Willow Springs Singing School

Submitted by Cindy Casey

First Row:L to R: John Worthington, Floyd Hutchens, Hank Worthington, Clyde Rylant, Dena Sanford, -----, Jessie Cook, Vallie Armstrong, Jewel Brown, Ora Wright, Maggie Hutchins, Myrtle Brown

Second Row: Jeannette Morrow, Willie Sanford, -----, Jim Harbison, Loomas Dement, Willie Windham, Tina Harbison, Dora Morrow, Marshall Yandell, Early Rylant, Curlie Sanford

Third Row: Lela Cook, Carl Yancey, Curb Harris, ------, Mr. Reynods, Edd Harbison, Will Beaers, DAVE MORROW (teacher), Lndo Hall, Vera Futrell, Alfred Hearst and Lillie Brown.