Wallace & Jewell Brownlow Carter Family


Emory Texas 1942

made across the street from the old school.
Wallace & Jewell (Brownlow) Carter and their two children: Daughter, Dorothy Carter Bryant (married Charles Bryant,
living in Whitehouse) Son, Leland Carter (married Nancy Young, living in Fruitvale)
The Carter family lived across the road from the old Emory ISD, near the curve in the road across from the Bus barn
(present site of a medical clinic) Wallace was the custodian at the Emory ISD during the WWII years, Jewell worked in
the lunchroom.
One memory often talked about by the children, is the day President Roosevelt died.  Wallace Carter, was instructed by the Emory ISD Principal to lower the US Flag to half-mast.  Wallace refused to do so, saying American soldiers were dying every day and the flag had not been lowered.  Story goes, the principal lowered the flag, and Wallace raised the flag, this happened several times during the day !

Submitted by:
Leland Carter, son
Fruitvale, Texas


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