1900 Census
Red River County, TX
Precinct 4
Families 376-414

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NOTE: This transcription is meant to be a guide only. It is the transcribers interpretation and subject to human error. Always refer to the original microfilm for your own interpretation. Other information not listed here may be found by consulting the microfilm of the original census

Last Name First Name Relation Race/
DOB Age Married/
BP FBP MBP Occupation
376/383 Lindsey S.H. Head WM Jan. 1854 46 Married/24   KY IRE KY Farmer
    Mary F. Wife WF Nov. 1848 51 Married/24 8/6 KY KY KY  
    James W. Son WM May 1879 21 Single   KY KY KY Farmer
    Waller B. Son WM Mar. 1881 19 Single   KY KY KY Farmer
    Addie Dau. WF Nov. 1886 13 Single   KY KY KY  
    Harry Son WM Aug. 1889 10 Single   TX KY KY  
    Lula Dau. WF July 1890 9 Single   TX KY KY  
377/384 Stanford William Head WM Sept. 1853 46 Married/34   AL UNK UNK Farmer
    Nancy Wife WF May 1850 50 Married/34 8/7 AL GA GA  
    Owen C. Son WM Sept. 1878 21 Single   AL AL AL Farmer
    Martha L. Dau. WF Aug. 1883 16 Single   TX AL AL  
    Minnie L. Dau. WF Feb. 1886 14 Single   TX AL AL  
    Coleman Son WM Sept. 1888 11 Single   TX AL AL  
378/385 McCoy Gib Head WM Oct. 1865 34 Married/6   LA UNK UNK Farmer
    Marie L. Wife WF Jan. 1878 22 Married/6 3/2 LA MS LA  
    Lynn O. Son WM Oct. 1895? 4 Single   LA LA LA  
    Ada Dau. WF Sept. 1898 1 Single   LA LA LA  
379/386 McCoy William M WM Dec. 1840 59 Married/47   SC TN SC Farmer
    Arkansas Wife WF Oct. 1841 58 Married/47 10/9 AL NC AL  
    Walter F. Son WM Aug. 1879 20 Single   LA SC AL Farmer
    Charles Son WM Oct. 1882 17 Single   LA SC AL Farmer
    Robert Son WM Apr. 1884 16 Single   LA SC AL Farmer
380/387 Shyrock R. L. Head WM Nov. 1867 32 Married/11   GA GA GA Farmer
    Sarah E. Wife WF Dec. 1869 30 Married/11 5/5 GA GA GA  
    Kate E. Dau. WF Feb. 1890 10 Single   AR GA GA  
    Ralph Son WM Feb. 1891 9 Single   AR GA GA  
    John E. Son WM Aug. 1894 5 Single   AR GA GA  
    Alphia Dau. WF Feb. 1897 3 Single   TX GA GA  
    Dortha E. Dau. WF Nov. 1899 6m? Single   TX GA GA  
381/388 Brewer Luther M. Head WM Feb. 1873 27 Married/4   TN TN TN Farmer
    Kate Wife WF Oct. 1876 23 Married/4 1/1 TX TN TN  
    Otis N. Son WM Aug. 1898 1 Sngle   TX TN TX  
382/389 Brewer Thomas W. Head WM June 1863 36 Married/13   TN TN TN Farmer
    Martha P. Wife WF Apr. 1867 33 Married/13 5/1 AR TN TN  
  Smith E.H. Father/i/law WM Feb. 1835 65 Widow   TN UNK UNK Preacher
383/390 Barry Steve Head BM Feb. 1872 28 Married/8   TX TX TX Farmer
    Mary Wife BF Oct. 1875 24 Married/8 2/2 TX TX TX  
    Ira Son BM May 1892 8 Single   TX TX TX  
    Savanah Dau. BF Dec. ? 1? Single   TX TX TX  
  Eperson Robert Boarder BM X 1878 22 Single   TX TX TX Farmer
384/391 Martins/Mattus? Issac Head BM X 1870 30 Married/12   TX GA AL Farmer
    Emma Wife BF July 1863 36 Married/12 8/5 TX UNK UNK  
    Frank Son BM X 1881 19 Single   TX TX TX Farmer
    Dilsie Dau. BF Sept. 1884 15 Single   TX TX TX  
    Dennis Son BM Nov. 1886 13 Single   TX TX TX  
    Lula Dau. BF May 1893 7 Single   TX TX TX  
385/392 Everette Mork, M. Head WM Dec. 1862 37 Married/14   MO UNK UNK Farmer
    Emily A. Wife WF Feb. 1866 34 Married/14 8/8 AR TN TN  
    Effie O. Dau. WF Dec. 1886 13 Single   AR MO AR  
    Millie G. Dau. WF Aug. 1888 11 Single   AR MO AR  
    John W. Son WM Jan. 1890 10 Single   AR MO AR  
    Ellen Dau. WF Aug. 1891 8 Single   AR MO AR  
    David C. Son WM June 1893 6 Single   AR MO AR  
    Forest Son WM Feb. 1895 5 Single   AR MO AR  
    Edgar L. Son WM Sept. 1896 3 Single   AR MO AR  
    Claud M. Dau. WF Sept. 1898 1 Single   AR MO AR  
386/393 Barrett Levy Head WM Apr. 1854 46 Married/26   GA UNK SC Farmer
    Martha J. Wife WF Dec. 1856 43 Married/26 12/12 SC SC SC  
    John W. Son WM Sept. 1874 25 Single   GA GA SC Farmer
    Charles L. Son WM Oct. 1876 23 Single   GA GA SC Farmer
    Robert L. Son WM Apr. 1883 17 Single   GA GA SC Farmer
    Pearl R. Dau. WF Apr. 1886 14 Single   GA GA SC  
    Beula A. Dau. WF Feb. 1889 11 Single   GA GA SC  
    W. Clifton Son WM June 1891 8 Single   GA GA SC  
    James E. Son WM Sept. 1893 6 Single   GA GA SC  
    Minnie L. Dau. WF Aug. 1895 4 Single   TX GA SC  
    Mark O. Son WM Jan. 1898 2 Single   TX GA SC  
  McNeal Mary F. Dau. WF Dec. 1878 21 Widow 2/1 GA GA GA  
    Marshall W. Gr./Son WM Aug. 1897 2 Single   TX NC GA  
387/394 Acree A.J. Head WF Mar. 1839 61 Widow 8/8 TN TN TN Farmer
    Milton G. Son WM Aug. 1877 22 Single   TX NC TN Farmer
388/395 Gray Will Head BM X 1876 24 Married/1   TX UNK UNK Farmer
    Eloilia Wife BF Feb. 1880 20 Married/1 0/0 TX UNK UNK  
389/396 Gray Hemphrey Head BM X 1862 38 Married/22   GA UNK UNK Farmer
    Sarah Wife BF Oct. 1855 44 Married/22 13/13 TX UNK TN  
    Louisville Son BM May 1880 20 Single   TX GA TX Farmer
    Mannie? Dau. BF X 1884 16 Single   TX GA TX  
    Eva Dau. BF X 1885 15 Single   TX GA TX  
    Mary Dau. BF X 1886 14 Single   TX GA TX  
    Ella Dau. BF X 1887 13 Single   TX GA TX  
    Henry Son BM X 1888 12 Single   TX GA TX  
    Ida Dau. BF X 1892 8 Single   TX GA TX  
    Myra Dau. BF X 1894 6 Single   TX GA TX  
    Walter Son BM X 1895 5 Single   TX GA TX  
    Finis Son BM X 1896 3 Single   TX GA TX  
    No Name Dau. BF Sept. 1899 8m. Single   TX GA TX  
390/397 Ricketts L. Head WM July 1864 35 Married/13   IN TN TN Farmer
    Artis M. Wife WF Aug. 1872 27 Married/13 ?/4 TX NC TN  
    L. Samuel Son WM Jan. 1889 11 Single   TX IN TX  
    Willis D. Son WM Mar. 1892 8 Single   TX IN TX  
    Guy T. Son WM Oct. 1893 6 Single   TX IN TX  
    Richard V. Son WM Juy 1899 10m. Single   TX IN TX  
  Harris J.F. Boarder WM Jan. 1879 21 Single   TN TN TN Farm Laborer
  Acre W.C. Father/i/law WM Jan. 1822 78 Married/33   NC NC NC  
391/398 Newsome M.A. Head WF June 1825 74 Widow 9/4 GA NC GA  
    William G. Son WM Feb. 1862 38 Single   AL GA GA Farmer
    Ardella A. Dau. WF May 1865 35 Single   AL GA GA  
    Dollie I. Gr./Dau. WF Nov. 1879 20 Single   TX AL TX  
392/399 Trapp N.H. Head WM Jan. 1863 37 Married/15   GA SC SC Farmer
    Amanda Wife WF June 1861 38 Married/15 6/6 AL SC SC  
    Alexander Son WM May 1885 15 Single   MS GA AL Farmer
    William H. Son WM Jan. 1886 14 Single   TX GA AL  
    Ada V. Dau. WF Aug. 1887 12 Single   MS GA AL  
    John W. Son WM Mar. 1889 11 Single   MS GA AL  
    Minnie L. Dau. WF June 1892 7 Single   MS GA AL  
    Lillie M. Dau. WF Feb. 1894 6 Single   MS GA AL  
393/400 Dodson W.C. Head WM Apr. 1874 26 Married/1   UNK UNK UNK Farm Laborer
    Marth A. Wife WF Mar. 1881 19 Married/1 0/0 AR UNK UNK  
394/401 Price E.M. Head WM Sept. 1873 26 Married/1   UNK UNK UNK Farmer
    Eva S. Wife WF Oct. 1880 19 Married/1 1/1 LA TX LA  
    McKinley Son WM Mar. 1900 2m. Single   TX UNK LA  
  McGuire Barney Cousin WM May 1881 19 Single   TX LA UNK Farmer
  Davidson Joe Bro/in/law WM July 1883 16 Single   TX TX LA Farmer
  Price Charles Brother WM Sept. 18861 13 Single   UNK UNK UNK Farmer
395/402 Everett Thomas Head WM Mar. 1881 19 Married/2   AR UNK UNK Farmer
    Minnie Wife WF Mr. 1882 18 Married/2 1/1 AR TN TN  
    Belma Dau. WF Oct. 1899 7m. Single   AR AR AR  
396/403 Grady R.P. Head WM Oct. 1840 59 Married/27   IRE IRE IRE Farmer - 1845 US. 55yrs.
    Sarah H. Wife WF Apr. 1853 47 Married/27 11/11 GA SC SC  
    J.L. Son WM Nov. 1875 24 Single   TX IRE GA Farmer
    Mary Dau. WF Sept. 1877 22 Single   TX IRE GA  
    S. Ellen Dau. WF Jan. 1879 21 Single   TX IRE GA  
    Rodger L. Son WM Mar. 1881 19 Single   TX IRE GA Farmer
    Mike A. Son WM Dec. 1883 16 Single   TX IRE GA Farmer
    Virginia L. Dau. WF Feb. 1886 14 Single   TX IRE GA  
    Jeston W. Son WM Oct. 1888 11 Single   TX IRE GA  
    Julia G. Dau. WF May 1891 9 Single   TX IRE GA  
    William M. Son WM Jan. 1893 7 Single   TX IRE GA  
    Sarah A. Dau. WF Nov. 1896 3 Single   TX IRE GA  
397/404 Hipps/Kipps Thomas Head WM Nov. 1871 28 Married/7   AR SC SC Farmer
    Bird M. Wife WF May 1874 26 Married/7 4/4 IN TN TN  
    Ronald A. Son WM Jan. 1894 6 Single   TX AR IN  
    Nina M. Dau. WF Dec. 1895 4 Single   TX AR IN  
    Leo Son WM July 1897 2 Single   TX AR IN  
    Beula Dau. WF Dec. 1899 5m. Single   TX AR IN  
    William F. Father WM June 1838 61 Widow   SC UNK UNK Farmer
398/405 Gains Robert Head WM X 1877 23 Married/4   MS MS MS Farmer
    Louisiana Wife WF July 1877 22 Married/4 1/1 MS SC GA  
    Maggie M. Dau. WF Sept. 1897 2 Single   TX MS MS  
  Howard Parylee Mom/in/law WF May 1849 51 Widow 5/4 GA GA SC  
    Pomerus Bro/in/law WM Oct. 1891 8 Single   TX MS GA  
399/406 Baker John Head WM Nov. 1863 36 Married/17   TX TN TN Farmer
    Mary A. Wife WF Sept. 1863 36 Married/17 4/3 TX MS MS  
    Addie Dau. WF Mar. 1887 13 Single   TX TX TX  
    Georgia Dau. WF Oct. 1889 10 Single   TX TX TX  
    Selma Dau. WF Sept. 1897 2 Single   TX TX TX  
  Harris Jim? Workhand BM X 1879 21 Single   TX TN TN Farm Laborer
400/407 Baker William R. Head WM Dec. 1867 32 Married/6   TX TN TN Farmer
    Mary E. Wife WF Mr. 1874 26 Married/6 4/2 TX AL UNK  
    James W. Son WM Sept. 1894 5 Single   TX TX TX  
    Lola Dau. WF May 1898 2 Single   TX TX TX  
401/408 Baker James Head WM Mar. 1837 63 Married/45   TN TN TN Farmer
    O.C. Wife WF Oct. 1837 62 Married/45 13/8 TN TN TN  
    Rosa B. Dau. WF May 1880 20 Single   TX TN TN  
  Conley William Hired Hand WM X 1877 23 Single   TX TN TN Farm Laborer
402/409 Rhodes Eugene W. Head WM Mar. 1856 44 Married/24   NY NY NY Farmer
    Alvina Wife WF Nov. 1850 49 Married/24 6/5 KY KY KY  
    John M. Son WM July 1880 19 Single   KY NY KY Farmer
    James E. Son WM July 1880 19 Single   KY NY KY Farmer
    Addison M. Son WM May 1883 17 Single   KY NY KY Farmer
    Otha M. Son WM Aug. 1885 14 Single   KY NY KY  
    Mollie E. Dau. WF Nov. 1890 9 Single   KY NY KY  
403/410 Tarlton William Head WM July 1850 49 Married/26   AL TN TN Farmer
    Allie? Wife WF Apr. 1849 51 Married/26 5/3 AL TN AL  
    Sarah E. Dau. WF Apr. 1876 24 Single   AL AL AL  
    James M. Son WM Feb. 1878 22 Single   AL AL AL  
404/411 Thompson George Head WM Jan. 1842 58 Married/33   TN KY KY Farmer
    Mary A. Wife WF Sept. 1846 53 Married/33 2/2 TX TN TN  
405/412 Compton George W. Head WM Mar. 1854 46 Married/21   TN VA NC Farmer
    Minerva J. Wife WF Dec. 1861 38 Married/21 7/5 TN UNK UNK  
    Edward E. Son WM Jan. 1881 19 Single   TN TN TN Farmer
    Robert Son WM Mar. 1885 15 Single   TN TN TN  
    Essie Dau. WF Jan. 1888 12 Single   TN TN TN  
    William Dau. WF June 1892 7 Single   TN TN TN  
    Roy Son WM Aug. 1896 3 Single   TX TN TN  
406/413 Marks John Head WM Apr. 1859 41 Married/11   AL KY AL Farmer
    Lula C. Wife WF Apr. 1864 36 Married/11 8/5 AR UNK UNK  
    John F. Son WM Dec. 1893 6 Single   TX AL AR  
    Florence Dau. WF Mar. 1895 5 Single   TX AL AR  
    Andrew D. Son WM Sept. 1899 9m. Single   TX AL AR  
  DuBois J.M. Boarder WM Dec. 1867 32 Single   TN TN TN Farmer
407/414 Bell William Head WM Sept. 1856 43 Married/20   KY KY TN Farmer
    Martha B. Wife WF Aug. 1863 36 Married/20 7/5 TN NY NY  
    Ira G. Son WM May 1882 18 Single   KY KY TN Farmer
    William E. Son WM June 1885 14 Single   KY KY TN  
    Mary A. Dau. WF Sept. 1889 10 Single   TX KY TN  
    Clarence Son WM Jan. 1895 5 Single   TX KY TN  
    Alta M. Dau. WF Jan. 1898 2 Single   TX KY TN  
408/415 Dickson Henry Head BM June 1836 63 Married/3   TN TN TN Farmer
    Sallie Wife BF May 1879 21 Married/3 2/2 TX UNK UNK  
    Emma Dau. BF Mar. 1884 16 Single   TX TN TN  
    Amie Dau. BF Jan. 1898 2 Single   TX TN TN  
    Ettie Dau. BF May-00 1m.? Single   TX TN TN  
409/416 Moore Samuel Head WM Dec. 1862 37 Married/15   TX TN UNK Farmer
    Virginia B. Wife WF Feb. 1860 40 Married/15 5/5 TX TN VA  
    Ruth L. Dau. WF Oct. 1885 14 Single   TX TX TX  
    Joseph R. Son WM Sept. 1888 11 Single   TX TX TX  
    Samuel R. Son WM Oct. 1891 8 Single   TX TX TX  
    John M. Son WM Jan. 1894 6 Single   TX TX TX  
    Catherine M. Dau. WF Aug. 1898 1 Single   TX TX TX  
  Boner James F. Boarder WM X 1860 40 Single   TN TN TN Teamster
410/417 Norris ?.N. Head WM Aug. 1826 73 Married/41   SC VA SC Justice Peace
    Mary J. Wife WF Apr. 1837 63 Married/41 8/7 SC IRE SC Hotel Keeper
  Wilson Thomas D. Boarder WM Feb. 1876 24 Single   TX SC KY Dry Goods Salesman
  Payne W. George Boarder WM Oct. 1876 23 Single   TX UNK TX Druggist
  Pegg Martha Boarder WF Jan. 1879 21 Single   TX SC TX Milliner
  Crittenden Sheb Boarder WM Apr. 1858 42 Married/14   TN VA TN Cotton Buyer
  Crittenden Mrs. Boarder WF Feb. 1860 40 Married/14 1/1 TX SC SC  
    Thomas Boarder WM June 1893 6 Single   TX TN TX  
  Whitfield J.B. Boarder WM Mr. 1850 50 Married/25   TN TN TN Merchant
    M.J. Boarder WF June 1857 42 Married/25 3/2 KY KY KY  
    Bryan Boarder WM Nov. 1883 16 Single   TX TN KY  
    Loisa Boarder WF Dec. 1886 13 Single   TX TN KY  
  Lisle Unknown Boarder WM X X Married   X X X Cotton Buyer
    X Boarder WF X X Married   X X X  
411/418 Joplin Susan E. Head WF Apr. 1842 58 Widow 5/5 Tn TN TN  
    Nerva Dau. WF Aug. 1875 24 Single   TX VA TN Saleslady-Dry Goods
    Mary Dau. WF June 1878 21 Single   TX VA TN  
    J. Clark Son WM Mar. 1880 20 Single   TX VA TN Grocery Salesman
    Bettie A. Dau. WF Dec. 1883 16 Single   TX VA TN  
412/419 Waters W.H. Head WM Mar. 1857 43 Married/15   LA LA LA Cotton Buyer
    Mary A. Wife WF Dec. 1866 33 Married/15 0/0 LA LA MS  
  Metcalf Sallie E. Sis/in/law WF Mar. 1883 27 WIdow 4/4 LA LA LA  
    James W. Nephew WM June 1891 8 Single   LA MS LA  
    Robert S. Nephew WM Nov. 1892 7 Single   LA MS LA  
    William W. Nephew WM Nov. 1894 5 Single   LA MS LA  
    E. Jane Niece WF Jan. 1897 3 Single   LA MS LA  
413/420 Sargent George Head WM Feb. 1877 23 Married/3   AR UNK UNK Day Laborer
    Willie Wife WF Mar. 1882 18 Married/3 2/1 TX TX TX  
414/421 Minter Ella Head BF July 1864 35 Widow 1/1 LA UNK VA Cook
    John Son BM Feb. 1886 14 Single   TX LA LA  


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