Boxelder Cemetery

Boxelder Cemetery, 24 Aug 1876,"This cemetery is located in the southeast quadrant of Red River County, Texas. GPS COORDINATES: Datum WGS84: 33 Deg 28.524 N, 94 Deg 52.878 W. These were taken from the grave of J. O. Cassity. A deed dated 25 Sep 1871 and filed for record on 18 May 1880 in Book CH Vol 1 Page 569 'deeded to Thomas E. Doak 400 acres less three acres for Salem Church' from Isaac A. Dillard to Salem Church. Another deed dated 26 August 1920 and filed for record on 31 Aug 1920 in Book CH Vol 101 Page 55 for 1 acre of the H. C. McKinney survey Boxelder parsonage from R. H. Allston et ux to Salem Baptist Church. The above has to do with the church deed records and they in turn gave land to the Boxelder Cemetery Association for the cemetery. The oldest marked grave is that of Robert M. Whitmire who died 24 August 1876. This cemetery was surveyed by Lawrence and Sue Dale on 10 and 11 Feb 1999. We were on the site on 12 Apr 2003 and took the GPS Coordinates. We also did a re-walk of the cemetery adding new burials and noting marker changes on 18 Dec 2003. This cemetery was reported in the 2000 Book as Salem Cemetery but further investigation has revealed that it was never known by the name of the Salem Church but has always known as Boxelder Cemetery. Checks made out by the officers of the Boxelder Cemetery Association bear the name Boxelder on the account."


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