, October 20, 1998
Seeking information on Elizabeth McDONALD, who died in Rains Co. ca1898. She came to Rains Co. from Claiborne Parish, LA in the mid-late 1800's with her son Oscar Kyle McDONALD. Oscar married Sally Francis GILL, 11 Nov. 1900, Point, Rains Co., Tx

COX, WOODS posted by Philip Cox on Tuesday, November 3, 1998
Seeking information on Darcas COX WOODS, died Oct. 1918 and buried Prospect Cemetery and her husband John R. COX, d Rains Co. ca1914. Therir children's names are Luvie Lee COX and Alton Bethard COX. Would like to have info. on this family and Darcas' marriage to Mr. WOODS, 1914-1918.

HORTON, TEASLEY posted by Annie E. Benedict on Tuesday, November 3, 1998
Seeking information on : Thomas HORTON, Sr.; Thomas HORTON, Jr. (b 1849) who married Elizabeth TEASLEY (1802-1852); William Steven HORTON (b 1823); Thomas M. HORTON (b 1828); Benson Franklin HORTON (1829-1858).

GILL, MCDONALD posted by Thomas J. McDonald on Tuesday, November 3, 1998
Seeking information on Elizabeth McDONALD who was buried in the Point cemetery in the community of Center Point. Her son Oscar Kyle McDONALD brought her from Claiborne Parish, LA to Emory in the mid to late 1800s and left her with one of this brothers, either Thomas or Robert McDONALD. Oscar married Sally Francis GILL, 11 Nov 1900 at Point.

CARTER, MCGEE posted by Steven McGee on Wednesday, November 18, 1998
Seeking information concerning my grandfather's birth (Alfred Lee MCGEE) in Emory abt 12 Oct 1914. His parents were Dovie CARTER (24 Sept 1889 - 2 Oct 1959) and Ashely MCGEE.

ATTEBERY, BYNUM, FOSTER posted by Donna Brandon on Wednesday, November 18, 1998
Looking for a Mary Polly BYNUM FOSTER ATTEBERY who was born 1814, Tennessee. She married Anthony FOSTER in Alabama and had 10 children, several of whom moved to East Texas. After Anthony's death, she married John ATTEBERY, who either died or they were divorced. She moved to Rains Co., Texas, to live with one of her sons. I would like to know which son she may have lived with in Rains County, when she died, and where she is buried.

BUTLER, EDWARDS, HENRY posted by Emma Edwards on Wednesday, November 18, 1998
Seeking information on my grandfather William E. EDWARDS, who lived in Rains County 1883 - 1924. He was the son of Edwin G. EDWARDS from Tyler, Smith Co., Texas. William was married to Emma BUTLER in Emory. She had half-brothers, last name HENRY, who also lived in Emory. William E. EDWARDS also had a half-brother, H.H. EDWARDS, who lived in Emory also.

HACKNEY, RICHARDS posted by Donnie Boursaw on Wednesday, December 2, 1998
Seeking information on John Wesley HACKNEY, b in MO, married Sarah ------, lived and died in Rains Co. His son Samuel Wesley O'Bannion HACKNEY married Cora Eddie Lee RICHARDS in Rains Co. in 1923

BRODERICK, SMART, TATUM posted by Becky Morgan on Tuesday, December 15, 1998
My grandfather, Arthur TATUM m Jessie SMART in Rains Co. 26 Mar 1924. My father Edward TATUM was b 8 Feb 1925, Rains Co., TX. Seeking any infomration on my great-grandfather, Jim (possibly James) TATUM and his wife Clara (possibly Sara) BRODERICK.

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