1900 Census
Red River County, TX
Clarksville Precinct 1 76-150

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NOTE: This transcription is meant to be a guide only. It is the transcribers interpretation and subject to human error. Always refer to the original microfilm for your own interpretation. Other information not listed here may be found by consulting the microfilm of the original census

Last Name First Name Relation Race/
DOB Age Married/
BP FBP MBP Occupation
76/76 Hemerle ? Thomas? Head WM Nov 1844 55 Married/33   GER GER GER Farmer
  Hemeke ? Katherine Wife WF Aug. 1851 48 Married/33 10/7 IL GER GER  
    Minnie Dau. WF Feb.1868 32 Single   IL GER IL  
    Julius Son WM May 1883 17 Single   TX GER IL  
    Olephia Dau. WF July 1886 13 Single   TX GER IL  
    Louis Son WM Aug.1888 11 Single   TX GER IL  
77/77 Bloodsworth J.E. Head WM Dec. 1872 27 Married/5   TX TX TN  
    Sarah E. Wife WF Feb.1875 25 Married/5 3/2 TX TX TN  
    Edward Son WM Feb.1896 4 Single   TX TX TX  
    Sallie Dau. WF Jan.1900 4m. Single   TX TX TX  
  Scoff Gus Boarder WM June1875 24 Single   TX TX X Farmer
78/78 Rose Mill W. Head WM Nov.1863 36 Married/11   TN NC TN Farmer
    Alice Wife WF Apr.1868 32 Married/11 4/3 TX SC NC  
    Cly_e Dau. WF Dec.1894 5 Single   TX TN TX  
    Wiley Son WM Jan.1897 3 Single   TX TN TX  
    Mabry Son WM Jan. 1899 1 Single   TX TN TX  
79/79 Mabry Joe Head WM Feb.1859 41 Married/22   TX SC NC Farmer
    Sarah A. Wife WF Nov.1859 40 Married/22 8/5 TX AR TX  
    Wm. L. Son WM Aug. 1880 19 Single   TX TX TX  
    Sam P. Son WM July 1883 16 Single   TX TX TX  
    Sulah B. Dau. WF Nov.1885 14 Single   TX TX TX  
    George E Son WM June1890 9 Single   TX TX TX  
    Patrick L. Son WM July 1898 1 Single   TX TX TX  
80/80 Weaver George W. Head WM Ja. 1854 46 Married/20   AL NC NC Farmer
    Martha Wife WF Feb.1863 37 Married/20 4/4 GA GA GA  
    Mindee Dau. WF Aug.1882 17 Single   AR AL GA  
    Rhoda E. Dau. WF Jan. 1885 15 Single   AR AL GA  
    Gordie L. Dau. WF May 1888 12 Single   TX AL GA  
    Eliza Dau. WF May 1894 6 Single   TX AL GA  
81/81 Stuart James Head WM Dec. 1879 20 single   TX X X Farmer
    Ann Mother WF Nov.1847 52 Widow 5/4 X X X  
    Fannie Sister WF Aug. 1875 24 Single   TX X X  
    Nannie Sister WF July 1877 22 Single   TX X X  
82/82 Wallace Julius Head BM MAr.1862 38 Married/18   TX NC TX Farmer
    Henrietta Wife BF Mar.1864 36 Married/18 6/4 TX X X  
    Ella Dau. BF Mar.1881 19 Single   TX TX TX  
    Henry Son BM Sept.1882 17 Single   TX TX TX  
    Julius Son BM Jan. 1884 16 Single   TX TX TX  
    Winningrum? Son BM Feb.1889 11 Single   TX TX TX  
83/83 Wallace Griffin/th Head BM Apr. 1881 19 Single   TX TX TX Farmer
84/84 Nelson Trisud? Head BF Mar. 1868 32 Widow/19 9/6 TX AR TX Farmer
    Houston Son BM Oct. 1889 10 Single   TX AR TX  
    John Son BM Nov. 1891 8 Single   TX AR TX  
    Charlie Son BM Feb. 1895 5 Single   TX AR TX  
    Edna Dau. BF Aug. 1896 3 Single   TX AR TX  
    Robert Son BM Jan. 1900 4m. Single   TX AR TX  
85/85 Edwards Si ? Head BM Apr. 1851 49 Widow   MO IL MO Farmer
    Drew ? Son BM Nov. 1880 19 Single   TX MO TX  
    Sallie Dau. BF Oct. 1883 16 Single   TX MO TX  
    Alice E. Dau. BF Mar. 1885 15 Single   TX MO TX  
    Mary A. Dau. BF Dec. 1889 10 Single   TX MO TX  
    Darfiel ? Son BM Jan. 1888 12 Single   TX MO TX  
86/86 Wallace Isaac? Head BM May 1824 76 Married/36   NC NC NC Farmer
    Katherine Wife BF ?1840 60 Married/36 3/1 TX AFR X  
  Brown? Lucinda Boarder BF Sept 1881 18 Single   TX TX TX  
    Lemster? Boarder BF Nov.1897 2 Single   TX TX TX  
  Sheppard Marisa Boarder BF Nov.1892 7 Single   TX X TX  
87/87 Harris John Head BM ?1848 52 Married/8   X X X Farmer
    ?andy Wife BF ?1864 36 Married/8 5/4 TX GA AR  
    Eddie W. Son BM ?1885 15 Single   TX X TX  
    Margie E. Dau. BF May 1887 13 Single   TX X TX  
    America U. Dau. BF Mar.1891 9 Single   TX X TX  
    Annie E. Dau. BF Aug. 1892 7 Single   TX X TX  
  Mathieas ? Boarder BF May 1843 57 Widow 14/8 LA? X TX  
    Spencer Boarder BM Sept. 1891 8 Single   TX X X  
88/88 Wren Lewis Head WM Feb. 1860 40 Married/11   TX AL MS Farmer
    Ella M. Wife WF Dec. 1868 31 Married/11 3/2 TN TN TN  
    Ross E. Son WM Oct. 1890 9 Single   TN TX TN  
    Henry L. Son WM ? 1892 7 Single   TN TX TN  
89/89 King Frank E. Head WM ?1876 23 Married/3   MO IL IL Farmer
    Olivia Wife WF Oct. 1877 22 Married/3 2/2 TX AL TX  
    Earl E Son WM Oct. 1897 2 Single   TX MO TX  
    Ollie C. Dau. WF Feb. 1899 1 Single   TX MO TX  
  Burge Titus L. Boarder WM Mar.1840 60 Widow   AL X X Car?
90/90 MicKens? X Head BM Sept. 1868 31 Married   TX TX TX Farmer
    Emma Wife BF Aug. 1872 27 Married   TX TX AE  
    Mildred Dau. BF Oct. 1890 9 Single   TX TX TX  
    Roberta Dau. BF Apr.1895 5 Single   TX TX TX  
    L.L. Son BM Nov.1899 6m. Single   TX TX TX  
91/91 Jones Joe Head BM X1856 43 Married/9   X X X Farmer
    Ellen Wife BF X1862 38 Married/9 8/6 TX TX TX  
    Jack Son BM X1878 22 Single   TX X TX  
    Mattie Dau. BF X1881 19 Single   TX X TX  
  Lee ___eutter Boarder BM Sept.1894 5 Single   TX TX TX  
  Jones Raymond Boarder BM June 1898 1 Single   TX X TX  
92/92 Weaver Robert Head WM Jan.1838 62 Widow   VA VA VA Farmer?
    _ernard Son WM Aug.1870 29 Single   VA VA VA Farmer
    John R. Son WM Aug. 1872 27 Single   VA VA VA Salesman
    William B. Son WM Aug. 1877 22 Single   VA VA VA Farmer
    Mar__ Dau. WF Aug. 1881 18 Single   VA VA VA  
    Louis C. Son WM Juen 1879 20 Single   VA VA VA  
    Stephen Son WM Dec. 1885 14 Single   TX VA VA  
    Dalia L. Dau. WF Feb. 1887 13 Single   TX VA VA  
93/93 Henderson ? Head BF Feb. 1873 27 Divorced   TX X MO Laborer
    Lizzie Dau. BF Aug. 1888 11 Single   TX X TX  
    Georgie G. Dau. BF June 1896 0 Single   TX X TX  
    Henry Son BM June 1895 4 Single   TX X TX  
94/94 Lewis John Head BM oct. 1850 49 Married/10   TX AL AL Farmer
    Jane Wife BF X1860 40 Married/10 7/4 MO X MO  
    Sallie Dau. BF X1880 20 Single   TX TX MO  
    Dick Son BM X1884 16 Single   TX TX MO  
    Laura Dau. BF X1885 15 Single   TX TX MO  
    Mary Dau. BF Mar.1886 14 Single   TX TX MO  
    Andrew Son BM Oct. 1891 8 Single   TX TX MO  
    George Son BM X1896 4 Single   TX TX MO  
  Graves Calvin Boarder BM Aug. 1878 31 Married/1   TX VA VA Farmer
95/95 McGuire Jack? Head WM Oct. 1850 49 Married29   AL AL AL Farmer
    Mattie Wife WF May 1854 46 Married/29 ?/8 LA SC SC  
    Frank Son WM Jan. 1873 27 Single   LA AL LA Laborer (farm)
    Thomas Son WM Sept.1879 20 Single   LA AL LA  
    James W. Son WM Feb. 1893 7 Single   LA AL LA  
    Annie L. Dau. WF July 1887 12 Single   LA AL LA  
    Pearl Dau. WF Dec. 1889 10 Single   LA AL LA  
    Al_____ Dau. WF Nov.1891 8 Single   LA AL LA  
    Sister ? Dau. WF Aug. 1893 6 Single   LA AL LA  
  Cardwell John Boarder WM ?1880 20 ?   TX KY KY Laborer
96/96 Rainey Francis Head WF ?1850 50 Widow 4/1   TN NC NC Laborer
97/97 Cardwell James Head WM Dec.1850 49 Married/13   TN KY KY Farmer
    Lundie? Wife WF Oct. 1850 49 Married/13 8/7 NC NC NC  
    Jessie Son WM Mar. 1889 11 Single   TX TN NC  
    Ethel Dau. WF June 1893 6 Single   TX TN NC  
  King Wm. A. Son WM Feb.1887 13 Single   TX IL NC  
98/98 Cox Henry Head WM May 1842 59 Married/37   TN TN TN Farmer
    Louiza M. Wife WF Nov. 1832 67 Married/37 8/5 TN NC NC  
    Josephine Dau. WF May 1870 30 Single   TN TN TN  
99/99 Cox James R. Head WM ?1872 28 Married/1   TN TN TN Farmer
    Mabell Wife WF Mar. 1881 19 Single   TX AR TX  
  Harris Thos. W. Boarder WM X1830 70 Single   TN X X Farmer
  Newson Emmurson Boarder WM X1881 19 Single   TX X X Laborer (farm)
100/100 Andrews Boyd Head BM Mar.1855 45 Married/26   TX X Creek Ntn Farmer
    Jo_ Wife BF Oct. 1860 39 Married/26 6/4 TX MO MO  
    Julius Son BM July 1879 20 Single   TX TX TX  
    Boog Son BM June1881 18 Single   TX TX TX  
    Awbrey Son BM Jan.1890 10 Single   TX TX TX  
    Caroline Dau. BF Sept.1891 8 Single   TX TX TX  
  Johnson Sallie Boarder BF May 1807 93 Widow   I.T. X X  
101/101 Ellette Thirza Head WF May 1840 60 Widow   TX AL SC  
    WM. I. Son WM Sept.1862 37 Single   TX AL TX Farmer
    Ann Dau. WF Mar.1874 26 Single   TX AL TX  
  Ellette Louis D. Boarder WM May 1870 30 Married/1   TX AL ? Officer?
    Luella Boarder WF Jan. 1872 28 Married/1 0/0 TX AL AL  
102/102 Hunt Wm. J. Head BM Dec. 1864 35 Married/5   TX X TN Farmer
    Ellen Wife BF Dec. 1867 32 Married/5 4/4 TX VA TX  
    Ol_ Dau. BF Mar. 1887 13 Single   TX TX TX  
    Ernest Son BM Nov.1888 11 Single   TX TX TX  
    Sallie A. Dau. BF Nov.1892 7 Single   TX TX TX  
    Wm. Son BM Apr.1894 6 Single   TX TX TX  
103/103 Barry Jane? Head BF Feb.1848 52 Widow 1/1 TN X ? Washerwoman
/104 Maxwise Tom Head BM July 1877 22 Married/0   AR AR VA Farmer
    Cora Wife BF Oct. 1881 18 Married/0 0/0 TX TX TX  
104/105 Barry Ned Head BM Sept.1872 27 Married/3   TX TX AR Farmer?
    Sally Wife BF Sept.1865 34 Married/3 8/7 TX MS TN  
    Harvey Son BM July 1881 18 Single   TX TX TX  
    Cora Dau. BF Dec.1886 13 Single   TX TX TX  
    Charlie Son BM Dec. 1896 3 Single   TX TX TX  
    Forest Son BM July 1898 1 Single   TX TX TX  
  Willis Sam Boarder BM May 1878 22 Single   TX TX TX Farmer
  Mathews Mollie Boarder BF Aug. 1859 40 Divorced 5/3 X X VA  
105/106 Cook David Head BM Mar.1869 31 Married/8   TX VA TX Farmer
    Caroline Wife BF Feb.1873 27 Married/8 5/5 TX TX TX  
    Ardela Dau. BF Feb.1893 7 Single   TX TX TX  
    Richard Son BM July 1894 5 Single   TX TX TX  
    Annie B. Dau. BF Nov.1895 4 Single   TX TX TX  
    Mary B. Dau. BF Oct.1897 2 Single   TX TX TX  
    Brady Son BM July 1899 10m. Single   TX TX TX  
106/107 Middleton Scott Head BM May 1874 26 Married/12   KY KY KY Farmer
    Julia Wife BF Aug.1876 23 Married/12 6/3 TX VA X  
    Thomas Son BM May 1888 12 Single   TX KY TX  
    Alec Son BM May 1892 8 Single   TX KY TX  
    Scott, Jr. Son BM Mar.1895 5 Single   TX KY TX  
107/108 Reed James Head WM Aug.1877 22 Single   TX TX MS Farmer
/109 Crockett John? M. Head WM X1876 24 Married/5   TX VA TX Farmer
    Leana Wife WF X1875 25 Married/5 3/3 AR X X  
    Ellie Dau. WF X1895 5 Single   TX TX AR  
    Mautte? Dau. WF X1897 3 Single   X TX AR  
    Lillian Dau. WF X1899 1 Single   TX TX AR  
108/110 Mabry John Head WM Mar.1872 28 Married/1   TX NC SC Farmer
    Florence Wife WF Jan. 1868 32 Married/1 3/3 TX KY VA  
  Allen Edgar St./Son WM Apr. 1884 16 Single   TX TX TX  
    Hugh C. St./Son WM June 1888 11 Single   TX TX TX  
    Erich A. St./Son WM June 1893 6 Single   TX TX TX  
109/111 Goodman Frank M. Head WM Feb.1879 21 Married/4   AR TN AR Farmer
    Sallie W Wife WF Nov.1872 27 Married/4 2/2 AR AR AR  
    Homer L. Son WM Aug. 1897 2 Single   TX AR AR  
    Birtie P. Dau. WF Jan.1900 5m. Single   TX AR AR  
    Wesley C. Boarder WM June 1884 15 Single   AR TN AR Laborer
110/112 Trapp James S. Head WM Apr.1864 36 Married/11   GA GA GA Farmer
    Almira W Wife WF Mar.1859 41 Married/11 10/8 MO MO MO  
    Ivy J. Dau. WF Jan.1890 10 Single   AR GA MO  
    Talmage D. Son WM Feb.1892 8 Single   AR GA MO  
    Ernest J. Son WM Feb.1894 6 Single   AR GA MO  
    Gladdys G. Dau. WF June 1896 3 Single   TX GA MO  
    Cecil C. Son WM Aug.1898 1 Single   TX GA MO  
  Mattox Mattie M. St./Dau. WF May 1883 17 Single   AR GA MO  
111/113 Wren Thos. T. Head WM Sept.1855 44 Married/20   AL TN AL Farmer
    Susie M. Wife WF Nov.1860 39 Married/20 5/3 TX X TN  
    Wm. Floyd Son WM July 1881 18 Single   TX AL TX  
    Burkhan D. Son WM Nov.1885 14 Single   TX AL TX  
    Maxey H. Son WM Nov.1894 5 Single   TX AL TX  
112/114 Mabry Albert? Head WM Apr. 1868 32 Married/9   TX MO? SC Farmer
    Lizzie Wife WF Jan.1876 24 Married/9 3/3 TX MO ?  
    Ada L. Dau. WF Jan. 1893 7 Single   TX TX TX  
    Robert Son WM Aug.1895 4 Single   TX TX TX  
    Annie May Dau. WF Nov.1897 2 Single   TX TX TX  
113/115 Martin Thos. Head WM Feb.1871 29 Married/5   AR KY TN? Farmer?
    Lillie May Wife WF July 1877 22 Married/5 4/4 AR? AR TX?  
    Zella Dau. WF Jan.?1896 4 Single   TX AR KS  
    John A. Son WM Mar.1897 3 Single   TX AR KS  
    Mattie E. Dau. WF Feb.1898 2 Single   TX AR KS  
    Drake? Son WM Mar.1900 2m. Single   TX AR KS  
    Evan C. Boarder WM ?1830 70 Widow   GA TX ? Farmer
114/116 Vanderberg Wm. Head WM Apr.1876 24 Married/2   TX TN TN Farmer
    Mary A. Wife WF Sept.1878 21 Married/2 1/1 TN TN? TN  
    Thomas H. Son WM Jan.1900 4m. Single   TX TX TN  
115/117 Grout Archie? Head WM Dec. 1867 32 Married/7   TN TN TN Farmer
    Ida??? Wife WF Dec. 1869 30 Married/7 3/3 TX PA TX  
    Loyd W. Son WM July1889 10 Single   TX TN TX  
    Roy M. Son WM June1894 5 Single   TX TN TX  
    Nettie May Dau. WF Jan.1900 4m. Single   TX TN TX  
/118 McAlister Henry Head WM Oct. 1839 60 Married/40   PA IRE Scot land Farmer
    Clara Wife WF June 1838 61 Married/40 7/7 TX MO KY  
    Agnes Dau. WF Dec.1873 26 Single   TX PA TX  
    Sarah Dau. WF Nov.1876 23 Single   TX PA TX  
    Clara D. Dau. WF Dec. 1878 21 Single   TX PA TX  
    James Son WM May 1881 19 Single   TX PA TX  
  Odell Ulus Boarder WM ?1879 21 Single   TX ? ? Labor (farm)
116/119 Rhodes Lee Head WM Oct. 1870 29 Married/6   AL AL AL Farmer
    Bettie Wife WF Mar.1878 22 Married/6 2/2 TN TN TN  
    Mattie Dau. WF Aug.1895 4 Single   TX AL TN  
    Lina Dau. WF Sept.1898 1 Single   TX AL TN  
  Quinlan James A. Boarder WM Sept.1867 32 Single   AL IRE AL Famer
  Pruner? Willie Boarder WM Feb.1884 16 Single   TN VA AL Laborer (farm)
  Knight B.W. Boarder WM Mar.1880 20 Single   TX SC SC Laborer (farm)
117/120 Morris James Head WM Mar.1873 27 Married/6   AL AL AL Famer
    Florence Wife WF Sept.1897 22 Married/6 3/2 TN ? AL  
    Rina B. Dau. WF Juy 1895 4 Single   TX AL TN  
    Vera M. Dau. WF Mar?1900 2m. Single   TX AL TN  
118/121 Ricess? Abe Head BM Oct. 1866 34 Married   TX GA TX? Farmer
/122 Criner Julia Head BF Mar.?1865. 35 Widow 6/5 TX ? TX ?
    Maud Dau. BF May 1885 15 Single   TX X TX  
    Ella Dau. BF June 1886 13 Single   TX X TX  
    Price Son BM June 1887 12 Single   TX X TX  
    Clarence Son BM May 1892 8 Single   TX X TX  
    Wesley Son BM Jan.1895 5 Single   TX X TX  
119/123 Oaks Wm. M. Head WM June1855 44 Married/6   VA NC VA Farmer
    Mary Wife WF Feb.1861 39 Married/6 6/5 TX VA TX  
    Harvey Son WM Apr.1896 4 Single   TX VA TX  
    Ollie Dau. WF Apr.1899 1 Single   TX VA TX  
  Benton Hugh St./Son WM Mar.1884 16 Single   TX MO TX  
    Printis? St./Son WM Mar.1886 14 Single   TX MO TX  
    Minnie St./Dau. WF Dec.1888 11 Single   TX MO TX  
120/124 Teasley John Head WM ?1872 28 Widow   AL AL X Farmer
    Viola?? Dau. WF July 1892 7 Single   AL AL AL  
    Leonard Son WM Sept.1894 5 Single   AL AL AL  
    Willie Son WM Aug.1899 9m. Single   TX AL AL  
121/125 Ward Bob B. Head WM Sept.1861 38 Married/9   TX AR AL Farmer
    Lori/a Wife WF Aug. 1861 38 Married/9 3/2 MS SC SC  
    _uid_ Dau. WF Dec. 1892 7 Single   TX TX MS  
    Robert Son WM Oct. 1894 5 Single   TX TX MS  
122/126 Real Francis Head WM May 1849 51 Married/19   MS? AL GA Farmer
    Martha B Wife WF Apr.1856 44 Married/19 ?/1 GA GA GA  
    Rosa Dau. WF June 1886 13 Single   AR MS GA  
123/127 Denson R. Head WF July 1848 51 Widow 10/8 AL AL TN Farmer
    Henry Son WM July 1880 19 Single   AL TN AL  
    James S. Son WM Apr. 1882 18 Single   AL TN AL  
    Joseph L. Son WM June 1887 12 Single   AL TN AL  
124/128 McKenzie John Head WM Nov.1845 54 Married/30   TX NC NC Farmer
    Mattie Wife WF Nov. 1848 51 Married/30   TX NC TN  
    David M. Son WM Dec. 1874 25 Single   TX TX TX Farmer
  Caldwell Luther A. Boarder WM Jan.1876 24 Single   TN NC TN Farmer
    Eugene Boarder WM Mar. 1885 15 Single   TX NC TN  
125/129 McCullock W. Head BM Dec.1875 24 Married/2   TX MO X Farmer
    ___il Wife BF Dec.1876 23 Married/2 1/1 TX MS TX  
    Roberta Dau. BF Feb.1899 1 Single   TX TX TX  
  Totten Willie W. Boarder BM Aug.1887 13 Single   TX MS TX  
126/130 Brown Robert Head WM June 1877 22 Married/0   TN TN TN Teamster?
    Mary Wife WF July 1882 17 Married/0   0/0 ? VA ?
127/131 Johnson Stron?? Head WM Sept.1828 72 Married/35   TN NC NC Farmer
    Sallie Wife WF Mar.1842 58 Married/35 8/6 TN TN TN  
    Thos. S. Son WM June 1866 33 Single   TN TN TN Farmer
    Margie V. Dau. WF Apr.1877 23 Single   TN TN TN  
    Nannie L. Dau. WF May 1881 19 Single   TX TN TN  
  Williams Crockett D. Boarder WM July 1879 20 Single   AL GA AL Laborer (farm)
128/132 Sullivan Sam Head WM July 1867 32 Married/3   X X X Farmer
    Nancy E. Wife WF July 1877 22 Married/3 2/1 AL TN AL  
    Samuel R. Son WM May 1899 1 Single   TX X AL  
129/133 Church Wm. Head WM Oct. 1874 25 Married/2   AR TN X Farmer
    Lizzie Wife WF Sept.1879 20 Married/2 4/1 TN TN TN  
130/134 Arthur George Head BM Feb.1861 39 Married/13   AR X AR Farmer
    Cindy Wife BF Mar.1870 30 Married/13 7/5 TX MS TX  
    Willie Son BM May 1887 13 Single   TX AR TX  
    Fannie Dau. BF Feb.1889 11 Single   TX AR TX  
    Martha Jane Dau. BF Apr. 1893 7 Single   TX AR TX  
    Susie Dau. BF Jan. 1897 3 Single   TX AR TX  
    Lucy Dau. BF Mar.1899 1 Single   TX AR TX  
131/135 Duke Wash Head BM Jan.1873 27 Married/0   TX X X Farmer
    Corrie Wife BF X1878 22 Married/0 2/2 TX X X  
    Author Son BM X1896 4 Single   TX TX TX  
    Hyman Son BM X1900 4m. Single   TX TX TX  
    Louis Son BM Jan. 1891 9 Single   TX TX TX  
    George Son BM Oct. 1895 4 Single   TX TX TX  
132/136 Smith Robert Head WM Dec.1863 36 Married/5   KY At Sea TN Farmer
    Mattie Wife WF Dec. 1867 32 Married/5 6/5 AR TN TN  
    James Son WM July 1885 14 Single   AR KY AR  
    David Son WM May 1888 12 Single   AR KY AR  
    Maggie Dau. WF July 1889 10 Single   AR KY AR  
    Floyd Son WM Sept.1891 8 Single   AR KY AR  
    Monie Dau. WF Dec.1893 6 Single   AR KY AR  
  Hill Rubin W Boarder WM Feb 1878 22 Single   AL X X Laborer (farm)
133/137 Beaty Steve R. Head WM Aug. 1871 28 Married/6   AR X AR Farmer
    Lizzie Wife WF Oct. 1880 19 Married/6 1/1 MS SC MS  
    Robert B. Son WM Dec. 1898 1 Single   TX AR MS  
  McKee Wm. M. Boarder WM Jan. 1875 25 Single   AR AR AR Farmer
    Obo Boarder WM Aug. 1879 20 Single   AR AR AR Laborer (farm)
134/138 Smith Wm. Head WM Mar.1857 43 Married/7   KY SC TN Farmer
    Janie Wife WF Jan.?1867 33 Married/7 4/4 AR TN TN  
    Millie E. Dau. WF Apr.1894 6 Single   AR KY AR  
    Clarence W. Son WM July 1895 4 Single   AR KY AR  
    John S Son WM Mar.1897 3 Single   TX KY AR  
    Mary H. Dau. WF Apr.1900 1m. Single   TX KY AR  
    Mary Mother WF Feb. 1827 73 Widow 7/4 TN TN NC  
135/139 Terry Martin Head WM Sept.1856 43 Married/9   AL GA GA Farmer
    Lucy Wife WF May 1870 30 Married/9 3/3 KY KY KY  
    Bert T. Son WM Dec.1891 8 Single   TX AL KY  
    Victory H. Son WM Nov.1894 5 Single   TX AL KY  
    Thelma Dau. WF Dec.1897 2 Single   TX AL KY  
136/140 Robbins Dan Head BM June1846 53 Married/16   TX X X Farmer
    Jennie Wife BF Aug.1858 41 Married/16 11/10 AR X TN  
    Lillie Dau. BF July 1884 15 Single   TX TX AR  
    Daniel Son BM Feb.1886 14 Single   TX TX AR  
    Marguerette Dau. BF Apr. 1888 12 Single   TX TX AR  
    Fannie Dau. BF Nov.1890 9 Single   TX TX AR  
    Harriet Dau. BF May 1893 7 Single   TX TX AR  
    Wesley Son BM May 1896 4 Single   TX TX AR  
    Archie Son BM Nov.1898 1 Single   TX TX AR  
    Louisa Dau. BF July1881 18 Single   TX TX AR  
  Rainey Mollie St./Dau. BF Sept.1881 18 Single   TX TX AR  
137/141 Ford Wm. Head WM Jan.1853 47 Married/15   AR TN AL Farmer
    Martha M. Wife WF June 1868 31 Married/15 3/3 AR VA TN  
    Allie May Dau. WF Dec. 1888 11 Single   AR AR AR  
    Wm. E. Son WM Nov.1893 6 Single   AR AR AR  
    Lawrence W. Son WM June 1898 1 Single   AR AR AR  
138/142 Willis Joshua Head WM Feb.1868 32 Married/8   MS X X Farmer
    Louella Wife WF ?1875 25 Married/8 4/3 AR TN AR  
    Rudolph Son WM June 1894 5 Single   AR MS AR  
    Fannie E. Dau. WF Jan.1896 4 Single   AR MS AR  
    Wm. S. Son WM Jan. 1898 2 Single   TX MS AR  
139/143 Haney Wm. Head WM July1867? 32 Married/5   AL SC SC Farmer
    Mary E. Wife WF Apr.1869 31 Married/5 5/4 GA GA GA  
    Fannie May Dau. WF May 1888 12 Single   AR AL GA  
    Benjamin W. Son WM July 1891 8 Single   AR AL GA  
    Willie B. Dau. WF ?1894 5 Single   AR AL GA  
    Lee E. Dau. WF July 1897 2 Single   AR AL GA  
140/144 Primues? ? Head WM Oct. 1869 31 Married/12   AR ? AL Farmer
    Martha Wife WF Sept.1871 28 Married/12 4/2 TX ? TN  
    Wm.E. Son WM ?1893 7 Single   TX AR TX  
    Eleanor Dau. WF Feb.1895 5 Single   TX AR ?  
    Sarah W. Mother WF Feb.1833 67 Widow   AL ? ?  
141/145 Martin Wm. Head WM Jan.1848 52 Married/31   GA NC N/SC Farmer
    Mary C. Wife WF Apr.1844 56 Married/31 2/2 GA SC SC  
  McDonald Martha Boarder WF Mar.1874 26 Single   AR AL AL  
142/146 Scott Laugton? Head BM Sept.1856 43 Married/21   LA LA LA Farmer
    Patsy Wife BF ?1870 30 Married/21 10/6 LA MS MS  
    Willie Son BM Sept.?1885 ?14 Single   LA LA LA  
    John Son BM Sept.?1885 ?14 Single   LA LA LA  
    Dick Son BM Mar.1888 12 Single   LA LA LA  
    Nonie R. ? Dau. BF Nov.1889 10 Single   LA LA LA  
    Cora dau. BF Sept. 1892 7 Single   LA LA LA  
    Henry Son BM Dec.1893 6 Single   LA LA LA  
  Brown Kate Boarder BF Mar.1875 25 Widow   LA MS MS ?
143/147 Dawson E. Head WM Apr.1836 64 Married/34   MS TN TN Farmer
    Mary Wife WF Feb.1849 51 Married/34 13/10 TX IRE ENG  
    Tessa M. Dau. WF Sept.1873 26 Single   TX MS TX Teacher
    Samuel Son WM June 1880 19 Single   TX MS TX  
    Charles G. Son WM July 1882 17 Single   TX MS TX  
    Joseph A. Son WM Feb.1884 16 Single   TX MS TX  
    Francis C. Son WM Apr. 1887 13 Single   TX MS TX  
    Mary A. Dau. WF Nov.1890 9 Single   TX MS TX  
    Florida R. Dau. WF May 1893 7 Single   TX MS TX  
    Unice Dau. WF Oct. 1895 4 Single   TX MS TX  
144/148 Barry James Head WM Jan. 1857 43 Married/5   TX TN TX Farmer
    Allie B. Wfie WF Apr. 1867 33 Married/5 3/3 TX MS TX  
    Mary Dau. WF Dec. 1895 4 Single   TX TX TX  
    Elizabeth Dau. WF July 1897 2 Single   TX TX TX  
    Hardy D. Son WM ?1898 1 Single   TX TX TX  
145/149 Pullin H.L. Head WM Sept. 1873 26 Married/5   LA MS MS Farmer
    Annie Wife WF June 1873 26 Married/5 0/0 LA SC SC  
146/150 Pullin R.L. Head WM Aug.1870 29 Single   LA MS MS Farmer
    Mary Mother WF ?1844 56 Widow ?   MS X X  
    Otis Brother WM Feb.1885 15 Single   LA MS MS  
147/151 Woods Nathaniel Head WM Mar.1847 53 Married/20   IL NC? TN Farmer
    Nancy Wife WF Mar.1860 40 Married/20 0/0 KY TN TN  
148/152 Proctor W.W. Head WM Feb.1854 46 Married/24   IA PA NC Farmer
    Sarah Wife WF July 1859 40 Married/24 10/10 AR GA GA  
    John L. Son WM July 1877 22 Single   AR IA AR Farmer
    James A. Son WM Jan. 1879 21 Single   AR IA AR  
    Jessie F Son WM Feb.1882 18 Single   AR IA AR  
    Eddie Son WM Dec.1883 16 Single   AR IA AR  
    Burl Son WM Oct. 1885 14 Single   AR IA AR  
    Martin L Son WM Aug.?1890 9 Single   AR IA AR  
    Ella W.? Dau. WF Mar.1892 8 Single   AR IA AR  
    Violet M Dau. WF May 1894 6 Single   AR IA AR  
    Fannie E Dau. WF Feb.1898 2 Single   TX IA AR  
    Iva A. Dau. WF Nov.1899 6m. Single   TX IA AR  
149/153 Dawson ? Head WM June 1876 23 Married/2   TX MS TX Farmer
    Mamie V. Wife WF Dec.1882 17 Married/2 1/1 TX MS TX  
    Joseph J. Son WM Dec. 1898 1 Single   TX TX TX  
  McCulloch Henry Boarder WM May 1882 18 Single   TX GA TX Laborer (Farm)
150/154 Butler K.T./H.T.??? Head WM Aug.1863 36 Married/13   IN OH IN Farmer
    V. D/S? Wife WF May 1867 33 Married/13 6/5 AR PA NC  
    Ollive Dau. WF Aug.1888 11 Single   AR IN AR  
    Alpha? Dau. WF Jan. 1890 10 Single   AR IN AR  
    Annie Dau. WF Mayf 1892 8 Single   TX IN AR  
    B.F. Son WM July 1895 4 Single   AR IN AR  
    ? Son WM May?1900 0m. Single   TX IA AR  

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