Veech-Elder Cemetery
Red River County, Texas

In Clarksville from the intersection of Hwy 82 and Donoho at the High School, proceed .3 miles south on Donoho until you reach the 4-way stop at College Ave (Fm 909). Proceed south on FM 909 approximately 2.6 miles. There is a pasture gate on the right and the cemetery is .2 miles west across the pasture under a stand of trees. The cemetery was originally fenced with a wire fence and had a metal gate but this fence is down and cattle have access. A low iron fence surrounds the Elder stones and cows have pushed off the stone tops. The Veech stones have been piled against a tree and some are broken. Entries are exactly as written and punctuated on the stones. Items in ( ) are my additions. The following is a complete listing.

Elder, Richard
Born July 18, 1786
Died June 29, 1879.

Elder, Martha
Born Dec. 13, 1788
Died Jan. 10, 1866
Gathered in a Good old age to the assembly of the righteous.

Elder, Iri
Born Mar. 21, 1810
Died April 16,1883
A loving husband
A father dear
A faithful friend
Lies buried here

(Elder), Malinda
wife of Ira Elder
Born Feb. 18, 1824.
Died Dec. 26, 1895
A loving wife
A mother dear
A faithful friend
Lies buried here

(Elder), David C, son of I. & M. Elder
Died Sept. 26, 1883
Aged 23 ys 6 ms & 1dy
In the morning of manhood his life was taken away.

Sacred to the Memory of
Veech, Thomas L.
Born North Carolina March 31, 1798
Died July 11,1877 (broken stone)
Farewell my wife & children all,
From you a father Christ doth call.
Mourn not for me: it is vain.
To call me to your sight again.

(Veech), Sarah, wife of T.L. Veech
Born Jan.18, 1816
Died Oct. 13,1855. (broken stone)
And her infant babe sleeps sweetly in her arms.

(Veech), Infant son of T.L. & S. Veech
Born & Died Sept. 17, 1853

(Veech), Infant dtr of T.L. & S. Veech
(date is unreadable)

(Veech), Martha A wife of (unreadable, likely T.S.)
Died Oct 8, 1883 (broken stone/missing piece)
A faithful wife and a loving mother rest’s peacefully here.

Veech, Sarah L.
Born Nov. 22, 1870
Died Aug. 31, 1878
Our little girl sleeps sweetly here.

(Veech), Infant son of T.S. and M.A. Veech
Born & Died Oct. 8, 1883

Veech, Tom
(this is a homemade stone with no dates and only the name scratched on)

Transcribed by Jim H. Thomas Jan. 2003



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