Slate Cemetery
Red River County Texas

Pictures taken by Drew Slate


Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Misc.
Adams Charlie C. 11/18/1843 8/10/1903  
Adams Charlie Porter 12/12/1888 5/31/1950 TX PVT Provost Guard WWI; Son of C.C. and Julia Collins Adams
Beauchamp Joe L. 10/12/1887 2/24/1946 Unmarked Grave
Carey Baby Dec-41 6/30/1942 Funeral Home Marker
Cook Georgia N/A 12/30/1936 Unmarked Grave
Hill Bessie J. 3/17/1902 3/1/1903  
Neal B.I. 5/20/1840 8/8/1911  
Neal LeRoy 1924 10/20/1937 Unmarked Grave; Son of Mr. And Mrs. Willis Neal
Parker Woodrow 1/20/1914 5/5/1915 Son of James Lafayette and Esther Viancy Daugherty Pierce Parker
Rodgers Julia 10/9/1854 4/10/1925 Unmarked Grave
Rogers Margaret Adaline 4/18/1851 4/27/1904  
Sells Hubert Hearn 4/27/1902 2/6/1905 Son of W.O. and M.O. Sells; DRI shows him as Hebert and death on 2/5/1905
Slate J.B. 6/15/1828 12/15/1901 Full name is John Broadus; He was a Reverand and Physician; Oldest burial in cemetery
Smith W.T. 7/16/1892 11/8/1939 Unmarked Grave; DRI has name as T.E.; Also was known as Bud
Thompson Theodore Travis 1867 11/12/1934 Former State Legislature Member, represented the 36th District; husband of Willie Ella Thompson
Thompson Willie Ella 7/20/1878 12/3/1937 Unmarked Grave; daughter of W.H. and Ninnie Alsup Sampson; wife of Theodore T. Thompson
Thoms Delbert 7/13/1924 10/24/1933 DRI has death as 10/25/1933
Thoms Mary Lee 4/8/1917 4/18/1917  
Thoms William 12/26/1899 1/5/1936 PVT CO 1 359 Regt 90 DIV TEXAS WWI; DRI has name as Willie Thomas and death as 1/9/1936
Tigert Clifford 9/26/1926 2/27/1948 Unmarked Grave; son of W.A. Tigert
Tigert Clifford, Jr. 6/6/1947 6/6/1947 Unmarked Grave; son of Clifford Tigert Sr.

Listings contributed by
Drew Slate. Some information came from a previous survey of this survey done by Lawrence and Sue Dale and reprinted with their permission.


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