1900 Census
Red River County, TX
precinct 1 351-396

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NOTE: This transcription is meant to be a guide only. It is the transcribers interpretation and subject to human error. Always refer to the original microfilm for your own interpretation. Other information not listed here may be found by consulting the microfilm of the original census

Last Name First Name Relation Race/
DOB Age Married/
BP FBP MBP Occupation
351/366 Laury Jo___ Head WM Mar. 1854 26 Married/22   AL GA GA Farmer
    Cela? Wife WF Apr. 1857 43 Married/22 7/7 AL SC AL  
    Wm. A. Son WM Nov. 1878 21 Single   AL AL AL Farmer
    Dee Son WM July 1881 18 Single   AL AL AL  
    Alice C. Dau. WF Mar. 1885 15 Single   AL AL AL  
    Joe Son WM Aug. 1888 11 Single   TX AL AL  
    Buena V. Dau. WF July 1892 7 Single   TX AL AL  
    Clifton Son WM Mar. 1894 6 Single   TX AL AL  
    Aubrey Son WM Aug. 1896 3 Single   TX AL AL  
352/367 Floyd R.R. Head WM X1840 60 Married/23   TN SC TN Farmer
    J.B. Wife WF Aug. 1854 45 Married/23 12/7 TN TN NC  
    Minnie M. Dau. WF Nov. 1882 17 Single   AL TN TN  
    Bertha Dau. WF Oct. 1885 14 Single   AR TN TN  
    Leslie D. Son WM Feb. 1887 13 Single   TX TN TN  
    Emma Dau. WF Jan. 1892 8 Single   TX TN TN Farmer
    Eva E. Dau. WF Aug. 1893 6 Single   TX TN TN  
    Addie A. Dau. WF July1895 4 Single   TX TN TN  
353/368 Hale J.H. Head WM Oct. 1871 28 Married/2   TN TN TN Farmer
    L.M. Wife WF July 1880 19 Married/2 0/0 TX AL TX  
    Anvell?? Son WM Feb. 1894 6 Single   AR TN AR  
    Hershel Son WM Mar.1897 3 Single   TX TN AR  
354/369 Bartley J.W. Head WM Mar.1866 24 Married/8   MO NC TN Farmer
    M.E. Wife WF Oct. 1874 25 Married/8 4/4 MO TN MO  
    Birtie Dau. WF Oct. 1893 6 Single   TX MO MO  
    Ora M. Dau. WF May 1895 5 Single   TX MO MO  
    Nola N. Dau. WF Aug. 1896 3 Single   TX MO MO  
    Lillie F. Dau. WF July 1898 1 Single   TX MO MO  
  Kagle John Boarder WM Apr. 1884 16 Single   MO TN MO Farm Labor
355/370 Bartley G.W. Head WM Dec. 1858 41 Widow   TN AL TN Farmer
    A.L. Son WM Mar. 1881 19 Single   MO TN TN  
    Dora L. Dau. WF June 1884 15 Single   TX TN TN  
    Samantha P. Dau. WF Aug. 1888 11 Single   TX TN TN  
    Mary H. Dau. WF Nov. 1889 10 Single   TX TN TN  
    Andrew J. Son WM May 1893 7 Single   TX TN TN  
356/371 Ward Sam Head WM Dec. 1829 70 Married/44   AR X X Farmer
    Mary A. Wife WF Mar. 1836 64 Married/44 7/5 AL X X  
    Belle Dau. WF Nov. 1863 36 Single   TX AR AL Teacher English
    Lola Dau. WF July 1871 28 Single   TX AR AL Teacher English
357/372 Goels? Lunagau Head WM Sept.1834 65 Married/31   GER GER GER Farmer
    Margueretta Wife WF Feb.1840 60 Married/31 7/7 GER GER GER  
    Marie Dau. WF June 1869 30 Single   GER GER GER  
    Laurance Son WM Dec.1872 27 Single   GER GER GER Farmer
    Alice Dau. WF Sept. 1874 25 Single   GER GER GER  
    Katie Dau. WF Mar. 1877 23 Single   GER GER GER  
    John H. Son WM July 1878 21 Single   GER GER GER  
    Lizzie Dau. WF Dec.1880 19 Single   GER GER GER  
358/373 Shozier Ed Head BM X1860 40 Married/20   X X X Laborer-Lumberyard
    Addie Wife BF X1857 43 Married/20 14/6 MS MS MS  
    Martha Dau. BF July 1880 19 Single   TX X MS  
    Johnsey Son BM Apr. 1884 16 Single   TX X MS  
    Eddie B. Dau. BF Feb. 1886 14 Single   TX X MS  
    Robert Son BM Apr. 1889 11 Single   TX X MS  
    Paul Son BM Oct. 1893 6 Single   TX X MS  
359/374 Hughes Charles Head BM June 1880 19 Married/1   TX X X Farm Labor
    Lulu Wife BF Apr. 1882 18 Married/1 1/1 TX MS MS  
360/375 Pearson Will Head BM X1870 30 Married/12   TX X X Day Laborer
    Caroline Wife BF Dec. 1873 26 Married/12 5/4 TX X X  
    Dennis?? Son BM Feb.1888 12 Single   TX TX TX  
    Alice Dau. BF June 1890 9 Single   TX TX TX  
    Clemie Dau. BF Nov. 1894 5 Single   TX TX TX  
    Willie Son BM Dec. 1898 1 Single   TX TX TX  
361/376 Stuart Mon Head BM X1877 23 Married/4   AR X X Day Laborer
    Mary Jane Wife BF X1878 22 Married/4 1/1 TX X X Washerwoman
362/377 Perry Jordan, Sr. Head BM Mar. 1836 64 Married/3   NC NC NC Farmer
    Mandy Wife BF X1850 50 Married/3 2/1 NC NC NC  
    Jim Son BM Aug. 1879 20 Single   TX NC X  
    Waulter Son BM Apr. 1887 13 Single   TX NC X  
  Rodgers Minerva? Boarder BF Aug. 1895 4 Single   TX X X  
    Sophia Boarder BF July 1898 1 Single   TX X X  
  Burks Jack Boarder BM X1881 19 Single   TX X X Farm Laborer
363/378 Bristow W.H. Head WM Sept.1861 38 Widow   AL SC GA Farmer
    Lynch Son WM May 1893 7 Single   TX AL TX  
364/379 Elder M.T. Head WF May 1853 47 Widow 10/7 TX TN TN  
    Enos Son WM Nov.1981 18 Single   TX MS TX Farmer
    Minnie Dau. WF Oct. 1883 16 Single   TX MS TX  
    Armenius Son WM May 1886 14 Single   TX MS TX  
    Iola Dau. WF June 1887 12 Single   TX MS TX  
/380 Gray Oscar Head WM Aug. 1875 24 Married/4   TX MS AL Farmer
    Lenie? Wife WF Apr. 1875 25 Married/4 2/2 TX MS TX  
    Claude Son WM June 1896 3 Single   TX TX TX  
    Vernon Son WM Mar. 1899 1 Single   TX TX TX  
365/381 Brown Henry Head BM X1864 36 Married/9   AR X X Farmer
    Sallie Wife BF X1868 32 Married/9 6/6 TX X X  
    Anna Dau. BF July 1887 12 Single   TX AR TX  
    Mary Dau. BF Aug. 1885 14 Single   TX AR TX  
    John Son BM X1893 7 Single   TX AR TX  
    Harrison Son BM X1894 6 Single   TX AR TX  
    Flossie Dau. BF X1896 4 Single   TX AR TX  
    Lenox Son BM Sept. 1898 1 Single   TX AR TX  
366/382 Wolf B.C. Head WM Dec. 1874 25 Married/3   AL X X Farmer
    N.G. Wife WF July 1873 26 Married/3 1/1 TN X X  
    Fannie Dau. WF Feb. 1900 3m. Single   TX AL TN  
367/383 Tuck W.E. Head WM Oct.1875 24 Married/1   TN TN TN Farmer
    V.L. Wife WF Mar.1880 20 Married/1 1/1 AR TN TN  
    Rudie O. Son WM Mar. 1900 2m. Single   TX TN AR  
368/384 Tuck Jordan Head WM Mar. 1881 19 Married/2   TN TN TN Farmer
    Mattie? Wife WF X1872 28 Married/2 1/1 AR X X  
    Bulah Dau. WF X1896 4 Single   AR TN AR  
  Brooks Ben Uncle WM Aug. 1872 27 Single   TN TN TN Farmer
  Ramsey? Harriet Boarder WF X1842 58 Single   AL X X  
369/385 Smith Abe Head BM X1854 46 Single   TX X X Farmer
370/386 Wilburn Houston Head BM X1852 48 Married/25   TX AL AL Farmer
    Frankie Wife BF X1860 40 Married/25 8/6 KY VA KY  
    Mary Dau. BF Apr. 1882 18 Single   TX TX KY  
    Janie Dau. BF Mar.1886 14 Single   TX TX KY  
    Houston,Jr. Son BM Feb.1890 10 Single   TX TX KY  
    Anna Dau. BF May 1893 7 Single   TX TX KY  
    Thomas Son BM Aug. 1895 4 Single   TX TX KY  
    Clara Dau. BF Dec. 1897 2 Single   TX AR KY  
    Eddie Son BM May 1882 18 Single   TX AR KY  
371/387 Terry W.B. Head WM May 1835 65 Married/47   GA SC GA Farmer
    Liddie Wife WF July 1831 68 Married/47 10/8 GA GA GA  
372/388 Terry John W. Head WM Oct. 1861 38 Married/15   AR GA GA Farmer
    Maude Wife WF Mar.1870 30 Married/15 5/3 TX GA GA  
    Maina May Dau. WF July 1888 11 Single   TX AR TX  
    Dumas W. Son WM Aug. 1891 8 Single   TX AR TX  
    Milwee? Son WM Jan. 1897 3 Single   TX AR TX  
373/389 Taylor I.T. Head WM Apr. 1862 38 Married/6   AL AL AL Farmer
    N.K. Wife WF Sept.1865 34 Married/6 4/3 TN TN TN  
    Horrace Son WM Mar. 1881 18 Single   AL AL X  
    Mack Son WM Oct. 1883 16 Single   AL AL X  
    Johnnie Dau. WF July 1885 14 Single   TX MS TN  
    Ernest Son WM Dec.1897 2 Single   TX AL TN  
    Burnett Dau. WF Dec.1897 2 Single   TX AL TN  
374/190 Orr M.A. Head WF July 1851 48 Widow 7/4 TN X X  
  Tuck Charlie Son WM Oct. 1877 22 Single   TN TN TN Farmer
    Dawson Son WM Apr. 1887 12 Single   TX TN TN  
375/391 Houston J.W. Head WM Aug.1861 38 Widow   TN NC NC Faarmer
    Porter Son WM June 1881 18 Single   TN TN TN  
376/392 Calfio W.Jo. Head WM Jan. 1844 56 Widow   AL KY SC Farmer
    A.F. Son WM Oct. 1883 16 Single   MS AL GA  
    Robert E. Son WM Jan. 1886 14 Single   MS SL GA  
377/393 Gardner W.M. Head WM Jan.1855 45 Married/22   TN TN TN Farmer
    H.M. Wife WF Apr.1862 38 Maried/22 8/7 VA VA VA  
    Udah Dau. WF June 1882 17 Single   TX TN VA  
    Sevan Dau. WF Nov.1885 14 Single   TX TN VA  
    Willie Son WM Jan. 1888 12 Single   TX TN VA  
    George Son WM July 1891 8 Single   TX TN VA  
    Nellie Dau. WF Nov. 1894 5 Single   TX TN VA  
    Iva Dau. WF Oct. 1897 2 Single   TX TN VA  
/394 Reed J.R. Head WM Feb. 1869 31 Married/0   AL AL GA Farmer
    M.B. Wife WF July 1880 19 Married/0 0/0 TX TN VA  
378/395 Henry Bannon? Head WM Aug. 1866 33 Married/9   AL AL SC Farmer
    Mary E. Wife WF Feb. 1873 27 Married/9 3/2 MS TN AL  
    Mattie B. Dau. WF June 1892 7 Single   TX AL MS  
    Edward E. Son WM Oct. 1897 2 Single   TX AL MS  
  Hart J.E. Boarder WM Aug. 1865 34 Widow   KY KY KY Farm Labor
379/396 Wootten Sallie Head WF June 1841 58 Married/30 6/4 TN NCC TN  
380/397 Burks William Head WM May 1865 35 Married/9   TN TN TN Carpenter
    Ann E. Wife WF Nov. 1872 27 Married/9 4/3 TN NC TN  
    Ernest Son WM Mar. 1892 8 Single   TX TN TN  
    Claudy Son WM Oct. 1893 6 Single   TX TN TN  
    Maud Dau. WF Mar. 1898 2 Single   TX TN TN  
381/398 Garvin Charley Head WM Jan. 1871 29 Married/4   TX SC SC Farmer
    Mattie Wife WF Jan. 1873 27 Married/4 3/3 TX TN TN  
  McDonough Nora St./Dau. WF Nov. 1892 7 Single   TX TX TX  
    Lindie? St./Dau. WF Aug. 1894 5 Single   TX TX TX  
  Garvin Eva Dau. WF July 1897 2 Single   TX TX TX  
/399 Graves John Head WM Nov.1865 34 Married/11   TX TN TN Farm Labor
    Cora Wife WF Jan. 1873 27 Married/11 3/3 TX SC SC  
    Dousie Dau. WF Jan. 1891 9 Single   I.T. TX TX  
    Charley Son WM Sept.1893 6 Single   TX TX TX  
    Katie Dau. WF July 1896 3 Single   TX TX TX  
382/400 Nash Turner Head BM Mar. 1852 48 Married/0   GA GA GA Farmer
    Hester? Wife BF May 1858 42 Married/0 15/10 TX TX TX  
  Rhodes Conie Wife'sDau. BF Apr. 1879 21 Married/3 3/1 TX TX TX Farm Labor
    Babe Gr.Dau. BF Dec. 1899 5m. Single   TX TX TX  
383/401 Odom Macino? Head WM Feb. 1855 45 Married/17   MS MS MS Farmer
    Sallie A. Wife WF Aug. 1864 35 Married/17 8/8 MS MS MS  
    Sadie Dau. WF Jan. 1887 13 Single   MS MS MS At school
    Corene Dau. WF Apr. 1880 20 Single   MS MS MS Farm Labor
    Jessie Son WM July 1888 11 Single   MS MS MS Farm Labor
    Jeffie Son WM Feb. 1890 10 Single   MS MS MS Farm Labor
    Laurance Son WM Apr. 1892 8 Single   MS MS MS Farm Labor
    Ruth B. Dau. WF Feb. 1894 6 Single   MS MS MS  
    Bertha Dau. WF Mar. 1895 5 Single   MS MS MS  
    Mack Son WM Mar. 1897 3 Single   TX MS MS  
    Dola? Dau. WF Dec. 1898 1 Single   TX MS MS  
384/402 Aikin Alexander M. Head WM Sept. 1861 38 Widow?   MS MS MS Farmer
    May Dau. WF Jan. 1885 15 Single   MS MS MS At School
    Adelle Dau. WF Dec. 1885 14 Single   MS MS MS At School
    Annie Dau. WF Mar. 1887 13 Single   MS MS MS At School
    Lester Son WM Aug. 1888 11 Single   MS MS MS At School
    June Son WM Sept.1890 9 Single   MS MS MS  
  Griggsby William F. Boarder WM May 1877 23 Single   AR AR AR Farm Labor
385/403 Rainey Sallie Head WF Dec. 1855 44 Widow 3/2 TN KY TN Farmer?
    Fannie Dau. WF Aug. 1880 19 Single   TX TX TN  
    David D. Son WM Nov. 1892 7 Single   TX TX TN  
  Hays Fannie Mother WF Jan. 1827 73 Widow 7/3 TN KY TN  
386/404 Lee Eugeni Head BM Apr. 1854 46 Married/9   TX TX TX Farmer
    Rosa Wife BF June 1875 24 Married/9 8/6 TX MO VA  
    Susie Dau. BF Feb. 1893 7 Single   TX TX TX  
    Bernard Son BM Apr. 1894 6 Single   TX TX TX  
    James Son BM Aug. 1896 3 Single   TX TX TX  
    Ada Dau. BF Aug. 1896 3 Single   TX TX TX  
    Henry Son BM Sept. 1898 1 Single   TX TX TX  
    Walter Son BM May-00 0m. Single   TX TX TX  
387/405 Williams Isaac Head BM July 1870 29 Married/2   TX TX TX Farmer
    Hannah Wife BF May 1878 22 Married/2 0/0 TX TX TX  
388/406 Gray John Head BM May 1882 18 Married/0   AR AR AR Farm Labor
    Lulena Wife BF Apr. 1883 17 Married/0 0/0 TX MO TX  
389/407 Gilbert Joe W. Head BM Jan. 1865 35 Married/12   TX Farmer TN  
    Lizzie Wife BF Mar.1870 30 Married/12 7/6 AR SC MS  
    Hattie L. Dau. BF Jan. 1886 14 Single   AR TX AR Farm Labor
    Ollillia Dau. BF Oct. 1890 9 Single   AR TX AR  
    Joe, Jr. Son BM May 1894 6 Single   AR TX AR  
    Violet Dau. BF Nov.18992 7 Single   AR TX AR  
    Jessie Son BM Dec. 1896 3 Single   AR TX AR  
    Arazonia Dau. BF Jan. 1898 2 Single   TX TX AR  
    William H. Son BM May-00 0m Single   TX TX AR  
390/408 Cockrell Joe M. Head WM Oct. 1873 26 Married/2   AR GA GA Farmer
    Sophronin Wife WF Aug.1878 21 Married/2 2/2 TX TN AL  
    Nannie Dau. WF Sept.1898 1 Single   TX AR TX  
    Willie Dau. WF Nov. 1899 6m. Single   TX AR TX  
391/409 Cockrell Ben Head WM Apr. 1848 52 Married/31   GA NC GA Farmer
    Lucy A. Wife WF July 1850 49 Married/31 10/8 GA GA VA  
    Zilla B. Dau. WF Dec. 1879 20 Single   AR GA GA  
    Hardee Son WM Nov. 1883 16 Single   AR GA GA Farm Labor
    Allen A. Son WM Nov. 1886 13 Single   TX GA GA Farm Labor
    Laura Dau. WF Aug. 1889 10 Single   TX GA GA At School
    Charles A. Son WM Oct. 1892 7 Single   TX GA GA  
392/410 Kerbo Amanda Head WF Mar. 1847 53 Widow 5/4 TN TN TN Farmer
    John Son WM Mar. 1862 38 Married/2   TX GA TN Farm Labor
  Moore Sallie Dau. WF Oct. 1873 26 Married/2 1/1 TX GA TN  
  Kerbo Thomas Son WM Sept. 1875 24 Single   TX GA TN Farm Labor
    Lilly Dau./in/law WF Apr. 1875 25 Married/2 2/1 TX TX TX  
    Lenard Gr./Son WM Aug. 1899 9m. Single   TX TX TX  
  Moore Rena Gr./Dau. WF Mar. 1899 1 Single   TX TX TX  
393/411 Hubbard James Head WM Aug. 1871 28 Married/1   AR TN TN Farmer
    Callie Wife WF Mar. 1877 23 Married/1 1/1 TX TN TX  
    Bryan Son WM Aug. 1899 9m. Single   TX AR TX  
394/412 Richards James Head WM Dec. 1874 22 Married/0   AR TN AR Farmer
    Leana? Wife WF Apr. 1881 19 Married/0 0/0 TX GA TN  
395/413 Richmond Gus Head BM May 1864 36 Married/4   TX TX TX Farm Labor?
    Eva/Ena Wife BF Apr.1878 22 Married/14 2/2 TX TX TX  
    Charley Son BM Feb. 1888 12 Single   TX TX TX Farm Labor
    Mary Dau. BF Mar. 1889 11 Single   TX TX TX  
396/414 Hubbard Thadeus Head WM X1868 32 Married/5   AR TN TN Fireman-Local Engine
    Ella Wife WF X1873 27 Married/5 3/3 AR AR AR  
    Leta Dau. WF Dec. 1895 4 Single   TX AR AR  
    Leola Dau. WF Oct. 1897 2 Single   TX AR AR  
    Ossie Son WM Feb. 1900 3m. Single   TX AR AR  

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