Avery Cemetery






This cemetery is located in the southeast quadrant of Red River County, Texas. GPS COORDINATES: Datum WGS84: 33 Deg 32.843N, 94 Deg 47.345W. This cemetery is located on the west side of Avery just south of the railroad on the William Collum Survey. The oldest surviving marked grave is that of Jesse Sutton Ingram who died on 10 Feb 1904. The work on this cemetery was started on 18 Oct 1999 by Lawrence and Sue Dale. As we recorded the information on this cemetery we also divided the cemetery into 9 Sections with Section 1, the original burial area, containing 307 graves. There is provision for expansion as a new section, the Bearden Addition, is already under fence and plots are being sold. This cemetery stands out for its cleanliness and for the future planned controlled expansion of its facilities. This work was completed on 22 Oct 1999 after a hard five days. We went there again on 30 Jan 2003 and took the GPS Coordinates. We also did a re-walk of the cemetery on 4 May 2004 adding new burials and noting marker changes

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