Springhill B Cemetery

Springhill B Cemetery, 6 Aug 1910,"This cemetery is located in the northwest quadrant of Red River County, Texas. This old black cemetery is within 1/2 mile of Blakeney Cemetery. According to Rev. Matthew Ligon of Paris TX there has not been a burial there for many years and cattle have been allowed to roam freely over the site for the last 40 or so years. There were never any permanent markers erected and the only hope we have is to recreate the burials from old records such as Brownrigg Funeral Home books. The cemetery itself is about 800 yards southeast of Blakeney Cemetery site and there is nothing remaining except pasture. Contact with Rev. Ligon by Lawrence and Sue Dale was on 22 May 2000. The oldest burial we have been able to place here is that of Johnie Wortham who died on 6 Aug 1910."


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