J. P. Morrow & M. E. Armstrong Bible Record

Thanks to Bunny Freeman for kindly allowing the use of this bible record.

This Certifies That The Rite Of Holy Matrimony Was Celebrated Between J. P Morrow of Emory Texas (Rains Co.) and M. E. Armstrong of Emory Texas on the 31 Day of May A.D. 1892 at Henry Parkers by A. M. Shelton Witness: D.W. Morrow Rosa Gilly.

William R. Morrow born Augest the 10 1893
Ramah Morrow Born Dec. 26 1895
James Elbert Born March the 7 1898
Temperance Valdona Born Oct the 4 1903
Gordon Franklin Born July the 13 1903
Infant Son and Daughter Born June the 12? 1905
Bessie Lee Morrow Born Augest the 3 1906
Katie Angusta Morrow Born Augest 24 1909
Infant Son and Daughter Born Jan 3 1912
(These two are in a different handwriting)
David Dudley Morrow Born Apr. 21 1914
Mary Elizabeth Morrow Born Dec. 22, 1916


Ramah Morrow married Thornton Dickey Jan 17, 1915
Vallie Morrow Samuel Maroldo August 11, 1920
Russell Morrow Nora Thompson Dec. 15, 1920
Bessie Lee Morrow Laulis Linely June 14, 1926
Gordon F. Morrow Clis Stringer November 24, 1926
Mary Elizabeth Morrow & Aaron Willis November 1931
James Albert Morrow Vera Wa??-Parker June 1933
Katy Augusta Morrow W. ? Tomlinson June 14, 1936
James Albert Morrow Zella Mae Butler June 6, 1944


infant Son and Daughter Died June 12, 1905
infant Son and Daughter Died Jan 3 1912
David Dudley Morrow Died Apr 21, 19?
James P. Morrow Father Died Aug 11, 1935
Ramah Morrow Dickey 1963
Thornton Dickey 1964
Nora Thompson Morrow 1972
William Russell Morrow 1974
Samuel Maroldo 1945
Vallie Morrow Maroldo 1975

This is my interpretation of what is written in the Morrow Bible, for a copy of the pages you will need to contact the Henderson Co. Historical Commission
Bunny Freeman

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