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Red River County Texas

We have an enviable group of lookup volunteers. We are very appreciative of the work these people do in helping us with our research. Please feel free to request a lookup from any of the resources listed. Please limit your request to one or two people per request. It would help if you put Red River County Lookup in the subject line of your message.

If you have books that would be helpful or have any kind of resources not available to others and wouldn't mind doing lookups, please get in touch with me.

When requesting a lookup, don't forget to thank your volunteer for their time!
Volunteer Sources
Neva Tull Spencer Census Records Red River County 1860

Census Records Red River County 1880
Marriage Records Red River County Texas 1845-1881
Red River County Texas Cemeteries (Gable) Vol 4
Pam Harbison Halesboro and Bogota Cemetery Lookups
 Rebecca Hitzman
Wavell Red River Colony Register
Six Months from Tennessee, by Skipper Steely
 Kay Woods
Red River County Cemetaries, Volume 1-6
Red River Recollections
 L Moore
Red River County Cemetaries, Volume 1 of 6
Red River Recollections
Brenda Morris
1850 Census
Bettie and Robert Storey
We would be more than pleased to look up anything that would be in the archives here in Austin, Land Grants, etc. We have access to lots of documents. The ones that we have been able to get copies of we have donated to the Red River County Library.
Don and Annette Cherry
We have a CD with marriage records for
1814-1909--84 counties

Arkansas--1820-1949 13 counties
Mississippi--1799-1925 82 counties and
Missouri--1766-1893 62 counties.

We would be glad to do lookups for anyone that needs one. It only mentions names and dates, the actual record you have to send off for.
Vivian Lehman & Edith Smith
Will do slave deed lookups for counties in the Ark-La-Tex area.
For further information see their web site at

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