Founding Families of Woosley Community
Rains County Leader Aug 20, 1970

Submitted by Elaine Nall Bay

The late Mrs. Martha Indiana Elkins, moved to Texas from Georgia before her seventh birthday in 1872. She
remembered life wasn't easy in those days. The family came by water and rail and settled in Rains County where
they began farming. Mrs. Elkins' father died just one year after moving to Texas, leaving Martha Indiana and her
mother to farm and raise two small boys. There was plenty hard work for all. After the age of twenty, she was
married to Mr. Elkins and to this union, five children were born. One grandson, Jim Elkins, has a country home
near the old homesite in Woosley Community.

W.C. McAdams and his wife, Elizabeth Donaldson McAdams, moved to Rains County from Caddo Mills in
Hunt County in the early 1890's. They settled in the Woosley Community about four miles south of Point and
lived on their farm there, with the exception of a few years, until their deaths. They were the parents of one son,
Ollie E. McAdams, and four daughters, Ozella Taylor, Stella McMurray, Della Scott and Cleo Freeze.
They strived to make their community and Rains County a better place in which to live. They were active in the civic,
social and church affairs of Woosley and surrounding communities, serving in many capacities of the school, Sunday
school, revivals, and other activities of the community as long as health permitted.--by Della McAdams Scott, Lone Oak

Fielding F. Williams, Mary E. Defroe Williams, his wife, and four children came to Texas from Missouri in 1882. They settled first in Kaufman County, near Lawrence, but near 1895 moved to Rains County, near Woosley. The sons, Virgil, Ainsley and Claude farmed and worked with machinery. At times they operated a gin, sawmill, binders, and threshers
in and near the surrounding areas. Frank P. Scott and his wife, Emogene Williams Scott joined the families in the 1900's. Their families grew up in the sight of Woosley school and church.
Afteryears serving as Sunday school superintendent, Virgil Williams moved to Dallas, where five sons and families reside. Dee Scott lives in Lone Oak and Edith Williams Carter in Brashear. Rubye Williams Fenter, Freida Williams Passons and Marye Scott Fenter live near the old home at Woosley.

W.M. Woosley of the Shuffield Creek Community donated land for free school purposes.
T.W. Shook, H.G. Lynch, C.R. Lindsey, trustees.
Thomas M. Allred, County Clerk, Rains County,
Aug. 9, 1882.

The community chose the name of Woosley in his honor. Near the year 1890 the Baptist Church was organized by Rev. Chapman and has maintained since. In Mr. Dave Peoples' autobiography, he stated he was present when the late Thomas Dement was ordained to preach. It would be impossible to give a list of all preachers, teachers and leaders, who helped Woosley by giving time and talent. Anyone who has lived in the community have many fond memories of acquaintances, neighbors and friends that they have known which will never be forgotten.

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