Blanton Creek Cemetery
Red River County Texas

HASTING Ollie E. (Mathis) July 10, 1873 June 12, 1931
HASTING Wm. J. Feb 17, 1873 April 30, 1970
MATHIS, Elizabeth Jan 29, 1849 Oct 7, 1898 Wife of Robert L. Note: Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep, from which ______ to weep
 MATHIS  Robert L.  Sept 17, 1847  May 17, 1879  Hus. of Elizabeth Note: This simple tablet, mark bier, and those he in life & death are dear

 BLANTON  John Lewis  born Feb 1855in Red River County Texas per census records. Preceeded his wife in death per her death record in 1934. His grandaughter, Bonnie Meeks Rogers of Clarksville, TX, said in 1998 that he is buried at Blanton Creek beside his wife. Son of Jacob and Jane (McAnear) Blanton.
BLANTON Mary Ellen (Malloy) born April 13, 1867 in Arkansas and died May 27, 1934. Wife of
John Lewis Blanton. Death record from Austin says buried Blanton Creek.
 BLANTON  W.J. (William Jake) Grave marked with name only. Born Sept 1, 1876, Died Sept 9, 1948 in Lamar Co. & buried Blanton Creek per Paris News obituary. Son of John Lewis and Mary Ellen Blanton.
 BLANTON  Minnie May (Henry)  Grave marked with a rock and the initial M. Born March 15, 1884. Died Nov 3, 1950 and buried Blanton Creek per Paris News obituary. Wife of William Jake Blanton.
BLANTON  Gilbert Franklin Grave is marked with a pile of stones. Born Dec 15, 1918. Died Aug 1962 in a train accident in Hugo, OK as reported in Paris News. Son of William Jake and Minnie Blanton.
 BOLAND  Mary Jo b. unk, d. March 23, 1945   per note in Detroit, TX newspaper, "Union Grove Community News -- Little Mary Jo Boland died Friday at the home of her sister, ...., and was buried at Blanton Creek."
BRIGGS  Jearldine  No grave marker. Born Aug 28, 1915 in TX. Died March 7, 1932 at age 16 and buried at Blanton Creek per death record at Red River Co. records office.
 BRIGGS  Enois  No marker. Born unknown. Died age 12. Sister of Jearldine (see above). Death and burial at Blanton Creek reported by her brother, Herman Briggs and her sister, Helen Briggs Barton.
 HART  Tom   (Thomas D.): Small movable concrete square with name only found near his in-laws' graves. Born about 1883 per 1920 Red River Co census records. Death date unknown. First husband of Ola Stephens and father of her children.
 LATHAM  Virgie (Lane)  No marker. Born unknown. Died May 24, 1917 and buried at Blanton Creek per Red River County Probate Death Records. Wife of Walter H. Latham and daughter of Walker Lane.
 STEPHENS  Samuel J.  Small marker with no inscription. Born about 1871 in Jackson County AL per census records. Date of death unknown. Grandaughter, Minnie Lewis, of Turlock CA said in 1998
that he is buried at Blanton Creek beside his wife (see below).
 STEPHENS  Lula E. (Burks)  Small marker with no inscription. Born Oct 8, 1877 in Alabama. Died Jan 11, 1944 at Deport,TX and buried Blanton Creek per death record from Austin. Wife of Samuel Stephens. Sam & Lula are buried beside the marked graves of their infant children
(surname spelled Stephvens).
Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Misc.
Bagwell Claire 11/4/1905 8/6/1917 Daughter of J.A. and Willie Bagwell
Blanton Troy L 8/29/1921 12/17/1977 TEC4 US Army WWII
Blanton Jim L 9/18/1896 8/5/1950 Husband of Clara E Blanton
Blanton Clara E 6/14/1902 3/4/1993 Wife of Jim L Blanton
Blanton Harold D 5/17/1929 6/5/1983 SFC US Army Korea
Blanton James Wendell 5/7/1936 2/18/1997 "Lightning" under name
Blanton WJ     Homemade stone w/o dates
Bevens Minnie J 10/26/1870 5/21/1898 Wife of W.L. Bevens
Johnson Clifford J 2/24/1918 6/24/1920  
Johnson Nellie Smyre 1/8/1900 6/10/1981 (Nennie) above name
Smyre Lena Ella 1/22/1904 4/12/1982 (Nensie) above name
Smyre Frank R 2/28/1906 12/31/1968  
Smyre Clark 12/23/1901 1/5/1968  
Smyre Nannie J 2/5/1867 11/5/1940 Wife of D. Frank Smyre
Smyre D. Frank 6/15/1860 10/5/1919 Husband of Nannie J. Smyre
Johnson Dora M 3/2/1851 6/27/1928 Wife of Jimmie A. Johnson
Johnson Jimmie J 3/24/1848 11/26/1938 Husband of Dora M. Johnson
Above Listings submitted by Drew Slate
BEVENS John F. Dec 28,1845 Sep 2,1896  
BEVENS Sarah F. (Bellar) Jan 9,1848 Apr 20,1908  
CARROLL Sarah Elizabeth (Rogers) Sep 25,1873 Nov 20,1958  
CARROLL Woodie Feb 14,1882 Apr 15,1967  
DERRYBERRY Lillie Belle (Hastings) Feb 11,1892 Oct 2,1920  
EASTMAN Clarence Aug 18,1892 Jan 1971  
EASTMAN Helen M. (McKey) Jan 15,1907 Jan 29,1992  
EASTMAN John M. Jan 8,1905 Apr 22,1966  
EASTMAN Mabel Orene (Smith) Sep 24,1913 May 24,1980  
HASTINGS Allie D. (Cogburn) Aug 10,1883 Nov 30,1974  
HASTINGS Amos M. Sep 15,1909 Jan 5,1963  
HASTINGS Euel Feb 12,1906 Jan 23,1936  
HASTINGS Floyd Lunsford Mar 2,1891 Oct 23,1951  
HASTINGS Gilbert Travis Jun 20,1890 Jun 20,1890  
HASTINGS Giles "Coye" Sep 26,1902 May 29,2000  
HASTINGS Harvey J. Oct 6,1897 Oct 19,1908  
HASTINGS Hazel Mar 1,1912 Jan 2,1933  
HASTINGS Henry Joseph Jan 31,1895 Apr 7,1979  
HASTINGS James Henry Nov 29,1867 Feb 19,1949  
HASTINGS James Lloyd Aug 25,1910 Dec 24,1923  
HASTINGS Jiles Mitchell Dec 29,1879 Oct 1,1915  
HASTINGS Juanita Maydell (Lee) May 12,1925    
HASTINGS Julia Ann (Blanton) Jan 19,1850 Mar 7,1932  
HASTINGS Lucinda Frances (Bevens) Sep 11,1871 Dec 1,1949  
HASTINGS Mamie May 22,1903 Jun 19,1925  
HASTINGS Mary Lee Nov 27,1915 May 26,1966  
HASTINGS Royce Gerald Aug 9,1902 Dec 3,1912  
HASTINGS Sallie Lavesta (Eastman) Mar 27,1902 Apr 19,1956  
HASTINGS Susie Ida (Cogburn) Sep 13,1882 Oct 31,1982  
HASTINGS William Henry Apr 11,1845 Oct 13,1924  
HASTINGS William Jacob Feb 17,1873 Apr 30,1970  
HENRY Arvil Lee Jan 5,1918 Jul 13,1976    
HENRY Mable (Lee) Jul 28,1919    
HUTSON Delura Francis (Lee) Mar 24,1918    
HUTSON Marion D. Apr 16,1911 Dec 23,1992  
JOHNSON Marion Allen no dates    
KISER Infant S or D of Oscar and Syble (supposedly buried next to Syble)
KISER Oscar Aug 6,1921 Mar 25,1990  
KISER Syble Odell (Hastings) Nov 2,1921 Oct 6,1951  
LEE Bertha (Hutson) Apr 25,1997    
LEE Myrtle Matilda (Hastings) Mar 5,1889 Feb 11,1940  
LEE Troy Arvy May 10,1922    
LEE Walter Cliff Jun 12,1885 Nov 7,1973  
OFFUTT Lee Theron Jun 22,1912 Dec 8,1929  
PAYNE Addie May (Hastings) Feb 17,1880 1956  
PAYNE George 1876 1924  
STANLEY Mary Francis (Hastings) Apr 17,1883 Jan 9,1956  
STEPHENS Alta Lila (Hastings) Feb 14,1877 Aug 5,1924  
STEPHENS Will Ed Jun 10,1870 Jan 27,1912  
TOWNES Larry "Glenn" Mar 11,1968 Oct 23,2000  
TUCKER Donald      
TUCKER Helen Iris (Lee) Mar 21,1945 May 8,2002  
Above Listings submitted by Shane Spencer


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