A Steamboat Loaded With Gold and
Whisky Discovered In Red River

Dallas Times Herald - April 29, 1893 pg 4, contributed by Jim Wheat

PARIS, Tex., April 29.-About 40 years ago, a steamboat sunk on Red river at a point nearly opposite Clarksville in Red River county. It had a cargo of liquors, hardware and other goods. In time, the river changed its bed and the boat was covered with sand. The spot was lost sight of except by a few. Several weeks ago, a party located the place and a company was organized to dig up the boat and secure its cargo. Those belonging to the company were Joe Yates, Jim Grant, Mr. Wells, Dug Huffman and Tom Graham. News was received here that the company had dug into the boat after going through 13 feet of quicksand. They found everything intact just as it was 40 years ago, and they are still making new discoveries as they explore the different sections of the boat, which is a very large one. They have already taken out five casks of wine, several barrels of whisky and about $1000 worth of gold and rare china hand a good deal of silver plate. Joe Yates unearthed an old sword which was a peculiar piece of work, carved on the blade of which were these words: "Duke of Wellington, G. B. A." Other curiosities were also found. A silver whisky flask with gold trimmings is in the possession of Jim Grant and an old battered gold decanter is held by Dug Huffman. The explorers say a thimble full of the whisky makes one feel as if he owned the sub-treasury in Wall street.

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