Clarksville Cemetery
Red River County Texas

Part II

Complete reading by Maribeth Buce and Barbara Weiss, Summer 2003.







Last Name

First Name
Birth Death Comments  
Igo Gilbert   Oct-2-1876 Jan-18-1934    
Igo John   Jan-5-1933 Age 28 years    
Igo Milton L. Dec-10-1871 Mar-20-1954    
Igo P. H. Nov-30-1835 Jan-14-1914 Husband of Susie C.  
Igo Susie C. Jan-13-1844 Dec-6-1912 Wife of P.H. Igo  
Igo Warren S. Jan-25-1870 Feb-14-1912    
Jackson J. A. Mar-25-1848 Jun-10-1898    
James Addie   Feb-21-1866 Nov-13-1898    
Jamison Carroll M. Nov-2-1907 May-26-1984 U.S. NAVY WW II  
Jamison David C. Jun-4-1873 Jul-26-1948    
Jamison Doak   Feb-19-1893 May-11-1967 Double stone with Tillie Jamison.
Buried beside John M. & Lillie Doak Jamison.
Jamison Fanie Carroll Nov-17-1848 Jan-27-1881 Wife of John L. Jamison  
Jamison Frances   Sep-17-1910 Jun-18-1912    
Jamison George G. 1849 1916    
Jamison J. Pollard Aug-26-1875 Jun-26-1959 Husband of Vonie S.  
Jamison J. K. P.     SGT CO B 9 TX INF C.S.A. Husband of Jan M. Jamison  
Jamison Jane M. Jul-29-1847 Jan-6-1911 Wife of J.K. Jamison  
Jamison Jessica Roberta Aug-2-1908 Nov-10-1996    
Jamison John L. 1839 1921    
Jamison John M. 1871 1950 Buried beside Lillie Doak Jamison  
Jamison Lillie Doak 1870 1960 Buried beside John M. Jamison.  
Jamison Tillie   Jan-26-1898 Jun-21-1990 Double stone with Doak Jamison.  
Jamison Virgie M. Nov-18-1883 Oct-9-1973    
Jamison Vonie S. Nov-12-1879 Oct-6-1939 Wife of J. Pollard Jamison.  
Jeans Brian Keith Oct-29-1964 Sep-17-1965 Son of Carroll & Barbara A. Jeans  
Johnson Catherine   Aug-17-1882 Mar-9-1883    
Johnson Clara Jane 1918 1922    
Johnson Della J. Nov-13-1857 Sep-4-1931 Wife of John R.  
Johnson Frances C. (Williams) Mar-21-1833 Sep-28-1857 Daughter of Joseph & Sarah Williams
Wife of W.C. Johnson
Johnson John R. Jan-15-1889 Apr-13-1977    
Johnson John R. Jan-10-1843 Dec-6-1889 Husband of Della J.  
Jolley James T. Jul-24-1896 Nov-10-1983 PVT U.S. ARMY WW II
Husband of Mamie T.
Jolley Mamie T. Feb-20-1902 Aug-1-1979 Wife of James T.  
Jones Alma Gaines     R. N. ....Daughter of Wm. K. & Birdie Jones  
Jones Mary Sims 1877 1970    
Joplin Martha   Oct-12-1914 Oct-26-1948 Mama  
Kelley Betty   1838 1910 Wife of Pierce L. Kelley  
Kelley Mary E. 1856 1931    
Kelley Pierce L.     CO K 23 TX CAV C.S.A.  
Kennedy Albert Presley Jan-30-1905 Mar-2-1906 Son of J. R. & M.C. Kennedy  
Kennedy Charley M. Oct-29-1865 Apr-18-1897 Double stone with Kittie Kennedy  
Kennedy Charlie M. Oct-24-1897 May-20-1992 Husband of Josephine C.  
Kennedy John Royston Nov-28-1862 Mar-27-1917 Husband of Mry C.  
Kennedy Josephine C. May-31-1901 May-12-1988 Double stone with Charlie M.  
Kennedy Kittie Mae 1902 1920    
Kennedy Kittie   Jul-23-1872 Jul-1-1897 Double stone with
Charley M. Kennedy
Kennedy Mary C. Sep-5-1868 Jan-28-1938 Wife of John Royston Kennedy  
Kennedy R. C. 1891 1911    
Kennedy Samuel Charles Aug-11-1893 Aug-19-1994 Son of John Royston &
Mary Corley Kennedy
Kiersky Jake   Nov-23-1854 Apr-4-1890    
Kiersky Jake   Oct-6-1890 Oct-19-1894 Son of J. & J.E. Kiersky  
Kimball S. M.        
King Elizabeth Ann Mar-6-1939 Mar-8-1939 Daughter of C.L. & E.P. King  
King James M. 1890 May-28-1890 Son of G.F. & H.L. King  
King Mattie Barrington   Nov-15-1906 Wife of J.E. King
(Do not know if this is
the birth or death date)
King Nannie Newman 1861 1933 Buried beside Robert J. King.  
King Robert J. 1863 1933 Buried beside Nannie Newman King.  
Kirk Cora E. (Carter) Jul-17-1888 May-13-1970 Wife of Frank Kirk  
Kirk Frank   Nov-10-1873 Feb-18-1950    
Kirtley Nell Lane 1882 1952    
Lane Esther Elizabeth (King) Mar-18-1816 Oct-10-1867 Born in Maury Co. TN
Died in Lamar Co. TX
Lane Jimmie     Feb-4-1886 Son of Robert G. & Mary A. Lane
Age 6 months
Lane Lindsay   Feb-19-1841 May-18-1876 Son of M. M. & E. E. Lane  
Lane Mary A. 1854 1927 Wife of Robert Gordon  
Lane Mattie   Dec-29-1838 Feb-17-1877 Daughter of M. M. & E. E. Lane
Born in Giles Co. TN
Died in Red River Co. TX
Lane Robert Gordon Feb-28-1836 Dec-15-1901 Husband of Mary A.  
Langston John   Dec-24-1849 Jul-13-1903    
Lannom Herbert   Oct-29-1878 Oct-10-1885 Son of W.R. & B. A. Lannom  
Latimer A. H. (Toby) Aug-30-1860 Jan-26-1917 Triple stone with Fannie Maggard Latimer &
Jack Bowers Latimer.
Latimer Albert Houston 25 May 1808 27 Jan 1877 Signer of Texas Declaration of Independence  
Latimer Bella Morrison Jan-30-1880 May-19-1881 Daughter of L.B. & Isabella Latimer,
Granddaughter of Charles & Lodoiska DeMorse
Latimer Charles DeMorse Mar-2-1888 Jul-11-1890 Daughter of L.R. & Isabella G. Latimer
Granddaughter of Charles & Lodoeska DeMorse
Latimer Charles DeMorse Feb-23-1875 Aug-28-1892 Son of L. B. & Isabella LatimerM
Grandson of Charles & Lodoiska DeMorse.
Latimer Daisy   Mar-28-1873 Jan-10-1954    
Latimer Doris Buford Jun-29-1900 Apr-21-1904    
Latimer Fannie Maggard Sep-17-1861 Aug-4-1949 Triple stone with A.H. (Toby) &
Jack Bowers Latimer.
Latimer Frank Parks Aug-13-1903 Dec-6-1928    
Latimer Henry Russell Mar-25-1886 May-12-1887 Son of L.B. & Isabella Latimer
Grandson of Charles & Lodoiska DeMorse
Latimer Henry R. Mar-9-1865 Nov-21-1941 Double stone with Linnie L.  
Latimer Ida DeMorse Aug-1873 Jan-9-1954    
Latimer Isabella DeMorse Jan-3-1848 Mar-11-1931 Daughter of Col. & Mrs. Charles DeMorse
Wife of L.R. Latimer
Latimer Isabella DeMorse Aug-12-1881 Jan-18-1975 Daughter of L.R. & Isabella DeMorse  
Latimer Jack Bowers Jul-24-1910 Jul-14-1921 Triple stone with A. H. (Toby) &
Fannie Maggard Latimer.
Latimer LaMartini Riezi Sep-17-1850 Sep-5-1928    
Latimer Leslie Cazneau Nov-24-1877 Sep-20-1902 Son of L.R. & Isabelle G. Latimer
Grandson of Charles & Lodoiska DeMorse
Latimer Linnie L. Nov-21-1883   Double stone with
Henry R. Latimer.
Latimer Lyda Lewis Jan-23-1873 Feb-19-1949    
Latimer Mary Gattis Mar-7-1830 Aug-19-1912 Wife of A. H. Latimer
( A. H. is Albert Hamilton Latimer,
Signer of the Texas
Declaration of Independence.)
Latimer Miranda   Nov-4-1846 Sep-20-1925 Wife of John Arthur  
Latimer Morgan   Sep-10-1868 Feb-7-1938    
Latimer Nora   1848 Nov-8-1927    
Lawler Bertram D. 1902 1964    
Lawler Frank          
Lawler Maggie   Dec-25-1873 Dec-1-1922    
Lawler Ned          
Lawler Robert M. Jun-28-1871 Aug-1-1943    
Lee M. J. Aug-17-1859 Dec-2-1891 Wife of N.H. Lee  
Lee R. J. 1837 Mar-23-1877    
Lennox Arthur Bagby Oct-19-1898 Jun-8-1988    
Lennox Charles David Jun-6-1860 Aug-1-1946    
Lennox Charles David Oct-4-1896 Apr-15-1988    
Lennox Martha W. Apr-24-1908 Oct-29-1993    
Lennox Rannie   Jan-9-1894 Sep-1-1907    
Lennox Sallie Bagby Nov-20-1871 Jul-12-1938    
Lewalling Maxie Jack Sep-22-1921 Feb-5-1923    
Ligon Ellen S. 1844 1922    
Ligon Henry S. 1873 1911    
Ligon S. Frank 1871 1924    
Liles Ostell   Mar-30-1890 Nov-9-1890 Son of H.H. & Lou Liles  
Longe Claudie     Aged 7 years Double stone with
Sallie Longe, Age 9 years.
Longe Sallie     Age 9 years    
Look E. S.   Oct-18-1881 Aged 78 years  
Ludrick Sam B. Sep-23-1867 Sep-1-1899    
Mack Jim   Apr-22-1860 Dec-31-1906    
Mahaffey Fannie J. 1881 1968 Double stone with
Wm. N. Mahaffey
Mahaffey William N. 1871 1941 Double stone with Fannie J.  
Mahaffey William N. 1871 1941 Double stone with Fannie J.  
Marable Agnes Dick Sep-22-1876 Dec-5-1962 Buried beside
Benjamin Franklin Marable.
Marable Ben Corley Dec-5-1895 Jul-21-1989 CAPT MACHINE GUN CO
WW I Husband of Hallie Payne Webb Marable
Marable Benjamin Franklin Oct-22-1876 Sep-23-1963    
Marable Hallie Payne (Webb) Dec-18-1902 Jan-23-1984 My Beloved Wife & Mother
of Clare Payne &
Martha Ella Married Ben Corley Feb 2, 1922
Marcher Carl   Apr-3-1886 Sep-25-1904 Born in Din Bornholm Denmark
This monument is erected by a
loving Sister who hopes to meet
her precious Brother in the Sweet by & by.
Marsh Alice McBryde Jul-2-1890 Feb-19-1983 Double stone with
Chester Lawrence Marsh.
Marsh Chester Lawrence Sep-11-1883 Jul-14-1925 There are 2 stones for
Chester Lawrence, the old stone states Chester's Birth year
as 1881, and has "Revered" before his name.
Martin Jewell   Jun-14-1908 Nov-26-1936 Mother  
Mason C. W. (Jack) 1890 1923    
Mason Frank B. 1865 1931    
Mason Lallie W. 1871 1957    
Matthews William J. Sep-11-1852 Aug-23-1886 Husband of Lulu  
Maxfield Maureen A. 1911 2000    
McAnear J. J. Oct-29-1843 Apr-4-1918    
McBryde Mary A. Jun-13-1865 Apr-5-1912    
McBryde Ollie B. 1883 1968 Double stone with Oscar W. McBryde.  
McBryde Oscar W. 1883 1940 Double stone with Ollie B. McBryde  
McClinton Elmore   1876 1972    
McClinton John B. 1844 1924    
McClinton Lida J. 1880 1926    
McClinton May H. 1856 1946    
McClinton Robert Elmore Mar-26-1915 Jan-9-1922    
McClinton Stella Graves 1876 1966    
McCulloch Amos   Apr-26-1833 Sep-1-1867    
McCulloch Ann E. Mar-19-1836 Aug-3-1901    
McCulloch D. M. Jul-15-1812 Aug-2-1892    
McCulloch James G. Jan-6-1859 Apr-27-1899    
McCulloch John W. Jul-12-1866 Oct-25-1899    
McCulloch John     1872 Age 32  
McCulloch John Amos Mar-28-1862 Jan-30-1922 Buried beside Mary Eva McCulloch  
McCulloch Kate   Jun-4-1897 Nov-20-1970 Buried beside N.H. McCulloch.  
McCulloch Maggie   Oct-1890 Oct-23-1900 Daughter of James & Maggie  
McCulloch Mary Eva Jul-27-1869 Jan-21-1935 Buried beside John Amos McCulloch.  
McCulloch N. H. Jan-13-1893 Nov-28-1939 Buried beside Kate McCulloch.  
McCulloch Natalie   Apr-11-1920 Mar-25-1959    
McCulloch Ruth Reed 1890 1990    
McDonald C. H 1881 1970    
McDonald Clyde   1887 1969    
McDonald Sara Fyrne 1910 1916    
McElroy Bess   Aug-29-1858 Jan-12-1885 Wife of W.M. McElroy  
McElroy Elizabeth R. Apr-13-1813 Jun-1-1887    
McElroy W. M. 1852 1928 Husband of Bess McElroy  
McMaster Addie   Feb-10-1895 Aug-29-1895 Daughter of Will & Adele McMaster  
McMaster Elliott   Dec-5-1872 Mar-17-1904    
McMaster Kate   Mar-11-1841 Aug-26-1925    
McMaster Katie M. Mar-6-1871 Dec-1-1930    
McMaster Lawrence   Aug-24-1876 Aug-28-1935    
McMaster William   May-14-1827 May-15-1902    
Meals Eurilla M. Jan-13-1912 Jan-16-1999 Married March 5, 1932
Wife of Lewis H. Meals Sr.
Meals Lewis H. May-12-1907 Jun-12-1962 Married March 5, 1932
Husband of Eurilla M. Meals
Mellon Edward Knox Jul-1-1888 Dec-6-1961 Born in Cleveland, OH
Died in Austin, Travis Co., TX
Husband of Margaret Hooks
Mellon Margaret Hooks Oct-27-1900 Oct-2-1972 Born in Clarksville, Red River Co., TX
Died in Tallahassee, Leon Co., FL
Merrill Elizabeth Latimer 1859 1918    
Michel Bess Latimer Jul-22-1901 Apr-17-1973    
Milan J. Clyde Mar-25-1886 Mar-3-1953    
Milan Margaret Bowers Aug-24-1890 Sep-17-1980    
Miller Elias   Feb-11-1829 Jun-24-1865    
Miller J. P. 1845 1911 Mrs. Miller is buried beside
her husband, Mrs. J.P. Miller
Mitchell Edward Byron Feb-27-1913 Jan-2-1994    
Mitchell Mary Sue (Bonham) Jul-13-1922 Apr-22-1989    
Moore Cary   1900 1913    
Moore Grace Hocker Oct-28-1898 Apr-24-1974 Wife of Willard Robert  
Moore Hutson C. 1861 1927    
Moore Imogene Stone Feb-18-1874 Aug-3-1971    
Moore Isabella   May-17-1907 Nov-15-1907    
Moore Isabella Clark Oct-6-1870 Jun-20-1957    
Moore James W. Feb-12-1849 May-21-1937    
Moore James A. May-4-1841 Sep-11-1913 Husband of Lillie Weaver.  
Moore Lillie May Jan-21-1896 Jan-23-1897 Daughter of Rev. J. A. &
Lillie Weaver Moore
Moore Lillie Weaver Aug-25-1861 Mar-20-1896 Wife of Rev. J. A. Moore  
Moore Lucy Lane Jul-11-1900 Jul-24-1979    
Moore Margaret L. Feb-25-1889 Feb-22-1935 Double stone with
Marvin B. Moore
Moore Marvin B. Feb-25-1886 May-9-1935 Double stone with
Margaret L. Moore.
Moore Mary Lee 1872 1923    
Moore Mollie Joe (Johnson) Feb-2-1872 Feb-12-1962    
Moore Ona H. Nov-19-1894 Mar-1-1968    
Moore Sallie R. Jan-7-1898 Aug-28-1899    
Moore Sam B. Aug-31-1863 May-10-1933    
Moore Sam   Aug-28-1896 Jul-25-1897 Son of S.B. & M. Moore  
Moore Sarah Leanah 1854 1946    
Moore Willard Robert Mar-12-1898 Jun-15-1964 Husband of Grace Hocker  
Moore William R. May-25-1872 Dec-5-1921    
Moorman C. L. Aug-21-1950 Dec-26-1882 Born in Campbell Co., VA -
died in Eureka Springs;
Husband of Sarah Orrell.
Moorman George L. Oct-2-1832 Mar-6-1902 Husband of Kate  
Moorman Kate   Feb-11-1842 Aug-25-1881 Wife of George L. Moorman  
Moorman Lulu   Jun-17-1878 Feb-26-1899 Buried next to C.L. & Sarah Orrell Moorman.  
Moorman Sarah Orrell Sep-11-1851 Jun-26-1930 Wife of C.L. Moorman  
Moorman Tennie H.   May-22-1914    
Morgan John H. May-23-1823 Feb-12-1891 Born in Rutherford Co., TN
Husband of Susan F.
Morgan Kirk Ethel Aug-8-1908 Apr-4-1986    
Morgan Susan F. Jun-30-1830 Dec-30-1887 Born in Rutherford Co., TN
Wife of John Morgan
Morrison Edward     Infant Son of George & Ida Morrison    
Morrison Ida J. (Work) Nov-11-1868 Dec-28-1895 Wife of George Morrison  
Mucklow Robert Ellsworth Oct-20-1911 Oct-13-1996 U.S. NAVY WW II  
Murphy Edward F. Dec-18-1897 Feb-14-1982    
Murphy Eppie Wilkins 1871 1964    
Murphy Harve Wilkins Aug-16-1897 Aug-26-1969 Husband of Mary Harvey.  
Murphy John W. 1870 1948    
Murphy Mary Harvey Aug-18-1906 Oct-9-1990 Wife of Harve Wilkins Murphy.  
Murphy Nancy Moore Feb-29-1904 Mar-10-1977    
Murphy Tom   1900 1907    
Murphy Wyatt Emmett Nov-5-1872 Feb-1-1962    
Murrie Arthur H. Jul-19-1901 Jan-4-1904    
Murrie Edgar     Feb-16-1882 Son of Newton C. & Katherine F. Murrie,
Aged 3 years
Murrie Jefferson N.   Mar-5-1870 Aged 12 years  
Murrie Katherine   Jan-24-1873 Feb-21-1964    
Murrie Katherine F. Mar-2-1839 Aug-2-1894 Wife of Newton C. Murrie  
Murrie Lucie   May-1-1875 Dec-13-1914    
Murrie Newton C. Sep-26-1837 May-21-1878 Husband of Katherine F. Murrie  
Nabors Andrew Jeff Aug-7-1883 Jun-30-1954 Buried beside Minnie Moore Nabors.  
Nabors Annie   Apr-6-1897 Jan-17-1993 Mother; Wife of Zan  
Nabors Minnie Moore Jan-16-1893 Aug-15-1976 Buried next to Andrew "Jeff" Nabors.  
Nabors Zan   Jul-11-1891 Dec-24-1958 Father; Husband of Annie  
Nichols Georgie M. 1878 1964    
Nichols J. Ed. 1864 1947 Double stone with Georgie M.  
Norris H. L. Mar-28-1860 May-23-1928 Husband of Leila  
Norris Harold   Mar-28-1887 Nov-15-1888 Son of H.L. & Leila Norris  
Norris Leila   1864 1918 Wife of H.L. Norris  
Norris Louie     Jun-5-1970    
Orrell Elizabeth B. Jul-25-1826 Mar-31-1902 Erected by the Fairview
Cemetery Society; Wife of Richard Orrell
Orrell Richard   Sep-20-1822 May-11-1873 Erected by the Fairview Cemetery
Society; Husband of Elizabeth B. Orrell
Osborne Zella Hocker (Teel) Aug-20-1880 Jun-23-1960    
Pannell Ella Mae 1897 1951    
Parkes Finis F. Mar-22-1862 May-24-1883    
Parks Ella Latimer Mar-25-1861 Feb-4-1956    
Parks Jack D. Jun-26-1891 Apr-12-1969 Married Feb. 22, 1915;
Husband of Nancy C.
Parks Nancy C. Dec-24-1888 May-13-1970 Married Feb. 22, 1915;
Wife of Jack D. Parks Sr.
Parks W. M. 1859 1939    
Patterson Camilla Jamison Feb-21-1879 Jan-10-1968 Wife of Samuel A.  
Patterson Elizabeth Chambers 1915 1988    
Patterson Igo Anna Aug-25-1873 Dec-1-1954    
Patterson Joseph W. Apr-21-1881 Apr-3-1891 Son of Samuel A. &
Sue F. Patterson
Patterson Samuel A. Aug-30-1845 May-8-1912 Husband of Sue F.  
Patterson Samuel A. 1870 1942 Husband of Camilla Patterson; Son of Samuel A. &
Sue F. Patterson
Patterson Sue F. 1842 1926 Wife of Samuel A.  
Patton Bessie Bivins Jan-28-1890 Nov-6-1972 Wife of Robert J. Patton  
Patton Birt Bivins Sep-9-1887 Jun-12-1965    
Patton Bonnie Agnes Apr-28-1856 Dec-6-1944    
Patton David Sivley Jan-17-1886 Jul-14-1955    
Patton Hiram   Jul-24-1868 Sep-12-1903    
Patton Howard Sivley Aug-18-1907 Oct-22-1909    
Patton Lemuel P. 1858 1941    
Patton Lucinda   Dec-10-1823 Sep-5-1912 Wife of Napoleon  
Patton Napoleon B. Sep-28-1822 Sep-4-1909 Husband of Lucinda  
Patton Pinkie     Dec-21-1879    
Patton Robert J. Dec-18-1889 Jan-27-1978 Husband of Bessie Bivins  
Payne Buena V. 1847 1898    
Pearson Henry Lucius 1858 1945 Husband of Mary Donaho  
Pearson Mary Donaho 1873 1962    
Pegg Betty Reed 1854 1929 Wife of James W. Pegg  
Pegg James W. 1848 1895 Husband of Betty Reed  
Pegg Julian Reed 1887 1893 Son of James W. & Betty Reed Pegg  
Peterson Lillian Corah Mar-14-1897 Aug-19-1898 Daughter of Rev. J.M. &
L.O. Peterson
Petty Joseph Hbert 1900 1953 Husband of Melissia Kathleen Petty  
Petty Mary Kathleen Sep-17-1924 Oct-12-1927 Daughter of J.H. & M.K. Petty  
Petty Melissa Kathleen Dec-14-1905 Dec-14-1988 Wife of Joseph Hubert Petty  
Pope Homer J. Dec-18-1905 Jan-18-1970    
Pope Infant   Jun-17-1920 Jun-17-1920    
Pope Margaret Bishop Jun-19-1913 Nov-26-1988    
Pope Vurvia Octavia Dec-31-1871 Sep-22-1962 Wife of Wm. Lee Pope  
Pope William Lee Dec-4-1867 May-11-1951 Husband of Vurvia Octavia  
Porter Durham Charles Jun-23-1945 Nov-2-1975    
Posey Enos   1816 1858 Husband of Mary Wagley
(interred at Boxelder Cemetery).
Posey Mattie Jane 1887 1931    
Posey William Oscar 1888 1946    
Ragin Ella L. (Cheatam) Feb-7-1857 Jul-30-1884    
Ragin Gilbert   Nov-11-1811 Oct-10-1957    
Ragin Gilbert   Aug-10-1853 Jun-1-1887 Husband of Ella L. Cheatham  
Ragin Mary     Jun-10-1852 Aged 1 year 11 months
Daughter of G. & M. A. Ragin
Railey Helen Abbott May-24-1889 Jan-3-1898    
Rainey Anne Valentine Feb-14-1878 Jan-18-1939    
Rainey Jane Duke 1843 1920    
Rainey John Ross May-31-1886 Apr-29-1936    
Rainey Utie Parham Apr-8-1886 Oct-23-1920 Born in Hickman, KY
Mother of Sarah, Nacny & Anita.
Rainey William C. Dec-24-1833 Nov-4-1903    
Reed Ann B. (Turk) Mar-21-1883 May-21-1959 Wife of Robert J. Reed  
Reed Emma E. 1861 1927    
Reed Horace B. Oct-1-1885 Oct-9-1923    
Reed J. L. 1848 1922    
Reed James L. Nov-2-1893 Apr-28-1984    
Reed James Leighton May-7-1929 Jan-27-1971 Son of James II &
Ruth Hocker Reed
Reed Mary C. 1888 1889    
Reed Mary M. Jan-24-1884 Feb-6-1980    
Reed Mildred   1886 1887    
Reed Regina DeGraffenried
May-19-1878 Sep-19-1957    
Reed Ritchie Hocker Feb-3-1941 Oct-7-1971 Beloved Husband of
Jutta R. Reed
Reed Ruth Hocker Nov-14-1900 Dec-8-1986    
Rhine Adele   1879 1972    
Roach Ann H. Mar-3-1848 Aug-1-1927    
Robbins Arthur L. Jul-25-1914 Jul-3-1988 SSGT U.S. ARMY WW II  
Robbins Arthur L. Apr-5-1871 Nov-9-1938 Husband of Jennie Burke Robbins.  
Robbins Elizabeth   Sep-8-1906 Nov-15-1908 Baby Girl of Jennie B. & A.L.Robbins  
Robbins Jean   Mar-5-1912 May-26-1991    
Robbins Jennie Burke Sep-8-1875 Sep-2-1954 Wife of Arthur L. Burke  
Robbins M. A. 1848 1927 Wife of Rev. William Robbins  
Robbins Mary Lucille Aug-23-1899 May-2-1901 Daughter of S.S. & Alma Robbins  
Robbins Octavia   May-28-1912 Apr-27-1992 Faithful Wife;
Wife of Arthur L. Robbins Jr.
Robbins S. S. Aug-26-1878 Jan-8-1905 Husband of Alma  
Rose Cyrus A. 1873 1959 Husband of Nettie L.  
Rose Nettie L. Jul-21-1883 Aug-31-1947 Wife of C.A. Rose  
Russell Edward K. Jan-7-1912 Sep-7-1979 SSGT U.S. ARMY WW II  
Russell Eugene Bowers Jul-1-1948 Feb-15-1967    
Russell Fannie   Nov-2-1885 Sep-11-1911 Wife of D.C. Russell  
Russell Josephine Bowers Sep-2-1919 Feb-16-2002    
Russell Mary Ellen (Rainey) Oct-26-1874 Feb-18-1903 Wife of L.T. Russell
Mother of L.T. Russell Jr.
Rutherford Lera   Oct-2-1882 Aug-28-1883 Infant Daughter of A.S.
& M.E. Rutherford
Saderson Henry S. Aug-28-1853 May-9-1895    
Shaw Augustus N.   1924 Double stone with
Corinne L. Shaw
Shaw Corinne L.   1935 Double stone with
Augustus N. Shaw
Shaw R. L. Oct-12-1868 Oct-3-1890    
Shaw W. A.   Sep-30-1900 Age 74 years  
Sigur Hubert D. 1902 1981 Husband of Vila Grant  
Sigur Vila Grant 1902 1990 Wife of Hubert  
Sims Anna R.   1864    
Sims M. L. Dec-25-1835 May-5-1905    
Sims Minor J. 1874 1876    
Sims Ned   Aug-8-1884 Apr-28-1895    
Sims Sue West 1842 1925    
Sims Walter   1865 1866    
Sivley Bettie   1858 1918    
Sivley Elizabeth   Dec-21-1904 Dec-27-1982 Wife of Jacob Sivley  
Sivley J. J. Mar-6-1834 Jun-11-1917    
Sivley Jacob   Dec-25-1800 Aug-15-1877 Farewell Dear Husband in
Memory of the Beloved
Husband of Elizabeth Sively
Sivley Laura E. (Dale) Jul-19-1846 Aug-1-1892 Wife of J.J. Sivley  
Skidmore George Monroe Sep-10-1880 Nov-30-1945    
Skidmore Nela Counts Nov-25-1895 May-24-1932    
Smiley Elizabeth Ross Sep-17-1942 Sep-27-1942 Daughter of Ross B.
& Kathryn Smiley
Smiley Eva Brady Apr-25-1893 Feb-16-1972 Wife of Henry Ross Smiley  
Smiley James M. Apr-12-1850 Feb-14-1923    
Smiley Julia D. Jun-3-1861 Oct-20-1938    
Smiley Lelia A. Nov-24-1881 Mar-22-1908 Wife of N.W. Smiley  
Smith Carrie R. Feb-24-1851 Nov-1-1880    
Smith Elizabeth L. Sep-22-1870 Aug-12-1947    
Smith F. M. Aug-6-1840 Jul-5-1910    
Smith F. M. (Wade) Feb-26-1891 Jan-5-1971    
Smith Harriet T.        
Smith James D.     Stone was too old to get any more info off of it.  
Smith John W. Aug-11-1826 Feb-20-1887    
Smith Lawrence          
Smith Lizzie   May-25   Jan-12-1890  
Smith Martha A. May-2-1829 Oct-27-1903 Wife of John W. Smith  
Smith Vera Stanley 1890 1979    
Snell Inez   Apr-8-1884 Apr-5-1987 Daughter of W.K. & Mollie Snell
Buried beside Sisters
Mamie, Mattie & Mattie's twin
(not given a name).
Snell Infant   Oct-22-1885 Nov-2-1885 Twin Daughters of W.K. & Mollie Snell  
Snell James F. Jan-1-1823 May-21-1862    
Snell Mamie Rutherford Feb-13-1890 Nov-2-1890 Daughter of W.K. & Mollie Snell  
Snell Mattie   Oct-22-1885 Apr-25-1886 Infant Twin Daughters of W.K. &
Mollie Snell Buried beside twin
(no name for the other twin),
sister Inez & Sister Mamie.
Spear Birnie Avis Oct-19-1885 Aug-5-1929    
Spear Nancy Hardy 1859 1944 Wife of Robert Wood Spear  
Spear Robert Wood 1862 1943 Husband of Nancy Hardy  
Spencer George Gordon May-9-1927 Apr-21-1976 HA1 U.S. NAVY WW II  
Spencer J. E. Oct-4-1882 Dec-8-1942    
Spencer Mildred Louise (Gordon) Apr-2-1889 Jul-23-1976    
Spencer Patricia Wood Mar-10-1934 Oct-19-1972    
Spike Mattie F. Jul-27-1849 Aug-31-1914    
Stanley Amelia J. Oct-9-1862 Oct-10-1947 Wife of Sam B. Stanley  
Stanley Edmond   Dec-9-1904 Jan-23-1905 Children of R.L. & Fannie Stanley
Double stone with Myron Stanley
Stanley Edward   1888 1889    
Stanley Ethel   1886 1977    
Stanley J. K. P.     Co E 11 TX CAV CSA  
Stanley Myron   Oct-14-1899 Mar-16-1900 Children of R.L. & Fannie Stanley
Double stone with Edmond Stanley
Stanley R. L. May-6-1873 May-31-1931    
Stanley Sam B. Dec-14-1861 Jan-29-1939 Husband of Amelia J.  
Stephens Anna Bell (Rosson) Dec-19-1908 Aug-20-1995    
Stephens Hallie   Jul-29-1905 Sep-6-1905 Daughter of Jno. B. & Katie Stephens  
Stetson Margaret Kennedy 1900 1984    
Stone Amos Miller Oct-15-1848 Jan-28-1919 Husband of Sudie Hamilton  
Stone Lester Roger 1882 1883 Son of A.M. & Sudie Stone  
Stone Lura E. 1879 1963    
Stone Sudie Hamilton 1851 1885 Wife of Amos M. Stone  
Stone Vera Johnson 1863 1937 Wife of Amos M. Stone  
Stone Willie H. 1876 1948    
Storey Louis Richard Dec-11-1896 Jul-13-1968 TX PVT CO C 86 INF WW I  
Storey Tommie Lena Jun-3-1903 Mar-7-1982 Wife of Louis Richard Storey.  
Stowe J.   Mar-15-1830 Apr-11-1899    
Stowe Robert F. Oct-25-1887 Aug-5-1902    
Strong Dan D.   Mar-24-1934 Double stone with Vannie Strong.
Only one date on this stone
Strong Leonard   Dec-11-1895 May-7-1879 Son of Dan & Vannie Strong  
Strong Vannie     Jun-30-1924 Double stone with Dan D. Strong.
Only 1 date on this stone.
Summers Carrie Mae King Dec-3-1895 Mar-31-1970 Wife of John Harold Summers.  
Summers John Harold Jul-6-1894 Dec-21-1975 Husband of Carrie Mae King.  
Sunkel George Foreman Jun-18-1904 Jul-1-1975 Husband of Margaret Smith  
Sunkel Margaret Smith Sep-11-1904 Feb-25-1993 Wife of George Foreman Sunkel  
Swain Lucy Sims   Nov-11-1890 Wife of M.S. Swain,
Aged 20 years 9 months 9 days
Swan Joseph M.   Nov-3-1886 21 years 11months 15 days  
Swann Etta   Mar-13-1880 Oct-23-1889 Daughter of M.& B. Swann  
Swann Malcolm   Mar-27-1856 Feb-22-1888    
Tackett Deborah   Feb-16-1951 Jun-26-1968    
Tackett Deborah Kay Mar-23-1968 Mar-25-1968    
Tackett Relis Wade Jun-2-1910 Feb-6-1999 Husband of Edna D. Rosson  
Talley G. T. 1878 1953 Husband of Octavia  
Talley Garrett   Aug-15-1913 May-24-1931 Son of G.T. & Octavia Talley  
Talley Octavia   1890 1974 Wife of G.T. Talley  
Tayloe Gerald Patterson Mar-30-1913 Jun-20-1917    
Tayloe Lee   Jan-30-1867 Sep-2-1935    
Tayloe Susie Lewis     Stone is buried past the name.  
Taylor Alsey J. 1817 1890    
Taylor Carol Strong Mar-15-1900 Nov-12-1932    
Taylor Charles A. Aug-23-1859 Sep-11-1885    
Taylor D. S. Apr-16-1899 Jan-18-1944    
Taylor Dora May 1880 1964 Wife of Henry Laten Taylor  
Taylor Drury H.   Mar-1-1932 Buried beside Lindsay Bagby Taylor.  
Taylor Elbert M. 1904 1969 Husband of Olivia K.  
Taylor Henry Laten 1877 1928 Husband of Dora May  
Taylor Jettie D. Feb- -1882 Nov- -1963    
Taylor Joseph M. 1820 1892    
Taylor Linda L. Jan-1880 Oct-1969    
Taylor Lindsay Bagby Aug-6-1876 Oct-26-1966    
Taylor Mary T. Mar-7-1880 Dec-14-1913    
Taylor Nellie D. Jun-12-1856 Jul-23-1925 Wife of William M.  
Taylor Ruby E. 1895 1977    
Taylor Rufus Clayton 1878 1956    
Taylor William M. Oct-31-1854 May-28-1924 Husband of Nellie D.  
Teel Bernard Peyton Apr-17-1818 Jun-1-1894 Born in Albermarle Co., VA,
Died in Red River Co. TX
Teel Charlie S. Jul-24-1879 Mar-9-1907 Buried next to
Zella Hocker Teel Osbore.
Teel Lewis Woods 1852 1888    
Teel Margaret Harnesberger Aug-3-1825 Aug-8-1893 Born in Rockingham Co., VA,
Died in Red River Co., TX
Teel Sarah L. (Garrison) Feb-26-1880 Jan-27-1914 Wife of B.P. Teel  
Terry Cinderella Harvey   Jan-4-1935    
Thompson Andrew   Sep-11-1841 Sep-2-1974 Born in Cape Girardeau Co.,
Jackson, Missouri
Thompson Mark Edward Dec-25-1885 Jun-1-1887 Son of J.F. & Fornie  
Tillman Alvin Y. 1922 1943 1ST LIET U.S. ARMY AIR FORCE  
Todd Mamie   Aug-24-1853 Jun-7-1875 Wife of Charles F. Todd  
Tubbs Bell   Oct-2-1881 Apr-26-1916    
Tubbs Elbert Lee Jun-15-1881 Jun-11-1950    
Tubbs Vaudie   1905 1946    
Turpen Joel   1892 1909    
Tyler John A. 1897 1991    
Ussery Ira DeWitt Oct-30-1894 Jul-22-1945 TX SGT CL QM CORPS;
Husband of Maude G.
Ussery Joseph Lane 1855 1928 Husband of Martha Idella  
Ussery Martha Idella 1860 1942 Wife of Joseph Lane  
Ussery Maud G. Aug-24-1897 Jan-1-1992 Wife of Ira DeWitt Ussery  
Van Dyke Adelia F. Feb-14-1828 Jul-29-1871 Wife of L. D. Van Dyke.  
Van Dyke Ella Webb Jul-28-1880 Dec-23-1959    
Van Dyke J. E. Jul-13-1846 Oct-9-1912 CO K 23 TX CAV C.S.A.  
Van Dyke L. D. Dec-23-1816 Mar-22-1906    
Van Dyke Robert L. 1874 1879    
Van Dyke Swann Cheatham 1850 1944    
Vancill Frank M. Aug-3-1890 Mar-13-1956 Husband of Mary L.  
Vancill Mary L. Mar-18-1894 Dec-31-1972 Wife of Frank M.  
Varnell Carrie Ball Feb-17-1871 Aug-20-1896 Wife of J.D. Varnell  
Vaughan Alice Henry Mar- -1923 Jun- -1996 Wife of Vernon V. Vaughan.  
Vaughan Patrick Henry Nov-8-1945 Jan-17-1982 SGT U.S. AIR FORCE VIETNAM  
Vaughan Shane Patrick Mar-27-1972 Mar-27-1988    
Vaughan Vernon V. Mar- -1921 Aug- -1975 Husband of Alice Henry.  
Vesey John W. Dec-19-1821 Aug-17-1876    
Walker Charles Wesley Jul-29-1858 Sep-2-1941    
Walker Edna Charles Aug-22-1884 Apr-22-1936    
Walker Ennice T. 1887 1933    
Walker Mamie C. Mar-12-1881 Oct-4-1886 Daughter of W.T. & Nannie A. Walker  
Walker William T. Aug-16-1852 Jul-26-1920    
Walker William W. Aug-2-1892 Sep-16-1959 TX PFC U.S. ARMY WW I  
Washington Cora   Aug-7-1852 Sep-2-1884 Wife of M.S. Washington  
Washington M. Starkie Dec-25-1852 Jan-25-1989 Husband of Cora  
Washington Mary Ann "Pinkie" Mar-25-1866 Apr-10-1942 Double stone with Mary Washington  
Washington Mary   Jun-14-1890 Apr-2-1973 Double stone with
Mary Ann "Pinkie" Washington.
Watson Annie V. (Hopkins) Aug-1-1872 Jul-5-1926 Wife of Henry Watson  
Watson Charlie C. Jan-18-1892 Aug-6-1932 ARK WAGONER 90 INF 20 DIV  
Watson Edward S. Aug-17-1875 Feb-10-1943 Husband of Lucy Jane  
Watson Emma May 1897 1968    
Watson Gavin   1882 1936    
Watson Gavin   Oct-20-1921 Jun-22-1998 1ST LIET. U.S. ARMY CORP WW II  
Watson Henry   Feb-11-1870 Aug-8-1937 Husband of Annie V. Hopkins  
Watson John   1844 1930    
Watson John P. 1880 1920    
Watson Lucy Jane Oct-26-1879 Nov-21-1958 Wife of Edward S. Watson  
Watson Margaret Bagby May-1-1855 Jan-10-1896 Wife of Samuel Eugene  
Watson Martene   Mar-30-1923 Sep-5-1998    
Watson Nancy McClinton 1883 1906 Wife of Harry G. Watson  
Watson Sallie S. Jul-14-1880 Jul-9-1904    
Watson Samuel Eugene Jun-21-1850 Feb-23-1904 Husband of Margaret Bagby  
Watson Samuel Eugene Jun-21-1850 Feb-23-1904 Husband of Margaret Bagby  
Weaver Dave   1886 1963 Husband of Jessie  
Weaver J. Robert Aug-25-1872 Sep-6-1950 Born in Virginia  
Weaver James A. Dec-25-1830 Aug-29-1906 Husband of Virginia Elizabeth.  
Weaver Jessie   1893 1964 Wife of Dave  
Weaver John H. Nov-29-1866 Jun-14-1935    
Weaver Lewis C. 1878 1930    
Weaver Lucy   1847 1896 Wife of Robert F.  
Weaver Minnie E. 1866 1952    
Weaver Minnie Ellis   Aug-3-1984 Only one date on this stone,
unknown if birth or death date.
Weaver Robert F. 1837 1900 Husbad of Lucy  
Weaver Samuel Woods Aug-26-1874 Jun-27-1890    
Weaver Sara Elizabeth   Dec-4-1966 Only one date on this stone.  
Weaver Sibyl   Apr-30-1906 Jun-3-1908 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Weaver  
Weaver Virginia Elizabeth Feb-16-1836 Jan-15-1912 Wife of James A. Weaver  
Wells Walter   Jan-11-1889 Dec-29-1892 Son of T.A. & A.V. Wells  
West Edward   1802 1868    
West Emma B. 1840 1885 Wife of John C. West  
West Joe E. 1861 1940    
West John C. 1829 1905 Husband of Emma B.  
West Susan J. 1809 1882    
White Alice Tankersley 1872 1953 Mother  
White J. A. Apr-1867 Apr-1915    
White Marion   Jan-31-1902 Aug-18-1906    
White Moses M. 1859 1938    
White Sallie Gordon     82 years  
White Wilhelmina Glosnop 1874 1960    
Whitfield Lewis   Feb-15-1857 Nov-2-1860    
Wilkins Susan H. Jan-1847 Oct-1927 Wife of Thomas B.  
Wilkins Thomas B. Aug-1845 May-1915 Husband of Susan H.  
Williams Ballard H. Mar-6-1857 Feb-7-1890    
Williams Charles E. 1864 1953 Husband of Fae B.  
Williams Ellen E. Jun-23-1835 Oct-1-1857 Daughter of Joseph & Sarah Williams  
Williams Fae B. 1890 1966 Wife of Charles E.  
Williams Joseph D. Sep-27-1830 Aug-7-1858 Son of Joseph & Sarah Williams  
Williams Joseph   Mar-2-1790 Aug-13-1869 Husband of Sarah  
Williams Willie Moorman Oct-19-1876 Dec-22-1910 Wife of Dr. J.E. Williams  
Winder Gladys Walker Mar-23-1907 Feb-1-1992    
Woodall Mary Meagam Feb-6-1823 Jun-10-1857 Born in York Dist., S.C.  
Wootten W. H. Oct-4-1882 Nov-29-1897    
Worley C. A. Sep-18-1832 Mar-4-1919    
Worley Ione C. Oct-22-1857 Feb-2-1931    
Young Georgie Bagby Jan-24-1844 Jan-24-1916    
Young William Wesley Nov-10-1874 Nov-28-1917    

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