Avery Tomato Festival (Cont'd)

One time a few months before Halloween Mom was up in the attic Prowling. She found an old 1900's suitcase, a Top Hat, a coat with tails, some old 1920's pants and weird looking shoes. She laughed how odd and old they looked and then had an idea. She tried all this on and looked at herself in the mirror. She really had a good laugh. Then the idea struck her. Take all these very old things down and have some fun.

She found a real good mask in the attic and there was also a walking cane. Mom carried all these things down and hid them under the bed. One night when Dad was all relaxed, in his pajamas, barefooted, in his easy chair, racked back and watching TV Mom dressed in the things she had brought down and went to the front door and knocked. Dad yelled for Mom to answer the door, finally he went to the door and this Bum asked where he could spend the night. This really alarmed Dad as there wasn't a place in Avery. The Bum said OK he'd find a place. Then Mom went around the house to the back door and into the bath and changed clothes. Then to the family room and asked if Dad had called her. Dad was really upset because by the time he found his shoes and got something on the old man was gone. She did this several more times on Dad.

When their youngest son Kelly came home the old man was all Dad could talk about. Kelly said well Dad he'd better not show while I'm here or he's caught and we will find out what's going on. She said to herself OK boys get ready, we will see. So when they got all settled in, barefooted and ready for bed, and watching TV here comes Mom. She knocks on the door and Kelly went to the door, looked around the edge of the door. What he saw left him speechless for a second or two. He really believed Dad now, but was so surprised that it took him a minute or two to collect himself and the old man was gone. They dressed in a flash and darted out the door but the old man was nowhere to be found. They ran all the way around the house looking in the bushes and flowers. They knew the old man didn't have too much time to get far, but he was gone. They jumped in the car and really cruised around town to find the old man. When they got back Mom asked where they'd been and both were talking at the same time. She made fun of them and pretended she didn't believe their story. Now they were really bragging how if the next time------. Next time came the next night with the same results except the bragging wasn't as strong. That's all you heard all week end. Kelly came back home the next week-end to check on the ole Bum. Yep it all happened again, same results. Later they had a Halloween party across the highway (82) at the Gym and Mom went with just a mask so everyone would know she was there. Later she slipped off, went back to the house and changed to the old man. As the Bum, tramp, she talked to almost everyone there, including Dad. No one knew who the old man was. Dad said "That ole man still in Avery??!!" When they got on the stage to judge the costumes Mom came out last and told stories on about everyone there, including she and Dad. Everyone guessed who she might be, all they got was a head shake and gentle Nooo. They gave up and finally they got her to expose herself, one piece at a time. No one guessed until the mask came off that it was Mom. Dad just sat down laughing hard and said those are my old 1920's clothes and just wait until I tell Kelly. He Should Have Known who it was!!








The Lady and the Tramp
Cleoda Robinson and Inez Webb

Saloon Show-Frontier Day 1988

NOTE:This page is dedicated to the memory of Cleoda McMillan Robinson, who passed away April 5, 2001 at age 99. She participated in all the Frontier Festival/Tomato Festivals from 1966 through 1988....signed Cynthia.


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