McKenzie College Cemetery
Red River County Texas



Historical Marker
Site of McKenzie College

An outstanding school of the Southwest before the Civil War. Established in 1841 by the Rev. John W.P. McKenzie (1806-1877), Pioneer Missionary to the Choctaws, Circuit rider in Texas in 1838. Opened in a log cabin, it expanded to four large buildings on 900 acres. Chartered Jan. 10, 1854, enrolled 300 boarding pupils annually, closed in 1869. Erected by the State of Texas 1936.

Dawson, Charlie Della 12-17-1869 7-22-1881  
Dawson, Oneta 11-12-1871 6-21-1883  
Dawson, Henry Benton 9-25-1977 10-19-1896  
Dawson, Mollie Elizabeth 2-8-1849 1-13-1919 Wife of Eli Joseph
Dawson, Eli Joseph 4-1-1838 3-23-1903 Husband of Mollie E.
Parkes, Robert C. 5-24-1860 8-5-1855  
McKenzie, Helen 3-28-1914 1-28-1969  
McKenzie, Daisy I. 10-4-1878 1-4-1980 Wife of D.M.
McKenzie, D.M. (Mac) 12-24-1874 9-25-1956 Husband of Daisy
McKenzie, Mattie A. 11-1-1848 8-25- Wife of John Thomas
McKenzie, John Thomas 11-13-1845 7-9-1933 Husband of Mattie
McKenzie, John B. No dates  
McKenzie, Eula H. 2-8-1872 7-16-1885 Daughter of John & Mattie
The next four names are on one stone
McKenzie, A.L.V.B. No dates    
McKenzie, W.K. No dates A.L.V.B. & W.K. are on the same side of stone
McKenzie, J.W.P. 4-26-1806 6-20-1881 Note: Historical Marker lists
his death year as 1877
McKenzie, Eulalia No dates    
McKenzie, John Thomas 10-22-1902 4-2-1972 Airplane pilot license # 5944
Son of D.M. & Daisy McKenzie
Inscription: Nights are made for loving
Money made to spend
God Bless Me Amen
Edwards, Ella McKenzie 11-6-1906 12-30-1982  
McCoy, J. 4-5-1885   Aged 52 years 11 months 2 days

Citizens of the Republic of Texas Marker
Shelton, Jesse 3-3-1782 5-5-1855  
Shelton, Rachel Marrs 10-12-1787 4-15-1860  

Pioneers & Prominent Citizens of Lamar Co., TX.
Established Shelton's Fort near Roxton, 1837
1st Postmaster in Co., 1840 Justice of the Peace, 1841
Benefactors of McKenzie Methodist Church, 1855


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