1900 Census
Red River County, TX
Precinct 8
Families 375-412

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NOTE: This transcription is meant to be a guide only. It is the transcribers interpretation and subject to human error. Always refer to the original microfilm for your own interpretation. Other information not listed here may be found by consulting the microfilm of the original census

Last Name First Name Relation Race/
DOB Age Married/
BP FBP MBP Occupation
376/386 Childress William R. Head WM 30 Married/6 TX TX TX Farmer
Alice Wife WF Jan. 1873 27 Married/6 1/1 TX TX TX
Josie N. Dau. WF Oct. 1896 3 Single TX TX TX
377/387 Childress Francis M. Head WM Mar. 1847 53 Married/33 GA VA VA Farmer
Samantha Wife WF Feb. 1843 57 Married/33 13/8 MS
Delia A.? Dau. WF Jan. 1868 32 Single LA GA MS
Katie B. Dau. WF July 1883 16 Single TX GA MS
Lula Dau. WF Jan. 1886 14 Single TX GA MS
Nora Dau. WF July 1887 12 Single TX GA MS
Melton William M. Boarder WM Apr. 1857 43 Single MS MS MS Farm Laborer
378/388 Childress Lewis Head WM June 1873 26 Married/2 TX GA MS Farmer
Carrie Wife WF 23 Married/2 1/1 LA
Burl Son WM Mar. 1899 1 Single TX TX LA
379/389 Lawrence George A. Head WM Feb. 1875 25 Married/2 AR AL GA Farmer
Eva Wife WF 26 Married/2 1/1 MS MS MS
Era Dau. WF June 1899 11m. Single TX AR MS
380/390 McCuistion Samuel J. Head WM Mar. 1846 54 Married/34 MO TN OH Financier
Martha Wife WF Feb. 1837 63 Married/34 6/4 GA GA VA
381/391 Ely Charles F. Head WM Sept. 1867 32 Married/8 TX TX TX Farmer
Nina Wife WF June 1872 27 Married/8 3/1 PA PA PA
Josephine Dau. WF Mar. 1896 4 Single AR TX PA
/392 Hill George F. Head WM Jan. 1859 41 Married/12 TX TN TN
Anna L. Wife WF Dec. 1870 29 Married/12 4/2 TX TX TX
Orlando Son WM Set. 1891 8 Single TX TX TX
Elmo B. Son WM Dec. 1897 2 Single TX TX TX
382/393 McCormick John Head WM Feb. 1852 48 Married/15 OH PA GER? Farmer
Mary J. Wife WF Mar. 1866 34 Married/15 6/6 AR MO AR
Edgar Son WM July 1886 13 Single TX OH AR Farm Laborer
Burtrand Son WM Mar. 1889 11 Single TX OH AR Farm Laborer
William Son WM Nov. 1890 9 Single TX OH AR
Minnie Dau. WF May 1893 7 Single I.T. OH AR
Freddie Son WM Jan. 1895 5 Single I.T. OH AR
Myrtle Dau. WF Apr. 1897 3 Single I.T. OH AR
383/394 Holley Silas J. Head WM May 1861 39 Married/8 AR MS MS Farmer
Jemina E. Wife WF July 1870 29 Married/8 4/4 KY KY VA
Maudie E. Dau. WF Nov. 1892 7 Single TX AR KY
Addie M. Dau. WF Sept. 1894 5 Single TX AR KY
Gerdtrude O. Dau. WF Nov. 1896 3 Single TX AR KY
Ola L. Dau. WF June 1899 11m. Single TX AR KY
384/395 Burton William W. Head WM Jan. 1875 25 Married/2 TX Farmer
Ida E. Wife WF Nov. 1878 21 Married/2 1/1 TX GA GA
William E. Son WM Oct. 1899 7m. Single TX TX TX
385/396 Russell Thomas E. Head WM 28 Married/4 TX AL AL Farm Laborer
Ellie M. Wife WF Mar. 1881 19 Married/4 2/2 TN TN TN
Minnie L. Dau. WF Jan. 1897 3 Single TX TX TN
Mollie O. Dau. WF Dec. 1899 5m. Single TX TX TN
386/397 Russell Walter B. Head WM Apr. 1875 25 Married/2 TX AL AL Farmer
Alice Wife WF Dec. 1880 19 Married/2 1/1 TX TX TX
Lawrence Son WM Oct. 1899 7m. Single TX TX TX
William Father WM 72 Widow AL Farm Laborer
387/398 Curtis James B. Head WM May 1853 47 Married/10 WI VT NY Farmer
Hulda E. Wife WF July 1862 37 Married/10 2/2 IL TN NC Teacher(Literacy)
Pharis Son WM July 1890 9 Single TX WI IL
Perry L. Son WM Aug. 1892 7 Single TX WI IL
Bowers Henry Boarder WM 25 Single MO GER GER Farm Laborer
388/399 Roden Jerry M. Head WM Jan. 1861 39 Married/8 AL AL AL Farmer
Fannie E. Wife WF July 1871 28 Married/8 6/5 TX SC LA
Grady M. Son WM Jan. 1893 7 Sinlge TX AL TX
Eulah O. Dau. WF June 1894 5 Single TX AL TX
Neta R. Dau. WF Dec. 1895 4 Single TX AL TX
Robert A. Son WM Jan. 1897 3 Single TX AL TX
Edith P. Dau. WF Dec. 1898 1 Single TX AL TX
Pollard Ben F. Fath/in/law WM 65 Widow SC SC SC Farmer
B.F. (Jr.) Bro/in/law WM Jan. 1882 18 Single TX SC LA Day Laborer
Bush John Boarder WM 34 Single TN Day Laborer
389/400 Pollard William R. Head WM Feb. 1838 62 Married/18 GA VA GA Day Laborer
Sallie L. Wife WF Apr. 1841 59 Married/18 0/0 SC SC VA
390/401 Burden William L. Head WM Aug. 1852 47 Married/28 MS MS MS Merchant (Gen.)
Permelia A. Wife WF Mar. 1848 52 Married/28 2/2 MS SC SC
Charley F. Son(adop) WM Aug. 1884 15 Single TX MS MS Farmer
391/402 Cox William M. Head WM July 1867 32 Married/9 TN TN TN Farmer
Lucinda Wife WF 23 Married/9 3/1 TX VA VA
Mannie M.? Dau. WF July 1895 4 Single TX TN TX
392/403 McFarland George H. Head WM 80 Married/30 KY KY KY Tiemaker
Polly A. Wife WF 47 Married/30 4/1 TN TN TN
393/404 Burden William F. Head WM Jan. 1875 25 Married/2 MS MS MS Partner Mercantile
Carrie Wife WF Feb. 1882 18 Married/2 1/1 LA AL AL
Carrie R. Dau. WF Nov. 1899 6m. Single TX MS LA
394/405 King John W. Head WM May 1876 24 Married/1 TX SC AL Merchant (????)
Alice O. Wife WF 23 Married/1 0/0 TX GA GA
395/406 Kennedy James Head WM Nov. 1849 50 Married/30 AR GA GA Farmer
Margaret E. Wife WF Feb. 1855 45 Married/30 12/10 AR AL AL
James M. Son WM Nov. 1881 18 Single AR AR AR Farm Laborer
Robert M. Son WM Sept. 1885 14 Single AR AR AR Farm Laborer
Mary B. Dau. WF 12 Single AR AR AR
William B. Son WM Aug. 1889 10 Single TX AR AR Farm Laborer
Leila Dau. WF Sept. 1891 8 Single TX AR AR
Rosa L. Dau. WF Jan. 1894 6 Single TX AR AR
Samuel R. Son WM Mar. 1897 3 Single TX AR AR
396/407 Elliott George T. Head WM Dec. 1855 44 Married/0 AL AL AL Physician
Nancy Wife WF Oct. 1867 32 Married/0 0/0 AR MO MO
397/408 Elliott Mary A. Head WF Jan. 1855 45 Widow 6/5 AR MS AL
Jessie C. Son WM Oct. 1882 17 Single TX AL AR Day Laborer
Mary L. Dau. WF Oct. 1884 15 Single TX AL AR
David E. Son WM Apr. 1887 13 Single TX AL AR
Mattie L. Dau. WF June 1889 10 Single TX AL AR
Alice F. Dau. WF Dec. 1892 7 Single TX AL AR
Peek Leonard Boarder WM Mar. 1872 28 Single TX GA GA Dealer, Gen.Mdse.
398/409 Downs John G. Head WM Feb. 1869 31 Married/9 AR MS GA Farmer
Mary J. Wife WF Aug. 1872 27 Married/9 6/4 AR MD GA
Maudie J. Dau. WF Jan. 1892 8 Single TX AR AR
Melvin Son WM Apr. 1893 7 Single TX AR AR
Ward D. Son WM Feb. 1895 5 Single TX AR AR
Willis V. Dau. WF Aug. 1897 2 Single TX AR AR
399/410 Trim Elige D. Head WM Dec. 1861 38 Married/1 AR MS MS Farmer
Rhoda P. Wife WF Nov. 1874 25 Married/1 TX GA
Elige T. Son WM Apr. 1900 1m. Single TX AR TX
400/411 Collvins Hansel Head WM Jan. 1877 23 Married/1 TX GA GA Farmer
Ida Wife WF Jan. 1882 18 Married/1 TX LA LA
401/412 Stinson Lizzie Head WF May 1857 43 Widow 5/5 LA LA LA Farmer
Ada Dau. WF Jan. 1885 15 Single TX LA LA
Thomas Son WM Aug. 1887 12 Single TX LA LA Farm Laborer
Domis Dau. WF Oct. 1889 10 Single TX LA LA
Lucy Dau. WF Aug. 1894 5 Single TX LA LA
Maggie Dau. WF Feb. 1897 3 Single TX LA LA
402/413 Peacock Elmer Head WM July 1867 32 Married/5 IN NC NC? Farmer
Fluretta B. Wife WF Jan. 1873 27 Married/5 3/3 TX MO LA
Annie R. Dau. WF June 1896 3 Single TX IN TX
Lula C. Dau. WF Nov. 1897 2 Single TX IN TX
Elmer J. Dau. WF Sept. 1899 8m. Single TX IN TX
403/414 Holden Andrew T. Head WM Mar. 1848 52 Married/17 AL AL AL Farmer
Mary Wife WF Jan. 1854 46 Married/17 6/4 TX KY KY
Zack Son WM Nov. 1884 10 Single TX AL TX Farm Laborer
Choice D. Son WM Spe.t 1895 4 Single TX AL TX
William C. Son WM May 1866 33 Single TX AL AL Farm Laborer
Queil Samuel Boarder WM Mar. 1879 21 Single TX Farm Laborer
404/415 Kelsoe Dutch Head WM 35 Married/10 GA GA GA Farmer
Mattie Wife WF 25 Married/10 6/2 GA GA GA
Ora Dau. WF 8 Single TX GA GA
Cora Dau. WF 6 Single TX GA GA
405/416 Pierce John C. Head WM Oct. 1837 62 Married/9 MO MO MO Farmer
Sarah A. Wife WF Feb. 1858 42 Married/9 5/3 TX TN TN
Thomas J. Son WM Feb. 1889 11 Single TX MO TX Farm Laborer
Joseph E. Son WM May 1893 7 Single TX MO TX
406/417 Babb Pete Head WM Dec. 1862 37 Married/12 TX AR AR Farmer
Dona Wife WF Oct. 1871 28 Married/12 5/5 TX TX TX
Monroe Son WM Feb. 1889 11 Single TX TX TX Farm Laborer
Ida E. Dau. WF Aug. 1890 9 Single TX TX TX
Lillie M. Dau. WF Nov. 1891 8 Single TX TX TX
Frank Son WM Oct. 1892 7 Single TX TX TX
Lonnie Son WM Nov. 1895 4 Single TX TX TX
407/418 Tucker James Head WM 39 Married/15 TX Farmer
Mattie Wife WF 35 Married/15 8/4 TX
Matthew Son WM 13 Single TX TX TX Farm Laborer
Bill Son WM 12 TX TX TX Farm Laborer
Eva Dau. WF 8 Single TX TX TX
Haywood Son WM 5 Single TX TX TX
408/419 Tucker Tom Head WM 28 Married/9 TX Farmer
Anna Wife WF 28 Married/9 3/3 TX AL AL
Charley Son WM Mar. 1894 6 Single TX TX TX
Elbern Son WM June 1895 4 Single TX TX TX
Cora Dau. WF Apr. 1898 2 Single TX TX TX
Tucker William Brother WM Feb. 1870 Tie Maker
409/420 Itel Monroe Head WM Feb. 1870 30 Married/3 TX TX TX Farmer
Willie Wife WF 26 Married/3 3/2 TX GA MS
Clarence Son WM Mar. 1894 6 Single TX TX TX
Obera Dau. WF 1 Single TX TX TX
410/421 Pierce James W. Head WM Dec. 1873 26 Married/2 TX MO MO Farmer
Betsy E. Wife WF May 1879 21 Married/2 1/1 TX TX TX
Barney B. Son WM Jan. 1899 1 Single TX TX TX
411/422 Montgomery Francis M. Head WM 63 Married/35 TX AL AL Farmer
Betsy Wife WF 55 Married/35 3/3 TX
William Son WM 30 Single TX TX TX Farm Laborer
Ross Son WM 14 Single TX TX TX
Boyd Son WM 11 Single TX TX TX
Daniel Sarah M. Mother WF Sept. 1832 67 Widow 1/1 GA GA GA
412/423 Harvey Daniel Head WM Feb. 1855 45 Married/20 LA LA LA Farmer
Eugena V. Wife WF Dec. 1855 44 Married/20 8/8 TX TN SC
Ella E. Dau. WF Sept. 1880 19 Single TX LA TX Student (Literary)
Virgin M. Dau. WF Dec. 1881 18 Single TX LA TX
Roger W. Son WM Sept. 1883 16 Single TX LA TX Farm Laborer
Cora C. Dau. WF Apr. 1885 15 Single TX LA TX
Joseph F. Son WM Jan. 1887 13 Single TX LA TX Farm Laborer
Mollie Dau. WF Feb. 1889 11 Single TX LA TX
Essie Dau. WF Sept. 1890 9 Single TX LA TX
Ruth G. Dau. WF May 1893 7 Single TX LA TX
Here ends enumeration of Pr. 8 (North Half)                

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