The George Camuel & Minnie T Miller Smith Family


pictured l to r back row:  Floyd Friday, George Franklin, Ector Carl, and Claud Ashpy.
front row:  Effie Minnie, George Camuel "Cam", John T, Minnie T and Maggie Elnora.

"Cam" and Minnie married on Oct 1, 1893 in Quinlan.  They lived in the Emory & Alba area for many years,
living in Arkansas for a time.  The then settled in Merkal.  Many descendants still live in this area.
(photo taken from 1999 Rains County Leader "Looking Back" photo courtesy of Louis Burleson).


Another photo of this family that appeared in same article:  George Camuel, Minnie, Effie,
George F, Claud, Floyd & Ector.

photo courtesy of Louis Burleson 

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