1939 was a Very Good Year for Avery Football

contributed by Eddie Robinson
(With Recollections from the 12-year-old waterboy)

AVERY- The Avery Bulldogs have been know for years for having an outstanding Basketball team. But probably few people recall that the school once played football.

Herman N. Welborn, who now lives in San Diego, Callif., coached Avery's first football team in 1938. He provided the accompanying Photo of the 1939 team and clippings showing how the team fared that year.(Photo not legible-Hope to find one)

And, it fared remarkable well, Playing both six-man and 11-man teams.

Welborn said the school first fielded a six-man football team in 1938 and won five of its six games.

He said he and the players felt likethey were ready for 11-man football after that season and scheduld five games, in addition to a six-man schedule.

Avery won three of the five 11-man games and all of its six-man contest, scoring a total of 249 points and holding its opponents to 54, Welborn said.

Because of postponement of two earlier scheduled games. Avery had to play three games in one week's time in November of 1939. The Bulldogs won all three.

They defeated Boxelder 24-16 to win the Red River County six-man Championship on Tuesday Nov 20; beat James Bowie in 11-man action. 26-0, then the following Tuesday defeated the DeKalb Bears 26-0 in the Bulldog's first game under the lights.

Old newspaper clippings show that Avery then received an invitation to play Rice High School, the state six-man champion, in the Finger Bowl in Ennis, Tx on December 16, The results of the game were not listed.

(As remembered by the 12 year old Waterboy : This was a really good team. They didn't know what physical conditioning was. They were just ole farm boys who could take a lot of punishment. In one game Buford Smith was hit on the first play and made brilliant, strong plays all thru the game. While in the shower's after the game he ask the team to hurry and lets get to the football field and show this team how the game is played. No one knew it but he played the whole game, knocked out. The Basketball season had started and there was a conflict in scheduling and those on the Basketball team could not participate in this game. This was 9-10 of the first string Starter's. Therefore the game score was unprintable. The crowd wasn't too large to start with and after ½ the first Quarter even most of the parents left.)

The Avery Bulldog's football team in 1939 was: Coach, Herman N. Welborn; Waterboy, Eddie M. Robinson; Player's: Jimmie Edrington, Bealey House, Willie Joe Warren, Bufford (Boob) Smith, Askew, Hubert Raleigh, Joe Kelsoe, Max Lee Moore, Louis Glen (Buddy) Nicholas, Dean Warthan, Morris (Mossy) Nicholas, James A. Wilson, David Edmonson, Joe B. Brower, Buel Megason, Oscar Armstrong, (Harold Bullard, not in Photo) and 4 Unknown Players.

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