Shawnee Chapel Cemetery

Shawnee Chapel Cemetery, 24 Oct 1888,"This cemetery is located in the southeast quadrant of Red River County, Texas. GPS COORDINATES: Datum WGS84: 33 Deg 27.669N, 94 Deg 49.157W, El 381 ft. This cemetery is an old abandoned cemetery, lost in the woods, but it has two distinctions. It bears the name of another cemetery also in the area and has been clouded with confusion since it was abandoned many years ago. Some of the local people refer to it as Shawnee Chapel and there was a Methodist church there in the past. See RED RIVER RECOLLECTIONS page 16 for a more complete tie in for this church. From Boxelder take FM 44 east for about 4.5 miles to the intersection with CR 4430 on the left. Find a parking spot for the rest is walking. From the junction of the two roads, walk Southeast (With a compass the heading is 130 degrees) and walk for aproximately 250 yards. Stop and look for you are now in the cemetery. The oldest marked burial to date found is that of an Infant child of R. and M. E. Fisher who died on 24 Oct 1888. This cemetery was walked by Lawrence and Sue Dale on 11 Jan 1999 in water well over our ankles. As a quality check on our work, we re walked it on 17 Jan 2000 and found another grave, that of James B. Carr. On 3 Feb 2003 we were on site and found that the marker for James B. Carr has been buried under fallen limbs from the Christmas 2000 ice storm. This is the only damage to the cemetery and while we were there took the GPS Coordinates."


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