NOTE:  U.S. enumerators were suppose to record the household's information as of the official census day -- not the actual date of the enumeration. Of course, we have no way of knowing who followed these instructions and who did not. However, the official census days were:

First Monday in August for 1790-1820 schedules
June 1 for 1830-1880
First Monday in June for 1890 (most of this schedule was destroyed
or badly damaged by a fire in 1921)
June 1 for 1900
April 15 for 1910
January 1 for 1920
April 1, for 1930

1846 Henderson Co., TX Poll List - offsite

Including here a Poll List (folks who paid poll tax) from Henderson County, TX--- In 1846 Henderson County included the Counties we know now as Wood, Kaufman, Van Zandt, and a part of Rains. Kaufman was taken from Henderson in 1848, Van Zandt was also taken in 1848. In 1850 Wood was taken from Van Zandt and in 1870 Rains was taken from Wood, Hopkins and Hunt Counties. Lots of Rains Co surnames here.

 1880 Actual Images are thanks to the generosity of Scott Fitzgerald for making these available.

You can click above to go to the actual images---BUT, if you want to save some time
check out first the Surname Index to see which page(s) you want to look at.  Then
use the Conversion Chart to see which page to actually find your family on the census

Surname Index ----Write down page number(s) and then go to conversion chart.

Conversion Chart --- This will show the page number to look for on the images.

1880 Mortality Schedule -- Thanks to Bunny Freeman for permission to  use this information.


The census records for 1890 were almost totally destroyed in a fire.  Some were saved, but
not for all states.  Some areas have Veterans Schedules that are used in lieu of an actual

1900    - Images only  These are here thanks to the generosity of Scott Fitzgerald - consider dropping him a note of thanks.........

 Justice Precinct no. 1: ED 74-75
Justice Precinct no. 2: ED 76-01A through 76-06A
Justice Precinct no. 5: ED 76-07A through 76-11B
Justice Precinct no. 3: ED 77
Justice Precinct no. 4: ED 78

Interested in seeing the images for 1910, 1920 or 1930 available here ?????
check out this site------all it takes is some working together.

Justice Pct 1 A
Justice Pct 1 B



This census was just released April 1, 2002.

Enumeration Districts:
190-1 Justice Pct. 1 (North Part)
Institution(s): Rains County Jail
190-2 Justice Pct. 1 (South Part)
190-3 Justice Pct. 2
190-4 Justice Pct. 3
190-5 Justice Pct. 4 (East Part) and Point Village (Part)
190-6 Justice Pct. 4 (West Part) and Point Village (Part)
190-7 Justice Pct. 5

According to the National Archives and Records Administration the 1940 and later censuses are not available to the public use due to a statutory 72-year restriction on access for privacy reasons. (92 Stat. 915; Public Law 95-416; October 5, 1978).

To make application (named person, family or legal representatives only) for this restricted information, visit the United States Census Bureau "age search" service where they will "search the confidential records from the Federal population censuses of 1940 to 1990 and issue an official transcript of the results (for a congressionally mandated fee which is $40.00)."

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