1900 Census
Red River County, TX
Precinct 1 301-350

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NOTE: This transcription is meant to be a guide only. It is the transcribers interpretation and subject to human error. Always refer to the original microfilm for your own interpretation. Other information not listed here may be found by consulting the microfilm of the original census

Last Name First Name Relation Race/
DOB Age Married/
BP FBP MBP Occupation
301/310 Hearne J.A. Head WM Aug. 1840 59 Widow   PA ENG SCO Painter-House & Sign
    Guy DeW. Son WM Dec. 1877 22 Single   KS PA IL Farmer
    John E. Son WM Apr. 1880 20 Single   AR PA IL Farmer
    Kathy C. Dau. WF Sept.1881 18 Single   AR PA IL  
    Rob Roy Son WM Dec. 1885 14 Single   AR PA IL Carriage Painter
    Mary D. Dau. WF Sept.1891 8 Single   MO PA IL  
302/311 Elder/Eller? Samy Head BM X1850 50 Married/15   MO MO X Farmer
    Martha Wife BF Apr. 1869 31 Married/15 6/4 TX MO AL  
    Frank Son BM Jan.1886 14 Single   TX MO TX  
    Letta Dau. BF Oct. 1890 9 Single   TX MO TX  
    Ova Dau. BF May 1895 5 Single   TX MO TX  
    Taylor Son BM Aug. 1897 2 Single   TX MO TX  
/312 Duty Donie Head BF Apr. 1871 29 Married/12 1/1 TX GA TN Cook-Private Home
    Vernon Son BM Sept. 1895 4 Single   TX TX TX  
303/313 Cotton Rachel Head BF X1853 47 Widow 4/3 TX X LA Washerwoman
304/314 Moshburn J.L. Head WF May 1854 46 Widow 7/5 TX TN TN Farmer
    J.R. Son WM Jan. 1883 17 Single   TX AR TX  
    A.P. Dau. WF Jan. 1888 12 Single   TX AR TX  
    Elbert Son WM Jan. 1892 8 Single   TX AR TX  
    L.B. Son WM May 1894 6 Single   TX AR TX  
305/315 Fletcher H.A. Head WM Feb. 1849 51 Married/11   TN X X Farmer
    A.E. Wife WF Sept. 1856 43 Married/11 3/1 AL AL GA  
    Laura Dau. WF July 1883 16 Single   AL AL AL  
306/316 Dickson George Head BM X1837 63 Married/25   LA X X Farmer
    Mary Jane Wife BF May 1847 53 Married/25 7/5 TN GA TN  
    Jodie Son BM X1888 12 Single   TX LA TN  
    Grant Son BM Mar. 1890 10 Single   TX LA TN  
    Charlie Son BM Aug. 1892 7 Single   TX LA TN  
307/317 McKinsten A.E. Head WM Jan. 1866 34 Married/3   KY X X Farmer
    Sarah E. Wife WF Feb. 1879 21 Married/3 1/1 IN X X  
    Ollie Dau. WF Aug. 1899 9m. Single   TX KY IN  
308/318 Burks Henry Head BM Nov.1870 29 Married/3   TX TX MO Farmer
    Rosa Wife BF Aug. 1873 26 Married/3 2/2 TX TN MO  
    Evaline Dau. BF Nov. 1891 8 Single   TX TX TX  
    Bessie Dau. BF Dec. 1898 1 Single   TX TX TX  
309/319 Jordan N.M. Head WM Oct. 1875 24 Married/6   AR GA MS Farmer
    L.D. Wife WF Jan. 1877 23 Married/6 2/1 MS MS MS  
    George J. Son WM Dec .1895 4 Single   AR AR MS  
310/320 Perry John Head BM May 1878 22 Married/2   TX X TN Farmer
    Nora Wife BF Dec. 1878 21 Married/2 1/1 TX X X  
    Stella Dau. BF Apr. 1899 1 Single   TX TX TX  
311/321 Perry Lucindy Head BF X1845 55 Widow 11/10 TN TN TN  
    Warren Son BM June 1882 18 Single   TX X TN Farmer
    Anne Dau. BF Sept. 1884 15 Single   TX X TN  
    Gid Son BM Sept. 1886 13 Single   TX X TN  
  Bagby Robert L. Gr./Son BM Dec .1886 13 Single   TX TX TX  
  McColloch Matilda Gr./Dau. B Aug. 1895 4 Single   TX TX TX  
312/322 Elkins Henry Head BM Mar. 1873 26 Married/1   TX TX TX  
    Hester Wife B Dec. 1879 20 Married/1 0/0 TX X TN  
    Trudie Dau. B Feb. 1896 4 Single   TX TX TX  
    Sonie Son BM Apr. 1898 2 Single   TX TX TX  
313/323 Shirey J.F. Head WM July 1877 22 Married/1   TX GA GA Farmer
    Ida Wife W Sept.1876 23 Married/1 1/1 GA X GA  
  Allen J.D. Boarder WM Nov. 1877 22 Single   TX NC NC Farm Labor
  Smith Alex Boarder BM Nov. 1873 26 Single   TX TX TX Farm Labor
314/324 Allen E.M. Head WM Feb. 1872 28 Single   AR GA AL Farmer
315/325 Mullenix J.S. Head WM Dec. 1849 50 Married/22   AL TN VA Farmer
    E. Wife W Jan. 1855 45 Married/22 7/5 MS X MS  
    Maggie Dau. W Dec. 1879 20 Single   MS AL MS  
    Maud Dau. W Jan. 1882 18 Single   MS AL MS  
    Luther Son WM Aug. 1884 15 Single   MS AL MS  
    Rena Dau. W Dec. 1888 11 Single   MS AL MS  
    Roy Son WM Dec. 1892 7 Single   MS AL MS  
316/326 Collins L. Head BM May 1880 20 Single   TX TX TX Farm Labor
317/327 Stanley Robert Head WM May 1873 27 Married/3   TX X X Type Setter
    Fannie Wife W Oct. 1878 21 Married/3 2/1 TX AL TX  
    Alice Dau. W Oct. 1897 2 Single   TX TX TX  
318/328 Garrett T.P. Head WM Nov. 1849 50 Married/24   AR IL IL Farmer
    Julia Wife W X1860 40 Married/24 6/3 TX X OH  
    Cyntha E. Dau. W July 1887 12 Single   TX AR TX  
    Bertha Dau. W Apr. 1892 8 Single   TX AR TX  
319/329 Ellis Mary A. Head W Jan. 1845 55 Widow 4/3 MO X MO  
    Thos. Son WM X1875 25 Single   MO MO MO Cutter-Saw Stocks
    Otto Son WM Dec .1878 21 Single   TX MO MO Farmer
  White Lucindy Dau. W June 1877 22 Divorced 1/1 MO MO MO  
    Annie Gr./Dau. W Oct. 1897 2 Single   TX TX MO  
320/330 Hunt John Head BM X1855 45 Married/20   TX X X Farmer
    Mahaley Wife BF Dec .1864 35 Married/20 14/5 TX X TX  
    Jessie Son BM Apr. 1885 15 Single   TX TX TX  
    Mary E. Dau. BF Mar. 1887 13 Single   TX TX TX  
    Belle Dau. BF Sept .1888 11 Single   TX TX TX  
    Joe Son BM Oct. 1895 4 Single   TX TX TX  
    Everette Son BM July 1898 1 Single   TX TX TX  
  Mathus Robert Boarder BM Mar.1889? 21 Single   TX X AL Farmer
321/331 Perry Thomas Head BM Aug. 1874 25 Widow   TX X X Farmer
  Gamble Hattie Boarder BF July 1871 28 Widow 6/6 AR AR AR  
    Ardella Boarder BF Feb. 1890 10 Single   AR AR AR  
    Mary Boarder BF May 1891 9 Single   AR AR AR  
    Samanthy Boarder BF Dec. 1892 7 Single   AR AR AR  
    Pheobe Boarder BF Dec. 1893 6 Single   AR AR AR  
    Arbella Boarder BF Jan. 1895 5 Single   AR AR AR  
    Georgie Boarder BM May 1899 1 Single   TX AR AR  
322/332 Barnett F.M. Head WM Apr.1844 55 Married/11   KY KY KY Farmer
    Olivia Wife WF Feb.1851 49 Married/11 2/1 X AL    
  Perkins George Boarder WM Dec .1886 13 Single   TX X IN  
/333 Wolf Oscar Head WM Nov. 1869 30 Married/0   MS AL AL Farmer
    Nancy Wife WF X1867 32 Married/0 0/0 TN AL X  
323/334 Gaugh George Head BM Mar. 1855 45 Married/20   TX TX LA Farmer
    Alice Wife BF Aug. 1860 39 Married/20 11/10 TX X X  
    Mollie Dau. BF Sept. 1881 18 Single   TX TX TX  
    George Son BM Jan. 1883 17 Single   TX TX TX  
    Alice Dau. BF Aug. 1886 13 Single   TX TX TX  
    Lula Dau. BF Nov.1887 12 Single   TX TX TX  
    Jim Son BM Aug. 1889 10 Single   TX TX TX  
    Effie Dau. BF Feb.1892 8 Single   TX TX TX  
    Mary Jane Dau. BF June1894 5 Single   TX TX TX  
    Tom Son BM June 1895 4 Single   TX TX TX  
    Tonie Son BM Nov. 1897 2 Single   TX TX TX  
    Thenola? Son BM Nov. 1898 1 Single   TX TX TX  
324/335 Boyd John Head BM Jan. 1880 20 Single   LA AL LA Farmer
  Bradley Ida Boarder BF Jan. 1873 27 Widow 2/2 TX X X  
325/336 Baker Albert Head BM Apr. 1848 52 Married/2   TX X KY Farmer
    Clara Wife BF Dec. 1877 22 Married/2 3/3 TX TX TX  
    Arthur Son BM Nov. 1886 13 Single   TX TX TX  
    Willie M. Dau. BF Dec. 1890 9 Single   TX TX TX  
    Rosa Dau. BF Dec. 1892 7 Single   TX TX TX  
    Hattie Dau. BF Aug.1897 2 Single   TX TX TX  
    LeRoy Son BM Nov.1898 1 Single   TX TX TX  
    Ethel Dau. BF May-00 0m. Single   TX TX TX  
  Banks Susan Boarder BF Mar.1850 50 Widow 3/1 TX X KY Cook-Private home
326/337 Brewer W.H. Head WM Feb.1837 63 Married/28   TN TN TN Farmer
    E.J. Wife WF Sept.1853 46 Married/28 12/10 TN TN TN  
    Stella Dau. WF June 1875 24 Single   TN TN TN  
    Waulter Son WM Mar.1878 22 X   TX TN TN Farmer
    Nannie Dau. WF Dec. 1882 17 Single   TX TN TN  
    Bettie Dau. WF Sept.1886 13 Single   TX TN TN  
    Minnie Dau. WF Oct. 1888 11 Single   TX TN TN  
    Sallie Dau. WF Dec. 1891 8 Single   TX TN TN  
    Lillard? Son WM Mar.1894 6 Single   TX TN TN  
    Marie Dau. WF July 1897 2 Single   TX TN TN  
327/338 Anderson S.J. Head WM Feb. 1849 51 Married/22   TN VA SC Farmer
    S.N. Wife WF Nov.1856 43 Married/22 8/7 GA GA GA  
    Reuel Son WM Mar. 1882 18 Single   TN TN GA  
    Charlie Son WM Oct. 1883 16 Single   TN TN GA  
    Earl Son WM Aug. 1886 13 Single   TN TN GA  
    Percy Son WM June 1888 11 Single   TN TN GA  
    Paul Son WM May 1892 8 Single   TN TN GA  
328/339 Brewer W.H. Head WM Dec. 1865 34 Married/13   TN TN TN Farmer
    D.D. Wife WF Nov. 1867 32 Married/13 5/3 TX TX TX  
    Edith Dau. WF July 1888 11 Single   TX TN TX  
    Delbert D. Son WM Jan. 1891 9 Single   TX TN TX  
    Willie Son WM Aug. 1898 1 Single   TX TN TX  
329/340 Cox J.R. Head WM Dec. 1874 25 Married/1   TN TN TN Farmer
    Maggie Wife WF Sept. 1874 25 Married/1 1/1 TN TN TN  
    Wm. N. Son WM Feb. 1900 3m. Single   TX TN TN  
330/341 Elkins J.R. Head WM X1876 24 Married/3   TN LA X Farmer & Blacksmith
    M.E. Wife WF Sept. 1880 19 Married/3 1/1 TX X X  
    John M. Son WM Sept. 1898 1 Single   TX TN TX  
331/342 Boxley J.J. Head WM X1864 36 Married/8   AL AL AL Farmer
    M.E. Wife WF Dec. 1873 26 Married/8 4/3 TX AL AL  
    Claude A. Son WM Jan. 1893 7 Single   TX AL TX  
    Carl C. Son WM Dec. 1898 1 Single   TX AL TX  
    Myrtle D. Dau. WF May-00 0m. Single   TX AL TX  
332/343 Roberts J.M. Head WM Jan. 1852 48 Married/16   NC NC NC Farmer
    C.E. Wife WF Feb. 1870 30 Married/16 6/6 MS MS MS  
    Minnie L. Dau. WF Oct. 1884 15 Single   MS NC MS  
    Anna L. Dau. WF Aug. 1886 13 Single   MS NC MS  
    Pearl Dau. WF Feb. 1889 11 Single   MS NC MS  
    Wm. S. Son WM Dec. 1890 9 Single   MS NC MS  
    Jessie C. Son WM Dec. 1893 6 Single   MS NC MS  
    Monroe Son WM Dec. 1897 2 Single   TX NC MS  
333/344 Latimer A.D. Head WM Nov. 1866 33 Married/9   TX TN MS Farmer
    Kate Wife WF Jan. 1871 29 Married/9 2/2 TX TX TN  
    Fulton Son WM Dec .1892 7 Single   TX TX TX  
    Wm. H. Son WM Aug. 1894 5 Single   TX TX TX  
  Patterson Jessie Boarder WM June 1877 22 Single   IL IL IL Farmer
334/345 Terry Belle Head BF X1880 20 Married/ 3/2 TX TX MO  
    Lana/Lena Dau. BF X1897 3 Single   TX TX TX  
    Nunie? Dau. BF Mar. 1899 1 Single   TX TX TX  
/346 Ridge Malinda Head BF Dec. 1865 34 Married/ 3/2 TX TX TX  
    Rena Dau. BF X1878 22 Single   TX TX TX  
    Tom Son BM X1882 18 Single   TX TX TX Farm Labor
/347 Cato Lula Head BF X1878 22 Single 1/1 TX X X  
    Odell Son BM X1898 2 Single   TX X X  
/348 Humphrey Maria Head BF X1850 50 Widow 8/7 MO VA VA  
  Robertson ?enny? Son BM X1875 24 Single   TX X MO Farmer
  Wade Gilbert Son BM X1884 16 Single   TX TX TX Farmer
335/349 Garland Henry Head BM X1855 45 Married/20   LA X X Farmer
    Lula Wife BF X1860 40 Married/20 9/4 TX X X  
    Edie Son BM X1883 17 Single   TX LA TX  
    Erin Dau. BF X1894 6 Single   TX LA TX  
    Alberta Dau. BF X1900 5m. Single   TX LA TX  
336/350 Pinson M.L. Head WM May 1879 21 Married/1   GA SC AL Farmer
    M.L. Wife WF July 1881 18 Married/1 1/1 TX X X  
    Pearl Dau. WF Aug. 1899 10m. Single   TX GA TX  
  Stagner W.R. Boarder WM Dec. 1857 42 Widow   MO KY MO Farmer
337/351 Marshall W.H. Head WM Apr.1869 31 Married/9   MS MS MS Farmer
    C.D. Wife WF July 1870 29 Married/9 1/1 TX LA TX  
    Johnnie Dau. WF Jan. 1893 7 Single   TX MS TX  
338/352 Ford S.W. Head WF Oct. 1846 53 Widow ? TN X NC  
    Lula Dau. WF Mar.1889 11 Single   TX X TN  
/353 Spangler J.W. Head WM Jan. 1875 25 Married   AR? VA AR Farmer
    Mary Wife WF Dec. 1873 26 Married   GA GA GA  
    Lee Bedford Son WM Nov.1899 7m. Single   TX AR AL?  
339/354 Cornett Francis Head WF X1844 56 Widow 13/10 GA AL AL  
    James Son WM Oct. 1880 19 Single   GA X GA Farmer
    Jones Son WM Apr. 1883 17 Single   AR X GA  
    Missouri Dau. WF June 1885 14 Single   AR X GA  
    Monroe Son WM X1888 12 Single   AR X GA  
    Lizzie Dau. WF X1890 10 Single   TX X GA  
    Harvey? Son WM Oct. 1891 8 Single   TX X GA  
340/355 McDonald Gus Head BM X1854 46 Married/0   AR X TN Farmer
    Mary E. Wife BF X1879 21 Married/0   NC NC NC  
341/356 French J.M. Head WM Apr. 1861 39 Married/10   IL X IL Farmer
    S.A. Wife WF Jan. 1873 27 Married/10 4/4 AL AL AL  
    Edna Dau. WF Feb.1892 8 Single   TX IL AL  
    Wiley Son WM Aug. 1892 7 Single   TX IL AL  
    Willie Son WM June 1896 3 Single   TX IL AL  
    Ethel Dau. WF X1882 18 Single   TX IL AL  
  Garner Buhah Boarder WF X1884 16 Single   TX X X  
342/357 Veech Thomas Head WM May 1843 57 Married/14   MO NC MO Farmer
    Sarah Wife WF Sept.1858 41 Married/14 9/4 GA AL GA  
    Ollie Dau. WF Dec. 1886 13 Single   TX MO GA  
    Bonnie Dau. WF June 1888 11 Single   TX MO GA  
    Rhoda Dau. WF Oct. 1890 9 Single   TX MO GA  
    Eddie Dau. WF Oct. 1898 1 Single   TX MO GA  
    John Son WM Aug. 1873 26 Single   TX MO GA Farmer
    Mary W. Dau. WF Aug. 1875 24 Single   TX MO GA  
343/358 Dodd Thos. Head WM X1870 30 Married/?   X X X Day Laborer
    Emma? Wife WF X1872 28 Married/?          
    Dave Son WM X1892 8 Single          
    John Son WM X1894 6 Single          
    George Son WM X1896 4 Single          
    Callie Dau. WF X1898 2 Single          
344/359 Spangler James Head WM Sept.1842 57 Married/33   AL X X Farmer
    Ellen Wife WF Mar. 1848 52 Married/33 12/11 AR X X  
    Dave Son WM July 1882 17 Single   AR AL AR  
    John Son WM Sept.1884 15 Single   AR AL AR  
    George Son WM Feb.1886 14 Single   AR AL AR  
    Bob Son WM Nov.1895 4 Single   TX AL AR  
    Annie Dau. WF Feb. 1888 12 Single   AR AL AR  
    Robert? J. Dau. WF Nov. 1890 9 Single   AR AL AR  
345/360 Paisley James Head WM Apr. 1863 37 Married/11   AR AL MS  
    Lizzie Wife WF Dec. 1869 30 Married/11 4/3 AR AL AR  
    Wm. Son WM Oct. 1889 10 Single   AR AR AR  
    Myrtle Dau. WF July 1896 3 Single   AR AR AR  
    Sallie Dau. WF Sept. 1899 8m. Single   TX AR AR  
346/361 Redford R.L. Head WM Sept.1865 34 Married/4   KY KY KY Farmer
    M.R. Wife WF Oct. 1879 20 Married/4 1/1 TX AR TX  
    Mollie Dau. WF Nov. 1899 6m. Single   TX KY TX  
347/362 Spangler M.I. Head WM Jan. 1864 36 Married/11   AR AL AR Farmer
    Laura Wife WF Oct. 1873 26 Married/11 5/4 AR AR AR  
    Nancy E. Dau. WF Mar.1893 7 Single   TX AR AR  
    Henry Son WM Jan. 1896 4 Single   TX AR AR  
    Dora Dau. WF Aug. 1897 2 Single   TX AR AR  
    Eva Dau. WF Mar. 1900 2m. Single   TX AR AR  
348/363 Golightly L.G. Head WM July 1850 49 Married/18   TN TN X Farmer
    E.M. Wife WF July 1858 41 Married/18 7/3 IN IN VA  
    Louis H. Son WM Oct. 1888 11 Single   TX TN IN  
    Earl Son WM May 1896 4 Single   AR TN IN  
    Luther S. Son WM Mar.1898 2 Single   TX TN IN  
    G.M. Son WM Jan. 1875 25 Divorced   MO TN TN Farm Labor
  Sandiford T.H. Boarder WM Apr.1871 29 Single   AL AL AL Farm Labor
349/364 Pinson W.J. Head WM Sept. 1863 36 Married/4   AL GA AL Farmer
    M.A. Wife WF Aug.1872 27 Married/4 2/2 AR MO KY  
    Josie Son WM July 1897 2 Single   TX AL AR  
    Willie Son WM May-00 0m. Single   TX AL AR  
  Garner Bob Boarder WM X1888 12 Single   AL GA GA  
  Green/Grun Will A. Boarder WM Nov.1874 25 Single   GA X GA  
350/365 Elder R.J. Head WM June 1851 49 Married/19   MS SC X Farmer,Ginner&Miller
    M.L. Wife WF Apr. 1865 35 Married/19 5/4 TX SC MS  
    A.G. Son WM Sept.1879 20 Single   TX MS TX  
    Dove Dau. WF Dec.1887 12 Single   TX MS TX  
    Ernest Son WM July 1890 9 Single   TX MS TX  
    Sam Son WM Oct. 1893 6 Single   TX MS TX  
    Leola Dau. WF Feb. 1897 3 Single   TX MS TX  

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