Avery High School
Girls Basketball Team

2nd row---Mirl (Moore) Johnson, Era (Roden) Wilson, Coach Josephine Stokes, Jewell (Colivins) Russell and Cleoda (McMillan) Robinson

Fay Kelley was on the team but not available for the picture.

This was the playing uniform, Mom called them Bloomers. There was so much argument against the uniform's they almost didn't get to wear them. Finally they said OK if they would wear long socks up to the bloomers to cover everything. They only played 1/2 court. The 3 forwards on one end and 3 guards on the other. If they touched the center line it was the same as out of bounds. This team won the County Championship in Detroit in 1921.

"The day of all days" was the day the games were played. Six players, two substitutes, three teachers and several others from Avery started early that morning in Ford cars. We were such early risers that morning we passed through Annona as the people were getting up. You see we have the energy.

We went on to Clarksville and stopped, of course, to see if the Clarksville girls were gone. I suppose they thought they would go on and win the games before AVERY got there, because they knew they could never win after we did get there. "But never the less" AVERY got to Detroit, the place where the games were played, in time to play Clarksville.

We began the games about 11 o-clock. Avery drew Bogota, so this was our first game, the girls played so fast some of them forgot whom they were playing. In this game everyone was against Avery, especially "Clarksville".

But this was only fun for the Avery girls. They played on smiling as they went. When the first half was played the scores were 18 - 3 in Avery's favor of course. Avery had beaten Bogota so badly the girls thought the game was over and Avery had to hunt them to play the other half, and it ended with a victory for Avery, scores 34 - 5.

While this game was being played Detroit and Fulbright were playing, but of course none of Avery people saw this game, but it ended with a victory for Fulbright. It was then about 1 o'clock so the Avery girls were very anxious to get their lunch and play Clarksville. Although Detroit was for Clarksville they treated us real nice, and we surely did appreciate it. Our lunch was free, which was served in the high school Auditorium

The first game played in the afternoon was between Clarksville and Kanawha. This was very interesting. If yelling would have won the game for Kanawha they would have won for Avery ws stayhing with them. This game ended about 2:30 and a victory for Clarksville.

"Now just imagine Clarksville if yhou can." The next game was still more interesting than ever between Averyh and Clarksville. There was one expert player for Clarksville team (a forward) So we had our little guard to teach her somethning about playing ball. As I said before, at the beginning of the games there were very few yelling for Avery, but by this time most everyhone had changed their minds.
Our girls played their best. Our forward, Cleoda McMillan, just rolled the ball in the goal, the scorekeeper knew to be ready toi mark when she got the ball. Our other forward, Fay Kelley, played at the time and kept the ball back to Cleoda, and our jumping center, Jewel Collvin, certainly did her share, the ball crossed the center very few times without Jewell stopping it, although she had to go in the air after it. "she did it". Zula Duke, our running center, well she was a runner so she got the ball. Our guard, Era Roden, stayed right with her opponent and kept the ball on the Avery side.

Gertrude Moore our other guard stayed right with the little expert. This was only fun for Tooch, even if she did make some fouls, she kept the expert from making a goal.

About the middle of the last half Gertrudfe was put out of the game (for fouls). But we had another one to take her place that could do the fighting, this was Mirl Moore.

This game ended with another victory for Avery scores 15 and 30. Our girls were tired but they hardly knew it they were smiling so.

The next game determined who would be champions of the county, and this was between Avery and Fulbright, who had just beaten Annona. Although the girls were very tired, little effect did this have on them for they played just that much harder and this game ended about 4:30 with another victory for Avery.
"Now imagine Avery, can you?"
We started home about sundown with a smile all over our face. When we passed through Clarksville everything was quiet.
"They may have been dead"

We reached home about 10:30 that night (glad but not sad) and enjoyed a good nights sleep.

Authors: Misses Gertrude and Murl Moore.

Thanks to Sandra Phelps, who found the above article. The article was read to the school assembly.

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