Red River Volunteer Units
Clarksville Reserves

The Clarksville Reserves, the last of Eleven volunteers in the civil war, to be organized in Red River County, was organized on July 13, 1861 in Clarksville with Geo. B. Brem on record as Captain.


"I, D. N. Barry, orderly Sergeant of the Clarksville Mounted Reserve, do certify that an election at the organization of said company, the following officers were elected:

G. B. Brem, Captain
L. D. Van Dyke, First Lieutenant
S. G. Hines, Second Lieutenant
J. C. Brown, Third Lieutenant
N. D. Barry, Orderly Sgt.


I Danson
G. W. Ford
H. B. Bryant
H. McNeal
A. S. Baker
A. Walker
W. Ralston
F. McCown
H. H. Fuller
T. Owens
J. Doyle
A. M. Stone
P. S. Terry
B. F. Brewster
J. Adams
J. Anderson
J. H. Duke
J. S. Gordon
J. Rames
W. J. Dinwiddie
D. B. Kirk
C. Darby
R. McLeary
A. M. Weaver
H. S. Barry
H. C. Bohannon
E. P. Wallis
J. L. Gear
S. C. Smither
T. J. Thurmond
E. Colbey
D. Henry
N. Jacobs
D. K. Jamison
S. Doak
J. P. Dale
D. Black
R. W. Holloway
G. W. McCadey
J. B. Shannaham
J. Dysert
Irey (Ira) Elder

State of Texas County of Red River: "I, Geo. B. Brem, captain of the Clarksville Reserve, a mounted reserve, do certify on oath that the above is a complete roll of said company, that it was organized in Clarksville on Saturday, the 13th day of July, 1861, as per authority from Brig. Genl. Wootten and conforming to the act of Feb. 15th, 1858. That it belongs to the cavalry service and is a reserve company within the definition of this Excellency, the Gover, as announced by the Adjutant General July 2nd, A. D. 1861."

G. B. Brem, Captain of Clarksville M. R.

On which is the following endorsement, to-wit:
Filed July the 20th, A. D. 1861
J. W. Bivins, Clerk

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