1821 Hempstead/Miller Co. Index

More Great information as supplied by Rebecca Hitzman!!

Here is an index of early Hempstead/Miller Co. settlers who signed an 1821 petition concerning the Choctaw treaty. Five signature sections accompanied the petition, which contained the signatures of residents within particular areas. Sections 4 and 5 contain the most Miller/Red River area names. I am working on the list of donation grant recipients from the area who were compensated by the state of Arkansas for the loss of their land in Miller Co. due to the Choctaw treaty.

If you find your surname listed here, please thank Rebecca Hitzman. THANKS! Rebecca, for all your hard work!


Clarence E. Carter (ed.), The Territorial Papers of the United States, Territory of Arkansas XIX, 384



ARKANSAS TERRITORY, TERRITORIAL PAPERS Clarence E. Carter (ed.), The Territorial Papers of the United States, Territory of Arkansas XIX, 384 MEMORIAL TO THE PRESIDENT BY CITIZENS OF THE TERRITORY [NA:WD, SW Lets. Recd., A 70:DS] [No date, 1821] TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES:  SIR:  Your Memorialists, citizens of the Arkansas Territory, beg leave to solicit your attention to their situation, and the effect which will result from the ratification and operation of the treaty lately concluded between the Commissioners Plenipotentiary on the part of the United States, and the Chiefs of the Choctaw Nation of Indians.  It is foreign from our intention to intrude on you an detailed remarks respecting the inequality of exchange of property, between the two nations, considering ourselves totally ignorant of the views and motives which may have governed the Commissioners.  But, Sir, when we reflect, that our frontier settlements were made under circumstances which entitled them to anticipate the usual indulgence, and benevolent protection of our government, hitherto extended to other sections of the United States; and compare the situation of a great portion of our citizens, with those Indians who may choose to emigrate hither, we cannot refrain from the united expression of our feelings on the subject:  Although but a short time since we had the strongest inducement to flatter ourselves with a speedy prospect of realizing titles for the immense improvements, which have been reared by the labrious hand of all ages and sexes, under the manifold difficulties and privations incident to the settlement of a new country, many thousands will now be compelled to abandon their humble homes to savage occupants, without any reservation or remuneration.  If the various objections which have already been offered to you, and the honorable Senate, and the consequences that must necessarily result from a rigorous fulfillment of the Treaty, should not have prevented the ratification thereof; we take the liberty of appealing to your well known philanthropy and discretion, for a suspension of its immediate operation; and to solicit through you, such provision by law as in the wisdom and discretion of our government may be deemed expedient.  Tendering to you our unfained regards.  Post Arkansas ARKANSAS TERRITORY, 1821. 

INDEX OF PETITIONERS [Endorsed] Secry of War Arkansas - Arkansas - Memorial of certain citizens thereof relative to the treaty with the Choctaws recd at War Dept. 9 Apl 1821.

Alexander, James Section 5

Alexander, Joseph Section 2

Alexander, Rene (Reese) Section 5

Alexander, Robert Section 2

Aljot, Robt Section 1

Anderson, Bailey Section 5

Anderson, Jno Section 4

Anderson, John Section 5

Aplin, John Section 2

Ashbrook, Wm. Section 3

Baily, David Section 3

Baird, John Section 5

Baird, Simon Section 5

Baker, Benjn Section 3

Barber, D. Section 1

Barnett, Isaea Section 2

Barnett, Isum Section 2

Barnett, John Section 2

Barnett, Jose Section 2

Barnett, Wilson Section 2

Barnitt, Abreham Section 2

Barnitt, Hezekiah Section 2

Barns, Thos Section 5

Baron, Thomas Section 5

Basin, P. B. Section 1

Beatre, Lewis Section 4

Beaver, William Section 2

Berry, John Section 3

Betcher, John Section 2

Billette, John B. Section 1

Blair, Daniel Section 2

Blankenship, Asa Section 5

Bleekley, John Section 1

Boatright, Thos. Section 4

Bowring, J.P. Section 1

Bradshaw, Charles Section 4

Brearley, Charles Section 1

Brearley, David Section 1

Brearley, P. Section 1

Brent, Hewitt Section 5

Briant, Austin Section 2

Brice, James Section 5

Brice, Saml Section 5

Brice, Wm Section 5 B

riggs, Robert Section 1

Brown, Geo. M. Section 1

Brown, James Section 4

Brown, Smith Section 1

Burk, James Section 4

Burk, John B. Section 1

Burkham, Charles Section 4

Burnham, Samuel Section 5

Burnum, J. (Jesse) Section 4

Burris, Gabriel Section 4

Carden, John Section 2

Carden, Thos Section 2

Carden, William Section 2

Carlile, Robt Section 2

Carter, Wm Section 2

Cartor, George Section 2

Charles, Isaac N. Section 5

Chunley, John (Chumney?) Section 4

Clap, David Section 4

Clark, Benjn Section 5

Clark, D. Section 5

Clark, Gilbert Section 5

Clark, James Section 3

Clark, John Section 3

Cleek, John (Click) Section 5

Cleek, Mathias (Click) Section 5

Cockram, Johnithan Section 4

Collins, William Section 4

Colwell, Andrew Section 3

Comber, Matthew M. Section 3

Conner, Daniel Section 5

Conner, John Section 5

Cooper, Benj. Section 4

Cooper, W. Section 4

Craig, Wm Section 1

Craine, Harris Section 2

Creager, George Section 3

Crittenden, Robt Section 1

Crutchfield, Fleming Section 5

Crutchfield, Jas Section 5

Culright, John Section 4

Cunningham, P. Section 1

Daniel, Alsup Y. Section 1

Davis, Daniel Section 4

Davis, John Section 5

Dawson, Lewis (Dayton?) Section 1

Dean, Jesse Section 5

Densmoor, Sam Section 1

Denton, Thomas Section 4

Devenport, Ruben Section 5

Devenport, William Section 5

Dever, Wm Section 2

Dick, John Section 5

Dilliard, John B. Section 5

Edwards, Theopholis Section 4

Egnew, J. H. Section 1

Ellis, Radford Section 2

Ellis, Wm Section 1

English, Baily Section 4

English, Joseph Section 4

Erwin, Robert Section 5

Ewing, Joshua Section 4

Farrelly, P. Section 1

Fench, S. Section 4

Forman, John Section 1

Fowler, James Section 5

Fowler, John Section 5

Fowler, Wiley Section 5

Franklin, Jonithan Section 5

Fulsher, Wm (Fulcher) Section 4

Gambel, James Section 5

Garrot, Charles (Garrett) Section 4

Gates, Charles Section 5

Gates, Samuel Section 4

Gates, Samuel Section 5

Gates, William Section 4

Gay, Berry Section 2

Gill, Westly Section 2

Gillis, Henry Section 2

Graham, James Section 5

Graham, Joel Section 2

Graves, Wm Section 2

Graw, John Section 2

Grayham, William Section 4

Green, Wm Section 2

Haggerty, Joal Section 2

Halbrook, G. Section 4

Halcomb, Joseph Section 3

Hall, John Section 4

Hamilton, James Section 1

Hampton, Jonithan Section 4

Hanks, Wyett Section 4

Harison, J. Section 4

Harris, George Section 1

Harriss, Elish Section 2

Harriss, George Section 2

Harriss, Jobe Section 2

Harriss, Stephen Section 2

Harriss, Thos Section 2

Harriss, Timothy Section 2

Hebrion, Ambrose Section 5

Helms, Thomas Section 5

Henry, John Section 1

Henry, John Section 5

Herrington, William Section 2

Heyler, James Section 4

Hickling, William Section 2

Hinson, Philip Section 4

Hoagg, Philip Section 5

Hudgens, Jacob Section 4

Hudgins, Ambrose Section 4

Hudgins, John Section 4

Hudspeth, Aviz Section 3

Humphries (see Umphress) Section 4

Hunt, Benjn. S. Section 1

Hunt, E. S. Section 1

Hunter, Hardy Section 3

Hyde, W.P. Section 1

Ingle, John Section 1

James, Benjamin Section 4

Janes, Jarrit Section 3

Jardela, Jean Section 1

Johnson, E. Section 5

Johnson, Edward Section 5

Johnson, John Section 5

Johnson, Robt Section 2

Judd, S.B. Section 1

Kernel, Patrick Section 5

King, William Section 4

Knox, Johnithan Section 3

Kuykendal, Abner Section 4

Kuykendal, Joseph Section 4

Lackea, Joel Section 2

Lackea, Oliver Section 2

Lackea, William Section 2

Lacky, John Section 5

Lad, J. Section 4

Landers, Abraham Section 4

Lard, Samuel Section 5

Larque, John Jr. Section 1

Lavergue, Jean Section 1

Lawrence, Adam Section 4

Layton, Robert Section 4

Lee, Thos Section 2

Leeper, George Section 5

Lemmons, Abm Section 5

Levins, James Section 4

Lewis, Eli J. Section 1

Lick, John Section 4

Linkins, Jacob S. Section 2

Lowry, Evin Section 4

Mabbits (see Rabbits) Section 5

Madox:, D. J. Section 1

Manon, Moses Section 2

Martin, G. N. (Gabriel) Section 4

Martin, John Section 4

Martin, Neaile (Cornelius) Section 4

Martins, G.G. Section 4

Maxwell, James Section 1

McAlistor, John Section 2

McAn, Willis (McCann) Section 4

McCall, Sml Section 2

McCarrel, William Section 2

McClinton, John Section 5

McCown, Wm (see McOwen) Section 5

Mcfading, Andrew Section 4

Mcfading, Sam Section 4

McKinney, D. E. Section 1

McLane, N. Section 1

McOwn, Francis (McCown) Section 4

Mcoy, David (McCoy) Section 4

Meror, Robert Section 5

Miler, Allen (Miller) Section 4

Miller, David Section 1

Miller, James Section 4

Miller, Samuel R. Section 3

Miller, Simon Section 3

Mires, Charles (Meyers) Section 4

Mire, Isaac (Meyer) Section 5

Mixson, Benj Section 2

Mor, Nathaniel (Moore) Section 4

Morrow, Robert Section 5

Moss, James Section 5

Moss, James Jnr Section 5

Moss, Jno Section 4

Moss, Matthew Section 5

Moss, Thos S. D. Section 2

Moss, William Section 5

Myers, Nathan (Meyers) Section 2

Nance, Lewis Section 2

Nelson, Chars Section 5

Newman, John Section 5

Newman, John Section 5

Newman, Joseph Section 4

Newton, J.W. Section 1

Noll, John (Nall) Section 4

Norman, Daniel Section 2

Notrebe, Frederick Section 1

Oden, Robert C. Section 1

Parker, J. B. Section 4

Parkes, John Section 1

Patterson, Tilmon P. Section 5

Pettigrew, John Section 5

Pettigrew, John W. Section 5

Phegans, James Section 5

Phillips, Elias Section 1

Pierson, J. G. W. Section 5

Polke, Benjam Section 4

Polke, Taylor Section 4

Polke, Thos Section 4

Pool, Beverly Section 5

Pool, Walter Section 5

Pugh, Samuel M. Section 3

Rabb, A Section 5

Rabb, John Section 5

Rabb, William Section 5

Rabbits, Wm Section 5

Rains, James Section 4

Ratleff, Elijah Section 5

Reece, David Section 3

Reed, Joseph Section 5

Reed, Joseph Section 5

Reed, L.W. Section 5

Reed, William Section 5

Richardson, Jacob Section 1

Ricker, Saml Jr. Section 1

Rightor, N. Section 1

Roads, Richard (Rhodes) Section 4

Robberts, William Section 2

Robertson, Andrew Section 4

Robets, Jesse Section 2

Robins, John Section 4

Robins, John Section 4

Robins, W. Section 4

Robins, William Section 4

Robinson, Geo. S. Section 1

Rogers, Adenston Section 2

Rogers, Alexander Section 2 R

ow, Joab Section 2

Ruggles, Salmon Section 5

Runnel, James Section 5

Scantland, Jas. M. J. Section 1

Scott, Geo W. Section 1 S

cott, James Section 2

Scull, Jos. Section 1

Seldon, Joseph Section 1

Sevier, A. H. Section 1

Shannon, Jno Section 4 S

hanon, Owen Section 4

Shanon, Wm Section 4

Shaw, John Section 4

Shawsnider, Gabriel Section 5

Shelton, Jesse Section 4

Shenly, John Section 5

Sherly, John Section 4

Sidwell, Hiram Section 4

imms, J. W. Section 5

Simms, Wm Section 5

Skelton, Ralph Section 4

Smith, James Section 4

Spark, Benjamin Section 4

Sparks, Absalem Section 5

Sparks, Berry Section 4

Sparks, Mat Section 4

Stevens, Thomas Section 3

Stevenson, William Section 5

Stiles, R. Section 4 S

tillwell, Joseph Section 1 S

tout, Henry Section 4

Stow, Richard Section 5

Strickland, Amos Section 4

Strickland, James Section 4

Stuart, Elijah Section 5

Stuart, James M. Section 3

Stuart, Joel Section 5

Styles, John Section 5

Styles, Wm Section 5

Styles, Wm Section 5

Talbot, Wm Section 5

Taylor, Creed Section 1

Thomason, Wm Section 5

Thompson, Hugh Section 4

Thornhill, Joseph Section 1

Tidwell, Abselem Section 5

Tithworth, Cor Isac Section 2

Titsworth, Moshack Section 2

Titworth, David Section 2

Titworth, James Section 2

Titworth, Jno Section 2

Titworth, Spence Section 2

Tollet, David Section 5

Tollet, John Section 5

Trammel, David Section 4

Trammel, Thos Section 5

Trent, henry Section 4

Trimble, William Section 1

Tucker, John Section 2

Tucker, William Section 2

Tumblinson, James Section 4

Tumblinson, John Section 4

Umphress, Wm. (Humphries?) Section

4 Varner, Martin Section 5

Vaugine, Paul Section 1

Walies, Andrew Section 5

Walker, Joel Section 3

Wallis, Perly Section 5

Waser, Maberry Section 4

Webster, Jno Section 4

Welborn, A.T. Section 2

Welborn, Curtis Section 2

Welborn, Elisha Section 2

Welch, Willilam Section 2

Whirl, David Section 4

White, Thos Section 2

Whiteaker, John Section 1

Wiker, Asau Section 5

Wiley Isaah Section 2

Wiley, Abraham Section 2

Wiley, William Section 2

Williams, Daniel Section 5

Williams, Thomas Section 2

Williams, Thomas Section 4

Wilson, John Section 4

Witter, Danl Trago Section 3

Womack, David Section 2

Woodruff, Wm E. Section 1

Woolsey, John Section 5

Woolsey, Thos Section 5

Wright, Claibourn Section 4

Wyett, Henry Section 5

Wyett, James Section 5

Wyley, Stephen Section 4

Yate, Wm Section 5

Young, Peter Section 4


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