Midway School 1911-1912

This picture was in a Detroit paper, submitted by Mr. Rudy PATTERSON who lived in Paris at the time. The newspaper does not have a date on it, however, another article is announcement of recently selected cheerleaders at Detroit Junior High for the 1972-1973. That would indicate to me it was at the end of the 1971-1972 school year (probably May or June 1972).

Under the picture was stated: "These two pictures ( the other was of 1917 Ball Team at Midway School) were furnished to me by Mr. Rudy Patterson who now lives in Paris. This is the Midway School of the 1911-1912 school year. B. F. Moody was principal and these are some of the students that Mr. Patterson recognizes.

Luther Carter, Archie Carter, John Carter, Thelma Carter, Maud Causey, Bessie Causey, Buster Causey, Edd Causey, Lester Flippo, Ima Flippo, Pernie Flippo, Clarice Patterson, Maude Patterson, Elbert Patterson, Irene Patterson, Joe Patterson.

Also Clarence Richardson, Jake Richardson, Bethel Weddle, Roscoe Martin, Grace Martin, Helen Martin, Gertrude Eubanks, Francis Eubanks, Virgie Curry, Henry Wooten, Ada Wooten, Irene Newman, Thom Newman, Lola Napes, Cline Napes, Lila Napes, George Napes, Walter Stricklin, Lawerence Stricklin, Ebb Davis, Rube Davis, Joe Davis and Ira Davis."

I would like to find someone with the original with all the students named. Do you know where the school records for Midway Detroit are archived?

La Porte, TX

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