At one time Rains County had over 30 rural schools.  Many of them existed until the 1960s when all the schools in the county were consolidated into the one independent school district that exists today.  Information about the schools and teachers has been gleaned from old issues of the Rains County LEADER.  If the information was obtained from a photograph submitted to the "Looking Back..." section, the name of the submitter is included in parenthesis.

Many photos that have been used, were lost when I took over the site........if you have copies or know where they can be located, PLEASE let   me know............thank you.

Teachers registered in Rains County, Texas    (pictures)

Map of Rural Schools

History of Rains County Schools (outline)

New Holmes School Plat --- map

1933 Interscholastic Basketball League List


Rocky Point
(also called Sweet Home)

Seed Tick
(later called Harmony)
(see New Holmes)

Union Ridge
Rains Co. Leader
April 23, 1909
Miss Jessie Adams, teacher of Union Ridge school, was among friends at Pilgrim Rest Sunday.

The Rains County Leader
April 23, 1909
The school at Union Ridge will close next Friday. They contemplate having a big stew.


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