Events and times that Rains County Remembers

The following stories, most of them taken from the Rains County Leader, were definately stories of the times.

1915 Storm

66 Years Ago from the Rains County Leader  

Attempted Robbery in Point ---- May 9, 1913

Courthouse Fire - (NOTE: Dates are a little confusing)

Courthouse news --- 1909 and prior, fire and new building

Deputy  Sheriff  Samuel E Lindsey - was shot and killed in the line of  duty on Wednesday, November 3, 1886  

 Emory Cyclone --This is from the Greenville Banner, date unknown -- Thanks to Emily Adams - the date of the cyclone was March 17, 1894. Note from Emily, "This was the cyclone in which my grandfather's brother,William Brasses Henry, was killed. He is listed in the article under "The Dead" as Bras. Henry, clerk for Henry & Peeples store.

Fugitives on the run from Rains County - this may be controversial, but contains information that may be important to researchers.

Ginger Brick Plant Destroyed by Fire Tuesday Night   June 5, 1925
Fire originating in one of the pans destroyed about $100,000 worth of the Fraser Brick Company’s plant at Ginger, about 3 miles East of Emory, early Tuesday night. The fire alarm was given in Emory and some twenty or thirty loaded autos made a quick run to Ginger but there was nothing that could be done and the fire just had to run its course. Several of the residences near the plant were in danger for some time, Mrs. Shaw’s residence catching fire twice, but with energetic work the flames were confined to the brick plant which was almost completely wrecked. The plant employed from 50 to 60 men regularly.
To Rebuild – Mr. Wynn, the manager, now has a force of some fifty men clearing away the debris and getting ready to rebuild the plant. In a telephone conversation with a representative of this paper, Mr. Wynn stated that they had not yet determined whether they would just rebuild the old plant or build a larger one, but that they expected to be in operation again within 60 days.

Ginger Fires -The brick plant in Ginger 1925 & in 1922 one that destroyed several buildings.

Glass Murder & Robbery    1916    copy of newspaper clipping

Moving Pictures Come to Rains County - This also includes a list of people who participated in a recital.  

Patton, James Wheat - 1913 story from the Rains Co Leader

Rains County Leader - Pioneer Edition August 11, 1939

Rains County in 1880 --- From the Rains County Leader Pioneer Ed. Aug 11, 1939

Rains County Leader  
May 14, 1909
Shooting Scrape
Last Sunday evening a serious altercation occurred between Cap Daniels and Henry Woodall, in the Reeder community about seven miles south of Emory, in which the latter was shot a glancing lick on the jaw and left side of the neck with a shotgun and then knocked down with a lick on the head with the gun. It was reported here Sunday evening that Woodall was dead, but this proved to be a mistake and no doubt grew out of the fact that the blow from the gun rendered him unconscious. Woodall was badly powder burned and the wound in his jaw and neck is ugly, but the attending surgeon says he will be all right in a few days. Daniels surrendered to the sheriff Sunday night and was placed in jail, and the matter is being investigated by the Grand Jury.

Rains County Leader
May 28. 1909
Accidentally Killed     
While playing with a shot gun Tuesday evening one of Mack Luke’s (colored) boys shot his 4-year-old brother in the shoulder and arm inflicting a wound from which he died about midnight Tuesday night. Drs. Faulk and Pearson amputated the boy’s arm and dressed the wound, but the shock, when reaction set in, proved fatal. The boy who fired the shot is about five years old.

Rains County Leader
Nov 5, 1909
Eye Shot Out
Lonnie Leggett shot Ike Hawkins in the eye last Saturday, destroying the sight. Both are Negroes. Leggett came in and surrendered to the sheriff and was placed in jail. However, he has since been released on a $750 bond. The wounded man is said to be getting along all right.

Rains County Leader
"First National Bank 50th Anniversary Section"
July 10, 1903
Vault Keys Locked Inside on First Day
On the first day that the First National Bank was open for business, July 4, 1903, the keys to the bank vault door were locked on the inside. S.K. McCallon, who ran the bank, locked the vault with the keys on the inside when he went to dinner. Upon returning to the bank, he found that he could not get into the vault, and had to call on M.A. "Millard" Vincent, who was handy with tools, to try and open it. After working for an hour or so, Mr. Vincent succeeded in getting the vault door open.

Rains County Leader ---- wonderful articles and pictures from "Looking Back" that have appeared weekly in the RCL (these go back to 1999 editions).  Lot of great information here.

Rains County Fairs 1930 - 1934

Senate Resolution honoring Kathleen Hill Becknell - May 3, 1995

Shumate, W M Murder - 1890

Smokey Row
- Saloons in Rains County     

Tornadoes  1894 & 1907


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