Northern Standard Newspaper - 1842

Submitted by Vicki Richardson

Aug 4 - Mr. Wm. McAdams and Miss Sarah Turner (or Tanner) by Rev. Samuel Corley.
Aug 4 - Mr. Isaac Matthews to Miss Mary Turner (or Tanner) by Rev. Corley
Aug 7 - Mr. Robert H. Graham to Miss Minerva Ann Ha___, by Thomas Willison, Esq.
Aug 9 - Mr. James Clark to Miss Nancy Kenner, by A. H. McKenzie, Esq
Aug 9 - Mr. Chas. Aims to Mrs. Harriet Potter, by Rev. Samuel Corley
Aug 9 - Mr. Montgomery Vought to Miss Rosanna Land, by Rev. Corley
Aug 11 - Abner H. McKenzie, Esq., to Mrs. Mary Denton, by Rev. Corley

Aug 15 issue - Sam Huffer is candidate for county surveyor.

Aug 20 issue - Col. Samuel W. Sims candidate for County Surveyor.

Aug 20 issue - Some Store Owners

    Joseph Harrison, W. M. Harrison, Wright-Montgomery in Clarksville
    Hotel Owner - Peter Randon
    Bricklayer - Charles W. Russel, Clarksville
    Music Instructor - William Selfe

Aug Ad: Strayed, a horse - G. S. Young
      Yolk of oxen - Charles W. Russell
      Henrietta basin gave legal notice to debtors of George Basin Estate.

Aug 20 - Administrators of Robert Potter Estate: George Gordon and Charles Aimes

Doctors in Clarksville, Texas:
      J. Herrick, George Gordon; S. Kenzie; Dr. Parks

Attorneys in Clarksville - Aug 20 and Aug 27 issues:        B. H. Martin; Ebene'r Allen; Charles DeMorse; E. H. Tarrant;
       John B. Craig; Wm. C. Young; H. R. Latimer; Wm. R. Scurry

Aug 27 - Mr. Thomas F. Bryarly to Mrs. Minerva Ann Oliver, both of this county, by Ulysses Aignier, Esq.
Aug 21 - Mr. John N. Ritchey to Miss Jane J. Sampson, both of this town, by Rev. Samuel Corley
Aug 23 - Mr. Andrew Vaught to Miss Louisa Wilson, both of Lamar County, by Rev. S. Corley

Divorces filed:
Aug 25 - Edward Stuart vs. Polly Stuart, alias Polly Brown, both of Lamar Co.
Aug 25 - John J. Nicholson vs. Elizabeth Nicholson, Lamar County
Aug 25 - Wm. Bledsoe vs. Adaline Bledsoe, Lamar County

Aug 26 - Salina Davat vs. Sauel K. Davat, Lamar County

Aug 27 - lost: a headright certificate No. 338 - Elenor Langford.

Marriages:listed in 3 Sept. 1842 issue - all of Lamar County
On Jan 17, 1842, by Wm. Stowell, Esq., Mr. Charles Gardner to Mrs. Sermila Herley
On Jan 11, 1842, by John M. Crook, Esq., Mr. Sterling E. Williams to Miss Emeline Roland
On Feb. 28, 1842, by Judge Rutherford, Mr. Lee Foster to Mrs. Martha Hogan
On Feb 10, 1842, by Judge Rutherford, Mrs. Joshua Morgan to Mrs. Cynthia Bonner
On March 14, 1842, by Judge Rutherford, Mr. Alford Freeman to Miss Pamelia Freeman
On March 20, 1842, by Judge Rutherford, Mr. James Williams to Mrs. Emeline Fedrick.
On April 3, 1842, by W. M. Crisp, Esq., Mr. Joseph N. Dornstin to Miss Eliza J. Johnson.
On April 14, 1842, by John H. Crook, Esq., Mr. Atlas Dodd to Miss Rebecca Johnson.
On April 14, 1842, by John H. Crook, Esq., Mr. John G. Shepert to Miss Rebecca Cherry.
On April 23, 1842, by B. C. Fowler, Esq. Mr. William McKinney to Miss Emily Leech.
In April, by Isaac J. Nowell, Esq. Mr. Eb'r Freeman to Miss Polly Hutchens
On June 6, 1842, by Nicholas Maddox, Esq., Mr. John Lane to Miss Rosanna Brown.
On June 30, 1842, by Jas. N. Riley, Esq., Mr. Thomas Nideman to Miss Sarah Deck.
On June 25, 1842, by John H. Crook, Esq., Mr. John O. Black, of Fannin County, to Miss Martha Rowland.
On August 8, 1842, by Isaac J. Nowell, Esq., Mr. Lewis M. Snow to Miss Elizabeth Scroonover.
On August 9, 1842, by John A. Dillingham, Esq., Mr. Joseph M. Thomas to Miss Katherine Dolph.
On August 10, 1842, by John A. Dillingham, Esq., Mr. James Dillingham to Miss Angeline Smith.
On August 8, 1842, by Isaac J. Nowell, Esq., Mrs. Silas Moore to Miss Harriett Schoonover.

Lost my headright certificate No. 701, John R. Carter. Also the headright certificate No. 672, of James Berry; a bounty land certificate of Wm. V. Lacey; and a bond of William McCown to John R. Carter No. 727.

September 5, 1842, election notice by W. B. Stout, Chief Justice of the county of Red River, for Representatives of county to represent us at the next Congress of Republic of Texas, and the county surveyor, to be held by the following presiding officers.


Andrew J. Titus James Atkinson
John Stiles John Stiles
Ulysses Aiguier Thomas F. Bryarley
Clarksville John T. Clark
William Griggs A. H. McKenzie
Clarksville William Donaho
William Humphries Isaac Wilson
John Robbins James W. Greggs
Travis G. Wright Wm. Mays
Jonesborough Gideon Mims
Ripley's H. H. Clifton
Fort Sherman Jno Brewer
Uriah Moon's Jesse Jones
Daingerfield W. J. Hamilton
Daniel Bancrafts K. A. Welborn
Myers Wm. Merrill
Smithland Charles Janes

September 3, 1842 Mr. Alfred Alling to Miss Mary Ann Row by Rev. Samuel Corley.
September 13, 1842 Mr. W. C. Ingram to Miss Sarah Port by John C. Clark.
October 8, 1842 in Lamar County by George Willison, Esq., Mr. David Bishop to Miss Eliza Campbell.
October 20, 1842, by J. H. Crook, Esq., Mr. Jas. Graham to Miss Eliza Ann Skidmore.

September 8, 1842: For sale--3 tracts land by James H. Johnston (acres on Red River, known as Jonesboro Prairie). He is also President of Pine Creek Female Academy.

Lost--land certificate, Joseph Cos.
For Sale -- land by Gilbert Clark.

October 8, 1842 -- lost a land certificate, No. 618, Francis Smith.
October 15, 1842: Names of those who had letters left at Post Office, Clarksville, Texas from 31 May to 31 September 1842.

Wm. Beird Henry Jones
C. C. Baly Edmond T. Jackson
James Bog Joseph Morgan
William H. Bell W. C. McClure
Wm. Bowers Miligan or Latimer
Isaac Bundren Wm. McKnight
George S. Bledsoe Amos Morrell
Thomas Cowen Mary Jane Rogers
Louis J. Crook Wm. K. Reviere
Enoch Crow E. M. Smith
Alfred Corper Robert Smith
James C. English Mrs. P. Silkwood
Elizabeth Fowl Charles South (Sheriff of Red River County)
Robert Francis Ferney Stanley
Richard Fergason Wiley Thompson
J. Hammock Christy Worthington
John Hampton Benjamin Walker
Samuel Hooker Paton Wait or Thos. Y. Logwood
Peter Pry or D. Gallaway
By Post Master, John Morton

On October 20, 1842, married by Thos. Willison, Esq., Mr. Abraham Stallings to Permelia L. Bates, all of Red River County

On October 22, 1842, married in Bowie County, Dr. Lemuel Peters to Miss Elizabeth Heatherly, by Hon. James N. Smith.

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