Mannus Cemetery

Mannus Cemetery, 28 Dec 1880 This cemetery is located in the northwest quadrant of Red River County, Texas. From LOST, ABANDONED, FAMILY AND SMALL COMMUNITY CEMETERIES permission to include here given on 4 Dec 1999 by Pat Newhouse of Dallas TX, Editor and Copyright Holder: This cemetery is one of several lost or abandoned cemeteries located in RRCo TX. These readings are taken from older records dating back to the 1930's and this is the only record of these burials as the cemeteries no longer exist. Mannus Cemetery is located in a private pasture southeast of the Manchester community and was recorded in the mid to late 1940's. It was unfenced at this time and open to cattle. As with all the old cemeteries, there were several wooden posts noting burials. UPDATE: On 19 Apr 2000 Lawrence & Sue Dale were taken to the site of this old cemetery by Russell Robinett. He has lived within 3/10 of a mile of this old burying ground since the early 1940's. All that is now left of this site is a few pieces of rotted barbed wire where it was once fenced. All the old markers are gone including the four listed here from the Newhouse book. We did spend nearly an hour probing the ground in search of any buried markers but had no success. The cemetery is still open to cattle."



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