Red River County Cemeteries

Below is a complete list of ALL the KNOWN cemeteries in Red River County. Many have been discovered and added since the last list. There are cross references to the cemeteries who are referred to by more than one name. Also included are the GPS coordinates, the oldest known burial, and some of the history. This is a valuable reference to anyone researching Red River County. Thanks to Lawrence and Sue Dale for the locations and descriptions and many of the pictures. They have spent many years of their time doing this research for us.

Adams Cemetery (see Doak)
Aikin Grove CemeteryPartial Inventory
Albion Cemetery Partial Inventory
Annona CemeteryPartial Inventory
Annona B Cemetery
Antioch B Cemetery(see Reed B)
Avery Cemetery(Includes Plot) Partial Inventory
Bachman Cemetery
Bagwell B Cemetery
Bailey Cemetery
Bailey B Cemetery See Old Siloam B)
Baker Family Cemetery
Baptist Cemetery(See Clarksville Cemetery)
Baptist B Cemetery(See Hebron B)
Barnesville B CemeteryNames
Bartonville B Cemetery(See Barnesville B Cemetery)
Becknell CemeteryInventorys
Becknell B Cemetery(See Becknell Cemetery)
Benningfield Cemetery
Bethel CemeteryInventory
Beulah Graveyard(See Turner Cemetery)
Bivins Cemetery
Blakeney CemeteryPartial Inventory
Blanton Creek CemeteryPartial Inventory
Bluff CemeteryPartial Inventory
Bogata CemeteryPartial Inventory
Bogata B Cemetery
Bonham-Rugg Cemetery
Boxelder CemeteryPartial Inventory
Boze-Nevill Cemetery
Bradley Graveyard(See Pope Springs Cemetery)
Brewster CemeteryInventory
Brayarly B Cemetery
Burchinal Cemetery
Burge Cemetery
Calcedonia Cemetery(See Cowan Cemetery)
Caldwell Farm Cemetery
Calhoun Cemetery(See Saints Chapel Cemetery)
Campground Cemetery
Carroll B Cemetery(See Corley Chapel B Cemetery)
See St. Joseph Cemetery
Catonville Cemetery Inventory
Catonville B Cemetery
Cedar Creek Cemetery Inventory
Chambers B Cemetery(See Catonville B Cemetery)
Chapel Hill B Cemetery
Cherry Cemetery(See Stones Chapel Cemetery)
Clarksville Cemetery (Inventory Part 1)
(Inventory Part 2)
(Hanging Tree and
other Pictures)
Clarksville B Cemetery(See Hebron B Cemetery)
Collvins CemeteryInventory
Concord Cemetery Partial Inventory
Conley Hemmingway Cemetery
Cooper Wood Cemetery
Corley Chapel B Cemetery
Cowan Cemetery
Curlee Cemetery
Cuthand CemeteryPartial Inventory
Davenport Cemetery
Dean Cemetery Inventory
Detroit Cemetery Partial Inventory
Digg B Cemetery
Dignation B Cemetery(See Digg B Cemetery)
Dillard Cemetery
Doak Cemetery Complete Inventory
Doak Ranch B Cemetery
Dodd Cemetery
Edmondson Cemetery
English Cemetery
English Plantation Cemetery(See Pigpen Ranch Cemetery)
Evergreen B Cemetery
Fairgound B Cemetery
Fairview Cemetery Partial Inventory
Farris Fry Cemetery
Fobbs Cemetery ( See Forbes Cemetery
Fogleman Cemetery
Forbes Cemetery (Inventory)
Free Hope B Cemetery
Froelich Family Cemetery
Gaffney Cemetery
Garland Cemetery
Garrett Cemetery
Garvinsville Cemetery(See Cuthand)
Geer Cemetery
Giddens Cemetery(See Concord Cemetery)
Gilliam Cemetery
Graham Cemetery
Grasslake B Cemetery(See Riverview B Cemetery)
Greenwood Cemetery (See Whitemans Chapel(Do not confuse this cemetery with Greenwood B, which is 10 miles to north near 1159)
Greenwood B Cemetery
Halesboro Cemetery Inventory
Haley Cemetery
Happy Hollow Cemetery
Harris Cemetery
Harris Chapel Cemetery Inventory
Harts Bluff B Cemetery
Harve or Harvey Cemetery(See Campground Cemetery)
Hawley Cemetery
Hawthorne B Cemetery
Haywood B Cemetery
Hebron B Cemetery
Hemmingway Cemetery
Henrietta Cemetery Inventory
Hickory Grove Cemetery
Hillside View Cemetery
Hinson Cemetery
Holloway Pittman Cemetery
Honeycutt Cemetery
Hopewell Cemetery Partial Inventory More pictures
Howell Cemetery
Jackson Cemetery
Jamison Chapel Cemetery (Inventory)
Kanawha Cemetery
Lanes Chapel (Partial Inventory)
Latimer Cemetery
Lawton Cemetery
Leesville Cemetery
Leffel Cemetery
Liberty Cemetery (Partial Inventory)
Liberty B Cemetery
Lick Springs Cemetery (Partial Inventory)
Lone Pine Cemetery see Collvins Cemetery
Lone Star Cemetery (Partial Inventory)
Lone Star B Cemetery
Long Street B Cemetery (Partial Inventory)
Lydia Cemetery
Macedonia Syloam B
Madras Cemetery (Partial Inventory)
Madras B Cemetery
Malsberg (lost and abandoned cemetery on private property South of Clarksville
Manchester Cemetery Partial Inventory
Mannus Cemetery
Marris Chapel See Morris Chapel
Martin Cemetery --Lost and Abandoned Cemetery--unknown location
Martin Shiloh B Cemetery
McCrury Cemetery (Inventory)
McCulloch B Family Cemetery --located near Sherry on McCulloch Farm
McEntire Cemetery
McFarren Ranch Cemetery --Private Cemetery near Cuthand with one burial
McKenzie Chapel Cemetery Partial Inventory
McKenzie College Cemetery (Inventory) (Pictures)
Medford Cemetery
Mennonite Cemetery
Menson Cemetery
Methodist Cemetery See Harris Chapel Cemetery
Methodist B Cemetery See Free Hope B Cemetery
Miller Cemetery
Monk Cemetery
Morgan Gravesite
Morman Chapel Cemetery See Saints Chapel Cemetery
Morris Chapel Cemetery
Morsman Private Cemetery - Located on the family farm at Pine Branch Community, Rt 1 Bogata.
Mosley Cemetery
Mount Zion Cemetery
Mount Zion B Cemetery
Mt. Hebron B Cemetery -See Hebron B
Mt Olive B Cemetery
Mt. Zion B Cemetery --See Macedonia Syloam B

New Haven Cemetery (Pictures)
New Hope B Cemetery
New Shamrock Cemetery (Partial Inventory)
Nystrom Family Cemetery" - From Obit Clarksville Times 9 Feb 1995, burial location as 'Family Cemetery
Oak Grove--See Aikin Grove Cemetery
Old Beulah--See Turner Cemetery
Old Shiloh Cemetery
Old Mabry Cemetery
Old Rowland B Cemetery- created from RRCo TX death records, DC BOOK 3 page 99 and death of Miss Bird Minter on 27 Jul 1922
Old Shamrock Cemetery (Inventory)
Old Shiloh Cemetery
Old Siloam B Cemetery
Parchman Cemetery
Parks Family Cemetery
Peters Prairie B Cemetery
Phillips Cemetery
Pigpen Cemetery (Inventory)
Pine Hill B Cemetery
Pleasant Hill B Cemetery
Poor Farm Cemetery
Poor Farm B Cemetery
Pope Springs Cemetery (Pictures)
Powell Kiomatia Cemetery
Prentice Watson Cemetery
Pritchett Ranch Cemetery, 27 Jun 1984, Clarksville Funeral Home, Bk 15 pg 106: located near Detroit

Reed B Cemetery
Rehobeth Cemetery (Partial Inventory)
Ringo Cemetery
Riverview B Cemetery
Robbinsville - See Becknall
Robert Irby Farm - 23 Nov 1989",Clarksville Funeral Home bk 17 pg 135: northeast of White Rock community"
Robinson Private Cemetery - located in the SE quadrant on the family farm in Cuthand
Rock of Ages B Cemetery - See Annona B Cemetery
Rosalie - See Smith Rosalie
Rowland Cemetery
Russell Cemetery

Saints Chapel CemeteryInventory
Salem - See Boxelder
Savannah Cemetery(Inventory) (Pictures)
Savannah Springs B Cemetery
Scott Cemetery
Shawnee B Cemetery
Shawnee Chapel Cemetery
Sherry Cemetery
Shiloh Cemetery
Shipps Mill Cemetery
Siloam B Cemetery
Sinclair Cemetery
Slate Cemetery Inventory and Pictures
Smith - See Smith Rosalie
Smith Family Cemetery
Smith Rosalie (Partial Inventory)
Sowell - See Bivins Cemetery
Spencer Cemetery
Springhill B Cemetery
St. Joseph Cemetery (Inventory)
St Matthews B - See Peters Prairie B Cemetery
Staples Cemetery - See Slate Cemetery
Stedman Cemetery - lost cemetery located in a private pasture southeast of Clarksville
Stones Chapel Cemetery(Inventory) (Historical Marker Dedication)
Stout Cemetery

Tanyard Cemetery
Thompson Cemetery - See Saints Chapel
Thompson Family Cemetery
Thompson Town B Cemetery
Tinsley Cemetery
Tipping Cemetery - located in the SE quadrant of county on land belonging to Jay Tipping NE of Cuthand community
Tucker Cemetery
Tuggle Springs Cemetery (Partial Inventory)
Turner Cemetery (Partial Inventory)
Turner B Cemetery
Tyson Cemetery

Veech Cemetery (Inventory)
Vickery Cemetery - See Tanyard Cemetery

Wagley Cemetery - See Garland Cemetery
Waldron Cemetery
Walker Cemetery
Ward Cemetery
Warren Cemetery - See Henrietta Cemetery
Warthan Cemetery (Inventory taken in 1975)
Welch Ranch Cemetery
White Oak Cemetery - See Cuthand Cemetery
White Ranch Cemetery
White Rock Cemetery
Whitemans Chapel Cemetery
Whitfield Cemetery
Wilkes Cemetery
Williams B Cemetery
Williams Chapel - See English Cemetery
Willis B Cemetery
Woodland Cemetery Partial Inventory
Wooten Cemetery
Wrights Chapel Cemetery
Youngs Chapel Cemetery