Avery Tomato Festival (Cont'd)

Frontier Day Bank Robbery

Harry was one of the bad bank robbers in the Avery Frontier Days band robbery re-enactment. Harry always got hung from the neck (with a harness of course) One year John Oce Williams (one of the lawmen) was a little too close to Harry when he was shoting at him (with blanks). The stuff (or what ever is in blanks) hit Harry in the face. I not sure how it felt, but his face was bleeding like he was shot with salt. He was holding his face in his hands and hurting/burning I'm sure. However he said, "Hang Me" and they did. I do not understand how he went thru it and hung lifeless looking from the noose (hid harness) for several minutes before they took down his body and carried him off to the caretaker. It should have been a movie. Once we had over 10,000 people in Avery for the "Days" and the parade had 600 horses. Channel 12 from Shreveport was there.
Jim Giddens
Paris, Tx


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