Clarksville Cemetery
Red River County Texas

Part I


Complete reading by Maribeth Buce and Barbara Weiss, Summer 2003.






Last Name

First Name
Birth Death Comments        
Abbott Joseph C. Nov-25-1874 Oct-3-1875          
Abbott Lela Pearl Aug-23-1868 Oct-27-1890          
Abbott Louis W. Aug-20-1866 Sep-13-1888          
Abbott Nancy J. Mar-7-1838 Jul-10-1892 Husband of L. N. Abbott        
Adams Amelia M. Jan-31-1844 Jan-10-1914 Wife of James A. Adams        
Adams James A. Aug-25-1842 Feb-4-1918 Husband of Amelia M.        
Agree Infant   Apr-10-1896 Apr-10-1896 Infant Son of L.M. & L.A. Agree        
Allen Baby   Apr-19-1911 Apr-20-1911          
Allen Bonnie Dickson 1889 1980 Wife of Thomas Earley        
Allen Carl   1900 1982          
Allen Green      1876 1956        
Allen Green   1902 1914          
Allen Ruth   Dec-28-1912 Feb-15-1913          
Allen Thomas Earley 1886 1959 Husband of Bonnie Dickson        
Alsobrook Fannie      -1859 1926        
Alsobrook Jim   1859 1923          
Alsobrook Sims   1881 1941          
Alsobrook Willie   1883 1919          
Anderson Cathrine   Jun-24-1906 Jul-1-1907          
Anderson Clark D. 1904 1956          
Anderson Collie M. 1897 1905          
Anderson Grace   Jul-16-1886 Jul-3-1966          
Anderson Jason McFerron 1849 1925          
Anderson John E. Nov-29-1849 Mar-30-1883 Husband of Nellie M. Anderson        
Anderson John Ren Jul-7-1803 Nov-9-1884 Born in Co. Tyrone Ireland Husband of M.M. Anderson        
Anderson M. M. Oct-13-1813 Sep-2-1863 Born in Co. Louth Ireland
Wife of John "Ren" Anderson
Anderson Mollie J. 1874 1906          
Anderson Sarah Elizabeth 1850 1931          
Aubrey Edward Murray Aug-26-1942 Feb-4-1943 Son of Murray & Lucy Aubrey        
Aubrey Murray   Sep-20-1912 Nov-16-1985 Husband of Lucy        
Austin Lee Roy Dec-13-1902 May-22-1970 Husband of Louise Nailling        
Austin Louise nalling Jun-24-1909 May-2-1999 Wife of Lee Roy Austin        
Austin Susan C. Oct-14-1821 Jul-18-1886 Born in Virginia        
Bagby Albert Latimer Jan-3-1879 May-7-1901          
Bagby Clara Lane Jan-8-1858 Apr-17-1930          
Bagby Jane Hill Aug-7-1808 Jul-8-1878 Wife of John A. Bagby        
Bagby John A. Oct-4-1789 May-4-1856 Husband of Jane Hill Bagby        
Bagby John Arthur Jan-20-1836 Nov-16-1881 Husband of Miranda Latimer        
Bagby Margaret Latimer Jun-3-1882 Nov-17-1935          
Bagby William H. Mar-2-1850 Mar-24-1894          
Bailey A. S.   Apr-1-1889 Wife of Sallie M. Bailey        
Bailey Addie                
Bailey Addie S. Jun-28-1885 Sep-9-1896 Daughter of A.S. & S.M. Bailey        
Bailey Addie     Aug-13-1870 (Only 1 date on this stone,
unknown if birth or death.)
Bailey B. J.   May-16-1862 Died at Oxford, Mississippi        
Bailey E. J.   Dec-25-1887 Wife of J.R. Bailey        
Bailey Grose Irving Apr-6-1866 Jan-31-1948          
Bailey H. F.   Sep-21-1865          
Bailey Henrietta F. Aug-11-1813 Sep-20-1865          
Bailey J. W.   1824 1869          
Bailey J. R.   Dec-7-1882 Husband of E.J. Bailey        
Bailey J. H. Oct-14-1832 Mar-2-1896 His wife is buried beside him,
no first name for her,
just Mrs. Bailey 11-4-1839 to 10-13-1908
Bailey James J. Oct-21-1878 May-18-1917          
Bailey L. L.   Sep-25-1867          
Bailey Mittie Patterson Sep-28-1860 Dec-15-1901          
Bailey Randolph     Dec-5-1882          
Bailey Sallie M. Mar-20-1862 Nov-20-1944 Wife of Albert S. Bailey        
Baker A. B. 1834 1914          
Baker Alice Butler Jun-27-1860 May-25-1920 Wife of Wm. Nicholas Baker        
Baker Alvin B. Oct-15-1894 Feb-15-1931          
Baker George     Nov-3-1875 Son of G.C. & Ella Baker,
Aged 2 years 6 months
Baker George C. May-31-1879 Aug-30-1889 Son of O.B. & Belle (Isabella)        
Baker George C. Oct-22-1848 Dec-4-1896 Husband of Ellen Baker.        
Baker Infant   Sep-26-1894 Sep-26-1894 Infant Daughter of A. B. & M. A. Baker        
Baker Isabella   Feb-12-1853 Dec-3-1928 Wife of O.B. Baker        
Baker Marvin   Nov-6-1880 Oct-20-1881          
Baker Mary A. 1870 1940          
Baker O. B. Jan-4-1841 Dec-16-1928 Husband of Isabella        
Baker William Nicholas Jan-18-1851 Jul-5-1919 Husband of Alice Butler        
Banks Elizabeth E. Sep-27-1831 Jun-13-1890 Born in Edinburg Scotland
Died in Detroit, TX
Wife of Thomas R. Banks.
Banks Ida English Apr-23-1856 Nov-22-1945 Buried next to
Wm. Wootten Banks.
Banks Thomas R. Feb-9-1812 Jul-13-1892 Husband of Elizabeth E.        
Banks Thomas R. Feb-9-1812 Jul-13-1892 Husband of Elizabeth E.        
Banks William Wootten Aug-12-1853 Oct-19-1893          
Barry Anna Mary 1872 1917 Wife of John E. Barry
This is the 1st wife of John
Barry Charley   Dec-17-1865 Nov-10-1875 Son of Joseph E. & Susan L. Barry        
Barry Clara E. 1886 1971 Wife of John Barry        
Barry David N. Oct-23-1808 Mar-18-1878 Husband of Martha C. Barry        
Barry Infant       Infant Daughter of J.H. & Sallie Barry        
Barry Infant   Aug-22-1901 Aug-22-1901 Infant Son of John E. & Anna M. Barry        
Barry John Erwin 1870 1941 Husband of Clara E.        
Barry Joseph Erwin Nov-28-1893 Nov-9-1958 TX CSK U.S. NAVY WW I & II        
Barry Joseph E. Oct-5-1839 Feb-24-1871 Husband of Susan L.        
Barry Martha C. Aug-29-1815 Jun-9-1888 Wife of David N. Barry        
Barry Mary E. Aug-20-1848 Dec-12-1934          
Barry Mary Anna Mar-22-1898 Oct-31-1900 Daughter of John E. & Anna Mary Barry        
Barry Samuel R. Apr-17-1812 Feb-2-1881          
Barry Susan L. Jun-17-1842 Jul-1-1892 Wife of Joseph E. Barry        
Bateman Helen E. -1835 1906          
Bayless Mattie Donoho -1875 1951          
Beeson Clara Barton Sep-24-1898 Jun-2-1900 Daughter of J.M. & A.E. Beeson        
Beeson Johnnie Olivia Jan-13-1896 Nov-23-1902 Daughter of J.M. & A.E. Beeson        
Beeson Lula Gladys Jul-30-1887 Mar-8-1899 Daughter of J.M. & A.E. Beeson        
Bell John James Nov-24-1883 May-11-1932          
Bell Martha Sue Sep-3-1847 Jan-17-1911          
Benham Demas McF. May-15-1842 Sep-19-1889          
Benham Willie   -1883 1919          
Bennett Jesse W. Jun-5-1875 Mar-30-1957 Double stone with Werdna D. Bennett        
Bennett Vennie   Mar-28-1880 May-5-1914 Wife of J.W. Bennett        
Bennett Werdna D. Jan-6-1895   Double stone with Jesse W. Bennett        
Bernard Brian   Dec-2-1884 Mar-20-1926 Husband of Genevieve W.        
Bernard Genevieve W. Sep-8-1885 Dec-24-1955 Wife of Brian Bernard        
Bibby May Hunter Feb-22-1859 Oct-10-1900 Wife of William H. Bibby        
Bibby William H. Oct-9-1862 Apr-30-1897 Husband of M.H. Bibby        
Black Bentley   Aug-23-1945 Jul-19-2000 Son of Audrey (Graves) & Byron Black Father of Melissia & Byron III        
Blackwell Margaret   Oct-30-1845 Mar-17-1913          
Blanton Benjamin E. Mar-31-1916 Nov-27-1985 Y2 U.S. NAVY WW II Husband of Mildred L.        
Boddie Goodman Franklin -1857 1950 Husband of Ida Irene        
Boddie Ida Irene -1857 1914 Wife of Goodman Franklin Boddie        
Bollinger J. B. 1874 1924          
Bollinger Pete   1883 1926          
Bolton Bettie H. Dec-20-1875 1955          
Bolton J. F. Dec-1-1868 Apr-18-1937          
Bonham Emily Talley Sep-14-1909 Aug-22-1970 Buried beside Rowland Thornton Bonham.        
Bonham Lelia B. 1876 1950 Buried beside W.E. Bonham.        
Bonham Mary Smiley Jul-15-1895 Jan-27-1983 Wife of Wm. Edwin Bonham.        
Bonham Mildred     1877 Mother of W.E. Bonham        
Bonham Rowland Thornton Apr-22-1907 Mar-14-1978 Buried beside Emily Talley Bonham.        
Bonham W. E. 1873 1927 Buried beside Lelia B. Bonham.        
Bonham William Edwin Jul-21-1896 Jan-10-1969 Husband of Mary Smiley        
Bonham William Edwin Jul-21-1896 Jan-10-1969 Husband of Mary Smiley        
Bonner I. George Jun-20-1921 Oct-16-1994 LIET COMMANDER RETIRED        
Bookout Elizabeth Ann Mar-3-1935 Mar-3-1935 Twin Sons of Mr. & Mrs. John T. Bookout        
Bookout Infants     Feb-4-1954          
Boren Clare Payne Dec-26-1922 Jul-25-2002 Daughter of Hallie Payne Webb Marable        
Bowers Allie G. Jul-4-1893 Dec-8-1985          
Bowers Blanche Lerline Sep-3-1878 Sep-3-1893 Daughter of C.M. & F.A. Bowers        
Bowers Eugene M. Oct-26-1853 Oct-16-1923          
Bowers Eugene W. Nov-9-1886 Apr-13-1978          
Bowers Fannie   Jun-29-1858 Jan-14-1953          
Bowers G. M. Jan-26-1856 Sep-26-1890          
Bowers Infant     Infant Daughter of C.M & F.A. Bowers          
Bowers Josephine Teel Dec-11-1861 Jun-28-1941          
Bowers Lillian B. Sep-8-1909 Jul-29-1995 Wife of Stephen Teel Bowers        
Bowers Mary Hazel Dec-1-1904 May-17-1945          
Bowers Rhoda H. Feb-15-1822 Jul-30-1898 Wife of Wm. M. Bowers        
Bowers Stephen Teel Mar-3-1895 Jan-10-1982 Husband of Lillian B.        
Bowers William Clide Mar-8-1881 Mar-15-1885 Son of C.M. & F.A. Bowers        
Bowers William M. Jun-23-1820 Feb-26-1896 Wife of Rhoda H. Bowers        
Bowie Elizabeth Canterbury Dec-9-1909 Oct-8-1993          
Boyd Bowman   Apr-8-1852 Oct-14-1889          
Boyd Florence L.              
Boyd Marvin E. 1900 1918          
Brackeen Olevia Ludrick Jun-2-1870 Aug-8-1943          
Bradbury Mollie Hooks Feb-20-1858 Jul-25-1886 Daughter of H.C. & A. Hooks - Wife of Stephen B. Bradbury        
Bradbury Stephen B. Feb-14-1854 Apr-16-1887          
Brady John   Mar-8-1861 Feb-12-1904          
Brantley Hiram L. Aug-15-1909 Oct-10-1975 TEC4 U.S. ARMY WW II Husband of Sybil K. Brantley        
Brantley Sybil K. Sep-5-1911 Jul-28-1990 Wife of Hiram L. Brantley        
Bray Joanna   1842 1912          
Brem Belle   Jul-24-1879 Jun-8-1897          
Brem Infant   Jan-22-1897 Feb-16-1897 Infant Son of M.L. & Katie Brem        
Brem Mary Ann 1842 1872          
Brem Thomas J.   Oct-17-1911 27TH TX CAV C.S.A.
His Children: Wm., Lee, Carey, Kitty,
Dora, Lillie, Bell, Annie & Jake
Brem William   Aug-24-1862 Jun-4-1888          
Brock Selma Corley Jan-17-1893 Feb-1-1936 Wife of M. D. Brock        
Brooks John Vance Jun-12-1835 Oct-11-1865 *Son of J.H. & Alsie Brooks
Born in Giles Co., TN
Browning Elizabeth   1876 1909          
Bryant George N. Dec-5-1863 Nov-27-1893 Son of H. H. & Sarah M. Bryant        
Bryant Sallie M. Jan-7-1830 May-14-1894 Double stone with her Son, George N.        
Bryarly James C. Mar-6-1848 Aug-29-1884 Husband of Nannie Williams        
Bryarly Jimmie   Dec-17-1884 Mar-20-1887 Son of J.C. & N.S. Bryarly        
Bryarly Nannie Williams Oct-17-1850 Aug-17-1916 Wife of J.C. Bryarly        
Bryarly R. L. Mar-14-1883 Dec-21-1883 Daughter of J.C. & N.S. Bryarly        
Burks Della Cordon Jan-4-1879 Apr-29-1899 Wife of W.H. Burks        
Burks Hinton E. Dec-7-1877 Aug-18-1890          
Burks Infant     Infant Son of J.H. & I.H. Burks          
Burks J. H. Feb-10-1838 Sep-2-1898          
Burks John     Dec-11-1911 CPL 359 INF 90 DIV        
Burks Joseph E. May-16-1866 Oct-26-1866          
Burks Marissa   Jul-29-1876 Feb-4-1960          
Burks Nannie   Dec-12-1872 Jan-9-1874 Daughter of J.H. & I.H. Burks        
Burks Rebecca   Dec-28-1867 Jan-2-1874 Daughter of J.H. & I.H. Burks        
Burks Will H. Mar-12-1875 Apr-6-1938          
Burks Will Hopkins Sep-7-1903 Oct-10-1945          
Burrus Sam   Jan-25-1867 Feb-23-1903          
Butcher Allie C. May-2-1871 Feb-1-1898 Wife of D.Y. Butcher        
Butcher Betty     Sep-12-1917 There is only one date on this stone, unknown if it is birth or death.        
Butcher Edith   Nov-12-1887 Aug-28-1895 Daughter of J.M. Butcher        
Butcher John M. Aug-16-1854 Jan-16-1936          
Butcher Lillie C. Jan-18-1866 Nov-23-1892 Wife of J.M. Butcher        
Butcher Will   Feb-7-1890 Oct-22-1918          
Byal Mary Marable Feb-18-1901 Feb-27-1993          
Caldwell Alma C. Sep-1-1880 Sep-9-1910 Wife of Lute Caldwell        
Calhoun Fannie Jane Jan-15-1885 Nov-27-1957 Double stone with Joel David        
Calhoun Jessie S. Sep-12-1909 Nov-4-1995 Married April 18, 1925
Spouse of Park M. Calhoun
Calhoun Joel David Jul-5-1872 Feb-16-1937 Double stone with Fannie Jane Calhoun.        
Calhoun Park M. Aug-31-1901 Mar-3-1972 Married April 18, 1925
Spouse of Jessie S. Calhoun
Calhoun Truman   1906 1918          
Campbell Louise C. 1888 1925          
Camster G. H. Mar-25-1843 Jan-23-1918 Husband of Mary A.        
Camster Margret E. Jan-24-1871 Mar-26-1890          
Camster Mary A. Dec-19-1843 Nov-21-1905 Wife of G. H. Camster        
Canterbury Elo   1881 Jul-23-1957          
Canterbury Ernest Lee 1876 1920          
Canterbury Lorene Foster Mar-26-1909 Aug-14-1928          
Carroll Callie M. Feb-16-1850 Jan-1-1899          
Carroll Clide   Jun-10-1886 Jul-12-1886          
Carroll Cora A.   Aug-22-1885 Daughter of W.D. & M.C. Carroll Age 2 y 7 m 14 d        
Carroll Fannie   1829 1880          
Carroll John L. 1823 1880          
Carroll John N. May-4-1891 Aug-17-1912          
Carroll Mary Willie Apr-29-1876 Oct-23-1898          
Carroll W. D. Aug-6-1847 Jul-24-1907          
Carter Clemmie D. Oct-20-1850 Sep-4-1884 Wife of Tom A. Carter        
Carter R. H. Mar-28-1838 Feb-5-1882          
Carter Thomas A. Nov-19-1834 Jun-16-1891          
Caton W. R. Feb-17-1822 Jun-11-1903          
Chambers Clifton Ayers Oct-10-1888 Apr- -1959 Husband of Eva Smith        
Chambers David S. 1917 1989          
Chambers David Ayers Jan-7-1862 Jun-13-1944 Husband f Eda C.        
Chambers E. S. Sep-7-1850 Feb-4-1921 Husband of Sue Belle        
Chambers Eda C. Oct-19-1865 Apr-19-1904 Wife of David Ayers        
Chambers Eva Smith Sep-11-1889 Dec-14-1986 Wife of Clifton Ayers        
Chambers Gypsie B. Apr-14-1874 Oct-18-1959          
Chambers Jack Allen Jul-24-1892 Feb-17-1894 Son of E.S. & S.B. Chambers        
Chambers Jessie Richardson Feb-12-1871 Feb-26-1950          
Chambers Sue Belle Jan-6-1856 Nov-5-1896 Wife of E.S. Chambers        
Cheatham David W. Nov-10-1854 Jul-21-1906 Husband of Estelle C. O'Neill.        
Cheatham Eliza Y. 1826 1915 Wife of Capt. Green K. Cheatham        
Cheatham Estelle C. (O'Neill) 1867 1951 Wife of David W.        
Cheatham Green K. Feb-16-1810 Nov-29-1880 Husband of Eliza Y. Cheatham        
Cheatham James Henry     CO D 1ST ARKANSAS CAV C.S.A. Aged 37 years Husband of Sue B. Cheatham        
Cheatham Kathleen   Jul-5-1893 Apr-7-1899 Daughter of David W. & Estelle C. Cheatham        
Cheatham Lou Games Dec-10-1879 Jun-17-1881 Children of J.H. & S.B. Cheatham
Buried next to Lucy Lane Cheatham
Cheatham Lucy Lane Mar-13-1876 May-11-1876 Children of J.H. & S.D. Cheatham
Buried beside Lou Games Cheatham
Cheatham Matthew V. 1859 1904          
Cheatham R. W. Sep-10-1852 Dec-25-1904          
Cheatham Sue B. 1851 1927 Wife of James Henry Cheatham        
Cheatham William C. Jun-13-1847 Jun-6-1876 CO D 1ST ARK CAV C.S.A.        
Clark Benjamin   Jan-  1758 Feb- -1838        
Clark Buck M. Oct-30-1872 Dec-21-1942 Husband of Louise Hill        
Clark Emma West 1874 1952          
Clark Isabel Hamil Sep-4-1907 Jun-24-1919          
Clark James   1798 1838          
Clark Jim   Oct-13-1881 Aug-11-1953 Husband of Mamie Chambers        
Clark Lou E. Jul-17-1841 Jan-20-1945 Wife of Dr. Pat B. Clark        
Clark Louise Hill May-31-1890 Jun- -1970 Wife of Buck M. Clark        
Clark Mamie Chambers Jan-10-1883 Mar-16-1940 Wife of Jim Clark        
Clark Melanie Jan Dec-5-1980 Feb-25-1981 Infant Daughter of David L. & Jan Gist Clark        
Clark Minnie Wheeler Jan-27-1872 May-15-1961          
Clark Pat B. J. 1870 1940          
Clark Pat Benjamin Oct-18-1835 Aug-31-1921 TX SURGEON 32 REGT TX CAV C.S.A. Husband of Lou E. Clark        
Clark Simeon English Jul-28-1868 Mar-22-1947          
Clawson Minnie   Sep-28-1879 Oct-26-1880 Daughter of D. & L.L. Clawson        
Cliborne Hazel Kirk Mar-1-1914 Sep-10-1943          
Clifton Joseph F. Nov-24-1869 Jan-5-1894 Son of Elizabeth & E.T. Clifton        
Cofield Emma   Aug-17-1866 Mar-10-1922          
Cofield William M. 1900 1973          
Cofield William M.     CO K 11 GA INF C.S.A.        
Collins Ernest S. Dec-21-1909 Jan-1-1990          
Collins George W. Oct-17-1848 Aug-7-1878 Son of J.A. & S.A. Collins        
Collins John Ernest Nov-13-1876 Jan-31-1966          
Collins Margaret Sue Jun-23-1913 Mar-18-1986          
Collins Nina Chambers Jan-29-1890 Aug-25-1942          
Collins Thomas Linden Nov-26-1914 Jul-5-1916          
Conley George F.     CO K 23 TX CAV C.S.A.        
Cook Victoria   Oct-18-1859 Mar-16-1886 Wife of J.R. Cook        
Corley Adelbert   1860 1907 Husband of Fannie Weaver Corley        
Corley Adelbert   May-10-1836 Nov-19-1906 Double stone with Caroline Corley        
Corley Alice Adele Dec-11-1869 Jan-30-1915 Wife of Dr. Sam Corley        
Corley Caroline   Sep-13-1839 Jan-19-1908 Double stone with Adelbert Corley        
Corley Esther   May-28-1898 Dec-10-1957          
Corley Fannie Weaver Feb-27-1863 Apr-11-1927 Wife of Adelbert Corley        
Corley John A.     LIET COLONEL 23 TX CAV C.S.A.        
Corley Julian C. Apr-17-1899 May-30-1962 ALA TEC 4 HQ CO STATION COMP WW II        
Corley Sam   Feb-9-1863 Nov-7-1920 Husband of Alice Adele Corley.        
Cornelius Cammie E. Oct-18-1892 Apr-15-1969          
Cornelius Imogene Kibbe May-16-1869 Apr-15-1933 Mother Wife of Wm. Pryor.        
Cornelius Margaret Ann 1845 1915 Wife of W.P. Cornelius.        
Cornelius W. P.     ORD SGT RAGSDALES CO TX CAV C.S.A.        
Cornelius William Ragin Jan-17-1899 Sep-9-1977 SEA2 U.S. NAVY WW I        
Cornelius William Pryor Mar-9-1869 Aug-24-1946 Father Husband of Imogene Kibbe.        
Council Mary A. (Murrie) 1859 1925 Wife of William Drew Council        
Council William Drew 1851 1931 Husband of Mary A. Murrie        
Counts Henry Clay Jun-23-1869 Aug-10-1946 Husband of Ida E. Bray        
Counts Ida E. (Bray) Nov-4-1873 Jun-10-1952 Wife of Henry Clay Counts        
Craig Charles B. Aug-24-1848 Dec-29-1909 Husband of Mary Stanley        
Craig Mary Stanley Mar-27-1853 Feb-2-1920 Wife of C.B. Craig        
Crawford Catherine   Jan-19-1818 Oct-30-1996          
Creager Elizabeth Hyde 1887 1977 Wife of Paul Younger Creager        
Creager Paul Younger 1885 1952 Husband of Elizabeth Hyde        
Crisp Myrtle   Oct-5-1911 Feb-28-1947          
Crowder Mary   Mar-19-1828 Feb-14-1908          
Culter Fred P. Oct-29-1907 Aug-29-1965          
Cunningham Mattie D. Jun-14-1847 Sep-22-1875          
Curd Charlie E. Jan-31-1878 Sep-29-1895          
Dale John P. Oct-9-1853 May-11-1888          
Dale John P. Aug-3-1816 Apr-14-1887 Husband of A.H. Dale        
Davis Jo Ella Kiersky Sep-18-1860 Dec-20-1929          
Deaver Clarence E. 1879 1919          
Deaver D. Ethel Jan-11-1886 Aug-13-1909 Daughter of M.W. & Kate Deaver        
Deaver Kate D. Jan-24-1854 Nov-17-1927 Wife of Maxwell Wilson        
Deaver Maurine   Sep-28-1906 Jun-3-1909 Daughter of J.M. & Emily Deaver        
Deaver Maxwell Wilson Jun-29-1837 Mar-17-1920 Husband of Kate D.        
Deaver Nancy L. Jul-25-1827 Oct-28-1891 Wife of C.A. Deaver        
Deaver Susie Lane 1878 1967          
Dees Grover   Jun-25-1888 Sep-22-1889 Son of W. A. & Callie Dees        
DeMorse Ann Jones   Dec-18-1849 Aged 4 years On the same stone with Charles & Lodoiska DeMorse.        
DeMorse Charles     Aug-15-1846 Aged 6 years 8 months On the same stone with Charles & Lodoiska DeMorse.        
DeMorse Charles   Jan-31-1816 Oct-25-1887 Born in Leicester, Mass - Died in Clarksville, TX Husband of Lodoiska C. Woolridge        
DeMorse Lodoiska C. (Woolridge) Jan-16-1820 Feb-6-1849 Born in Abbeville, S.C. - Died in Clarksville, TX - Daughter of T.A. & J. T. Woolridge - Wife of Charles DeMorse        
DeVor Ella       Daughter of Thomas & Sarah DeVor        
DeVor J. V.              
DeVor Laura     Daughter of Thomas & Sarah DeVor          
DeVor Lillie       Daughter of Thomas P. & Sarah DeVor        
DeVor May       Daughter of Thomas & Sarah DeVor        
DeVor Sarah Ellen 1838 1914          
DeVor Thomas P. 1830 1879          
Dew E. L. Aug-7-1836 Dec-29-1867 Husband of Mary A. Dew        
Dew Edward Livingston 1869 1943          
Dew Jane Hill Jun-22-1881 Jan-7-1976          
Dew John   Feb-20-1913 Mar-12-1980          
Dew Mary K. Jun-14-1917 Feb-22-1979          
Dew Mary A. Nov-14-1842 Dec-29-1886 Wife of E.L. Dew        
Dick Archibald Prentice Jan-23-1840 Nov-3-1917          
Dick Infant     Jun-20-1931 Infant Son of Kelsey & Mary Dick        
Dick Kelsey Morgan Sep-30-1904 Jul-25-1968 Husband of Mary Heston.        
Dick Louie   Jun-2-1900 Nov-2-1905          
Dick Mary Heston Sep-28-1904 Aug-4-1985 Wife of Kelsey Morgan Dick        
Dick Percy   Mar-9-1879 Mar-19-1911          
Dick Sallie McCulloch Oct-24-1844 Dec-30-1924          
Dick Thomas Howard Dec-2-1870 Mar-28-1921          
Dickson Adelia P. Oct-22-1878 Mar-16-1957          
Dickson Ann E. Aug-29-1844 Mar-8-1935 Wife of William H. Dickson        
Dickson B. Franklin May-11-1870 Jun-12-1940 Double stone with E. Clyde Dickson.        
Dickson E. Clyde Nov-21-1891 Mar-24-1965 Double stone with Rev. B. Franklin Dickson.        
Dickson Eugenia Epperson Aug-8-1875 Sep-25-1899          
Dickson Henry Barnall Aug-12-1867 Sep-18-1898 Husband of Eugenia Epperson Dickson        
Dickson James A. 1858 1925          
Dickson Jesse Britt Feb-14-1873 Sep-23-1947          
Dickson John Allen Jan-27-1942 Feb-16-1943 Son of James & Nina Dickson        
Dickson M. Josephine 1861 1928          
Dickson Sarah E. (Turner) Mar-31-1849 Oct-7-1885 Born & Died in Clarksville, TX        
Dickson Susan B. Aug-6-1818 Aug-14-1863 Born in Charlotte N.C. - Wife of Wm. P. Dickson        
Dickson William H. Feb-25-1840 Jan-12-1912 Husband of Ann E. Dickson        
Dickson William P. Jan-6-1810 Apr-20-1869 Born in Dickson Co., Tenn. Husband of Susan B. Dickson        
Diffie Dora J. Jan-5-1884 May-12-1982          
Diffie Luke H. Jul-4-1877 Mar-3-1961 Husband of Dora J.        
Dinwiddie Hester A. Sep-4-1814 Oct-25-1864 Wife of James F.        
Dinwiddie James F. Nov-15-1838 Sep-1-1866 Husband of Hester A.        
Dinwiddie Mattie J. Sep-4-1837 Jun-17-1863          
Dinwiddie Willie                
Doak Burke Robbins Jun-2-1902 Jan-8-1999 Double stone with Dr. Nathaniel P. Doak.        
Doak Cleve Graves 1883 1971 Double stone with Ollie Lane Doak        
Doak Laura Reed              
Doak Maggie B. Jun-22-1866 Jan-21-1907          
Doak N. P.              
Doak Nathaniel P. Jul-28-1901 Apr-20-1953 Double stone with Burke Robbins Doak.        
Doak Ollie Lane 1877 1948          
Doak Sam L. Oct-23-1802 Jun-25-1866 Born in Adair Co. Kentucky        
Dodd Bettie Kennedy 1839 1915          
Donaho Sidney B. Sep-4-1835 Dec-9-1904          
Donoho Ellen D. Jan-27-1842 Feb-25-1908 Wife of James B. Donoho        
Donoho Harriet E. Jan-30-1835 Jul-10-1842 Daughter of Wm. & Mary Donoho        
Donoho James B. 1893 1925          
Donoho James B. Jul-6-1877 Jun-30-1879          
Donoho Lacy D. Dec-15-1839 Dec-23-1846 Daughter of Wm. & Mary Donoho        
Donoho Mary A. Oct-20-1832 May-24-1972 Daughter of William & Mary W. Donoho        
Donoho Mary W. Nov-24-1807 Jan-12-1880 Wife of William        
Donoho Susan M. J. Jun-12-1844 Sep- -1860 Daughter of Wm. & Mary Donoho        
Donoho William   Sep-18-1798 Sep-28-1845 Husband of Mary W.        
Dooling Maud Collins Jul-28-1878 Dec-22-1950          
Dooling Thomas H. 1859 1924          
Duke Emily A. Sep-8-1826 Aug-11-1994 Double stone with James M. Duke        
Duke James M. Nov-20-1816 Jul-20-1892 Double stone with Emily A. Duke        
Durfee Charles       CO B 9TH TX INF C.S.A.        
Durrum Infant     Mar-8-1913 Infant Daughter of J.C. & Lodoika Durrum        
Edzards Emilie   1877 1950          
Edzards John C. 1865 1943          
Ellis Susan Melinda 1849 1933          
Erwin Richard   Oct-18-1817 Nov-22-1862 Husband of E.A. Erwin        
Etzel Evalyn Sivley Nov-4-1866 Feb-26-1937          
Exum Leon Connie Oct-15-1902 Oct-15-1977          
Exum Octava E. Apr-2-1895 Dec-28-1971 Wife of Will J.        
Exum Thomas J. Dec-11-1899 Jan-3-1958 Husband of Leon Connie Exum        
Exum Will J. Jun-28-1879 May-30-1971 Husband of Octava E. Exum        
Ezell James Munroe     Mr. & Mrs. James Munroe Ezell & Family
(bottom of stone) FL 1850
Farmer Cora F. Oct-17-1852 Mar-8-1910          
Felts John T. 1890 1954          
Felts John T. 1923 1943 LIET U.S.M.C.        
Felts Marion Patricia 1926 1988          
Felts Winifred Clark 1898 1983          
Ferguson Bessie E. Nov-2-1883 Oct-8-1933 Wife of James E. Ferguson        
Ferguson Dane W. 1907 1912          
Ferguson Doris Ruth May-10-1907 Jul-1-1909          
Ferguson James E. May-20-1872 Apr-2-1939 Husband of Bessie E.        
Ferguson Mary Frances 1914 1980          
Ferguson Merle Hoffman 1881 1972          
Ferguson Sue Lee 1911 1915          
Ferguson William Thomas 1870 1932          
Ferguson William Joe Sep-20-1921 Dec-31-1996 U.S.A.F. WW II
Husband of Jean Herring
Fitzgerald Mary E. May-29-1827 Sep-16-1913          
Fly Lucille F. 1904 1975          
Fly Winson E. 1897 1935          
Forbes Clarence V.   Aug-27-1852 Age 3 years 9 months        
Foster John C.     ORD DEPT C.S.A.        
Foster Rhoda Bailey Jun-8-1871 Oct-30-1893 Wife of Dr. John G. Foster,
Daughter of W.W. & M.A. Bailey
Fowler Albert B. 1869 1944          
Fowler Albert   Jun-19-1902 Jun-20-1902 Son of A.B. & A. Fowler        
Fowler Alice C. 1882 1924          
Fowler C. E. 1814 Jan-6-1900 Husband of Rebecca R. Bowers        
Fowler Charles L. Sep-1-1921 Aug-22-1979 Married Sept. 8, 1946 Husband of Marjorie        
Fowler Demarious   1850 1944 Buried beside C.E. & Rebecca R. Bowers Fowler.        
Fowler Edith Williams Dec-5-1912 Apr-26-1992          
Fowler Fay Nichols Aug-3-1906 Nov-3-1968          
Fowler Frank G. Jul-21-1906 Nov-26-1978          
Fowler Georgia S. (Van Dkye) Feb-19-1907 Dec-13-1993          
Fowler Haywood   Apr-1-1854 Jul-22-1916          
Fowler Ivan C. 1902 1945          
Fowler Marjorie   Apr-12-1923 Oct-26-1994 Married Sept. 8, 1946 Wife of Charles L.        
Fowler Rebecca R. (Bowers) Oct-27-1828 May-17-1907 Wife of C.E. Fowler        
Fowler Thomas   May-17-1908 May-6-1950          
Fox Bettie S. 1894 1973          
Fox Guy H. 1891 1952          
Franklin Bessie M. Jan-3-1871 Sep-21-1959          
Franklin Lula Tubbs Aug-10-1892 Jun-8-1976          
Franklin Mary Elizabeth Aug-21-1912 Jun-10-1913          
Franklin Robert Lee Jun-8-1890 Jun-10-1924          
Frickie Eleanor B. Nov-26-1914 Sep-13-1983 Married March 3, 1934
Wife of Leroy
Frickie Leroy   Nov-23-1912 Apr-2-1989 Married March 3, 1934
husband of Eleanor B.
Funk Cyrus H. Oct-5-1886 Feb-4-1965 Married Dec. 12, 1908
Husband of Elizabeth B.
Funk Elizabeth B. Jan-12-1889 Aug-16-1983 Married Dec. 12, 1908
Wife of Cyrus H. Fonk
Funk Hubert J. Oct-15-1914 Jun-19-1943 PFC Hubert J. Funk        
Gaines Arthur L. Jan-20-1866 Apr-20-1902          
Gaines Birdie Y. Jul-5-1861 Nov-23-1898 Wife of W.K. Gaines        
Gaines Doda Turner Jan-10-1877 Dec-24-1910          
Gaines Edward Pendleton Sep-21-1873 Apr-20-1927          
Gaines Eliza Ann Jan-7-1840 May-6-1900          
Gaines Genette   1869 1938          
Gaines Hellen Smith Feb-11-1853 Apr-28-1928 Wife of T.S. Gaines        
Gaines J. Walter Dec-26-1881 Feb-23-1906 Husband of Rebecca        
Gaines J. W. 1822 Apr-14-1895          
Gaines Rebecca   Mar-4-1824 Dec-8-1900 Wife of J.W. Gaines        
Gaines T. S. Jan-17-1847 Apr-1-1936 CO E 43 TX CAV C.S.A.
Husband of Hellen Smith
Gaines Thomas W. 1861 1931          
Gaines Thomas W. May-25-1827 Dec-30-1894          
Gaines William Cleve Nov-19-1885 Mar-1-1954          
Gardner William M. Dec-16-1821 Mar-17-1902 Born in Murry Co., TN
died in Clarksville, TX
Garrison D. C. Oct-16-1817 Apr-6-1906 Husband of Sarah E. Garrison        
Garrison Emma   Apr-10-1855 Dec-29-1891 Born in Greenville, S.C.
Married Dec. 14, 1873 to W.C. Garrison
Garrison Sarah E. Feb-19-1923 Jun-16-1883 Wife of D.C. Garrison        
Garrison W. P. May-11-1845 Jun-9-1904 Born in Greenville Co., S.C.        
Geer Nina   1877 1935          
Giddens Minnie M. Jun-16-1889 Nov-19-1970          
Gill Elizabeth Jane (Murray) Feb-21-1817 Sep-1-1864          
Gillispie Sarah     Apr-26-1871 96 years        
Gist Buick A. Oct-18-1912 Aug-4-1996 Double stone with
Wm. J. Gist.
Gist William J. Mar-28-1911 Dec-24-1976 Double stone with
Buick A. Gist.
Glosnop Jane   1845 1915 Wife of William Otto        
Glosnop William Otto 1835 1995 Husband of Jane        
Goodman J. A. Jun-26-1859 Apr-1-1930 Double stone with M.M. Goodman        
Goodman Lucy Sims 1890 1924          
Goodman M. M. Jul-15-1857 May-1-1914 Double stone with J.A. Goodman        
Goodson Addie   Jan-16-1900 Jan-3-1989          
Goodson William W. Dec-10-1887 Jan-19-1967 TX SGT INF WW I        
Gordon Babe   Nov-21-1851 May-4-1923          
Gordon Eliza Browning Jan-1-1847 Oct-21-1937          
Gordon George   Jan-7-1844 Jan-22-1855 Son of J.S. & M.A. Gordon        
Gordon John S. Aug-31-1807 Nov-11-1878 Born in Cincinnati Ohio
Died in Clarksville, TX
Gordon Mary E. Dec-7-1873 Apr-5-1923          
Gordon Mary A. May-9-1813 Feb-7-1896 Born in St. Louis, MO
Died in Clarksville, TX
Gordon W. M. Mar-23-1848 Sep-19-1895          
Gough Clara   Jan-24-1853 Mar-4-1994 Wife of H.C. Gough        
Gough Henry C. 1846 1918 Husband of Clara.        
Gough Mary M. Jan- -1823 Nov-13-1880 Wife of J.H. Gough
(Not sure of birth year,
stone hard to read
Gould N. C.     Colonel 23 TX CAV C.S.A.        
Grady Margie Weaver 1881 1951          
Graham Julia Augusta Mar-24-1850 Apr-6-1894 Born in Russell Co., Alabama
Died in Clarksville, TX
Wife of Rev. W.W. Graham
Grant Fletcher L. Jan-15-1869 Aug-23-1904          
Grant Lemuel   1881 1957          
Grant Mollie May 1882 1970          
Graves Albert Morgan Nov-16-1870 Sep-1-1938 Husband of Hallie Dick Graves        
Graves Amelia E. Jul-23-1848 Jan-30-1921 Wife of Robert C. Graves        
Graves Hallie Dick Oct-22-1874 Jun-12-1968 Wife of Albert Morgan Graves.        
Graves Pearl   Sep-14-1880 Nov-1-1890 Daughter of R.C. & A.E. Graves        
Graves Robert C. Sep-4-1845 Nov-20-1914 Husband of Amelia E. Graves        
Graves Walter M. Feb-15-1851 Mar-19-1881 Son of J.W. & B. Graves        
Gray A P.     CO D 3 TENN CAV C.S.A.        
Griffin Clarence   1905 1969 Husband of Mabel        
Griffin Mabel   1909 1988 Wife of Clarence        
Griffith Maude Sirley Oct-18-1862 Nov-8-1894 Daughter of W.H. & S.E. Sirley
Wife of Charles Griffith
Groomes Edna Brady Oct-15-1898 Dec-29-1969          
Guinn Cordelia   1832 1900          
Hale Mary Kate Feb-19-1914 Nov-19-1998 Wife of William H. Hale        
Hale Mildred Bonham Nov-26-1936 Dec-3-1936 Infant Daughter of Bill &
Mary Kate Hale
Hale William H. Jan-24-1909 Jan-18-1984 Husband of Mary Kate.        
Haley Mary I. Nov-10-1848 Nov-14-1877 Wife of M.W. Haley Jr.        
Hall James A. Jan-18-1855 Jan-16-1930 Double stone with Lena Hall.        
Hall Lena   Aug-17 Oct-31-1965 Double stone with James A. Hall.        
Hamilton Elleanor     Dec-21-1872 Infant Daughter of W.R. & Lura
Hamilton - Aged 1 year 6 months 7 days
Hamilton Ellen R. (Hale)   Jun-5-1883 Formerly Consort of
Washington E. Hamilton,
Aged 66 years 6 months 16 days
Hamilton Inez     Oct-12-1883 Daughter of W. R. & Laura Hamilton, Aged 4 years 11 months & 10 days        
Hamilton Laura G. 1852 1923 Mother        
Hamilton Nellie D. 1879 1956 Wife of William C.        
Hamilton Washington E. Dec-27-1882 Jan-7-1906          
Hamilton William C. 1873 1951          
Hamilton William R. 1846 1888 Husband of Laura        
Hancock Anna B. 1874 1954          
Hanna Addie T. Dec-21-1842 Dec-20-1923 Buried next to Nathaniel Hanna.        
Hanna Nathaniel   Oct-19-1832 Dec-15-1905 Buried next to Addie T. Hanna.        
Harbison Burl Issac "Burley" 1899 1958 Husband of Clara Bean        
Harbison Clara Bean 1906 1982 Wife of "Burley" Burl Issac        
Harlow Edgar P. 1922 1985 SGT U.S. ARMY WW II        
Harlow Ora C. May-12-1888 Jun-23-1969          
Harlow Wilfred Lynn Nov-25-1913 Jun-10-1954 TX MSGT U.S.M.C. WW II        
Harman S. W. Apr-3-1849 Dec-23-1917 Husband of Sarah E.        
Harman Sarah E. Apr-2-1858 Mar-28-1920 Wife of S. W. Harmon        
Harman Swan   Jul-29-1877 Oct-16-1877 Daughter of S.W. & S.E. Harman        
Harmon Mat   Aug-29-1881 Oct-1-1883 Son of S.W. & E. Harman        
Harmon S. W. Apr-3-1849 Dec-23-1917 Husband of Sarah E.        
Harris Francis M. 1842 1896          
Harris Kate Snead May-13-1860 Mar-15-1891 Born in Virginia        
Harris M. C.     ADJUTANT 23 TX CAV C.S.A.        
Harris Nancy B. 1847 1930          
Harris Sumpter   1873 1896          
Hart Florence Collins Dec-20-1880 Sep-21-1968 Double stone with Joseph Collier Hart.        
Hart Joseph Collier Sep-22-1879 Sep-15-1945 Double stone with Florence Collins Hart.        
Hart William E. Feb-13-1881 Mar-20-1944          
Harvey Andrew H. Nov-24-1870 May-21-1918 Father; Husband of Bonnie B.        
Harvey Bonnie B. Jun-23-1870 Jan-5-1967 Mother; Wife of Andrew H. Harvey        
Hausler Herman H. Jun-29-1932 Mar-30-1986          
Hawkins C. H. Mar-8-1852 Jul-31-1898          
Hearne Jean M. 1907 1975 TEC 4 U.S. ARMY WW II        
Hearne Jeanna M. Jun-24-1883 Jul-22-1958 Wife of John E. Hearne.        
Hearne John E. Apr-1-1880 Oct-18-1963 Husband of Jeanna M.        
Hemingway Henry G. Feb-8-1894 Mar-2-1968 Buried beside Mary E. Hemingway.        
Hemingway Mary E. Sep-2-1898 Feb-9-1967 Buried beside Henry G. Hemingway.        
Henderson Agnes P. Jun-7-1826 Jul-1-1890          
Henderson L. D. Sep-19-1803 Sep-23-1883 Born in Rockingham Co., VA
died in Red River Co., TX
Henry Ida Mae Aug-1-1882 May-16-1908          
Higgins Eliza   May-1-1849 Jul-17-1916          
Higgins H. M.   Feb-12-1899 Double stone with N.C Higgins.        
Higgins J. C. Jan-20-1841 Jul-9-1910          
Higgins N. C. Jan-8-1901 Jan-8-1901 Double stone with H. M. Higgins        
Hocker Anna A. 1883 1927 Wife of Otis B.        
Hocker Clarence   1870 1944 Husband of Hattie Graham        
Hocker Hattie   1875 1942 Wife of Clarence        
Hocker Infant     1909 Infant Daughter of Otis & Annie Hocker        
Hocker Infant   Nov-24-1919 Nov-24-1919 Infant Son of Otis & Annie Hocker        
Hocker Otis B. 1874 1935 Husband of Anna A.        
Hocker P.   1845 1910 Buried next to Dr. Hocker is
his Wife, Mrs. P. Hocker,
died 1915.
Hocker Sam T. Jan-14-1872 Dec-26-1908          
Holley Gladys M. Feb-27-1939 Sep-3-1998          
Holley Harold H. Sep-15-1929 Aug-5-1998 Husband of Ann C.        
Hood Baby   Jun-30-1910 Oct-27-1910          
Hooks Arbazine   Jul-12-1835 Mar-30-1903 Wife of Hillary C. Hooks        
Hooks Charles Clement 1868 1940          
Hooks Frank T. Apr-20-1865 Sep-13-1900 Son of H.C. & A. Hooks        
Hooks Henry C. Feb-19-1857 Apr-28-1857 Son of H.C. & A. Hooks        
Hooks Hillary E. Aug-8-1860 Jun-14-1862 Son of H.C. & A. Hooks        
Hooks Hillary C. Mar-6-1823 Feb-27-1900 Husband of Arbazine Hooks        
Hooks John D. Jul-5-1847 May-23-1881          
Hooks Ora Isabella Jun-11-1853 Nov-4-1894 Daughter of H.C. & A. Hooks        
Hooks Robert Lee 1863 1939          
Hope Mary Jane   Oct-9-1884 Aged 24 years - Beloved Wife of George Hope        
Hopkins Alpha M. Apr-20-1880 Feb-22-1949          
Hopkins J. E. Dec-18-1845 Jan-25-1902 Husband of Mary G. Hopkins        
Hopkins James E. May-30-1805 Mar-1-1878 Husband of Rebecca Hopkins        
Hopkins Malcom   Jun-10-1873 May-3-1948          
Hopkins Mary G. Nov-5-1845 Oct-21-1898 Wife of J.E. Hopkins        
Hopkins Rebecca   Dec-5-1815 Dec-29-1904 Wife of James E. Hopkins        
Hopkins Willie   Jul-3-1867 Jun-20-1887 Son of J. E. & M.G. Hopkins        
Hughston Bess White Sep-19-1884 Nov-18-1960 Wife of Ross T.        
Hughston Eugenia M. Nov-16-1914 Jun-24-1974 Wife of Thomas Ross        
Hughston Ross T. Oct-5-1881 Nov-5-1963 Husband of Bess White        
Hughston Thomas Ross May-30-1914 Jul-12-1979 Husband of Eugenia M.        
Humphrey Twins   Jan-24-1986 Jan-24-1986 Twin Son's of Michael & Lisa Humphrey        
Hunter Mary R. Mar-26-1831 Jun-12-1900          
Hutchison Katie B. (Fowler) Feb-22-1910 Nov-15-2000 Married Sept. 27, 1931
Wife of Wm. M. "Maxie" Hutchison
Hutchison William M. "Maxie" Sep-21-1906 Aug-21-1991 Husband of Katie B. Fowler        
Hutchison William M. Sep-21-1906 Aug-21-1991 Married Sept. 27, 1931        

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