Red River County Landmarks

This is a new section that has been discussed in the past. These are pictures of distinctive things in the area that people would like to visit. It is small at the present time, but hopefully it will grow. If you are in the area with your digital camera and see things that you think people would enjoy seeing it, send it along and I will get it posted.

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Note: Most of these pictures I took. Some of them were sent to me by Jim Giddens several years ago when we talked about doing this. Please feel free to use these pictures for your personal use but they are NOT to be published in any form without permission.


John Nance Garner Home


Lennox House

Presbyterian Church

Old Church Theater

Old Red River County Jail

Historical Placque on Jail

Inside the old DeMorse House

kitchen behind the old DeMorse House


Hopewell Fire Tower

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