Red River Volunteer Units
Clarksville Light Infantry

Master Roll of the Clarksville Light Infantry, organized for active service according to order under Brig. Genl. G. H. Wooten of the state of Texas and commanded by N. C. Gueld


N. C. Gueld, Captain
John A. Corley, First Lieutenant
A. P. Corley, Second Lieutenant
R. C. Simms , Third Lieutenant
W. H. Dickson, First Sergeant
W. W. Bailey, Second Sergeant
Wm. C. Rainey, Third Sergeant
C. H. Fassette, Fourth Sergeant
Thos. G. Cherry, Fifth Sergeant
N. C. Murray, First Corporal
W. P. Hailey, Second Corporal
E. Dale, Third Corporal
A. P. Dick, Fourth Corporal


J. N. Abbott
James Baker
John Bates
Wm. M. Bowers
? B. Bettes
James Barton
? L. Bryant
? E/ Barry
B. B. Billingsly
C. A. Deaver
P. B. Dannin
C. R. Dinwiddie
E. L. Dew
J. W. Day
E. M. Eubanks
Alex Erwin
C. D. Gilliam
H. C. Hooks
R. Horn
Calvin J. Kirk
Pennell Kirk
Alex Kirk
Jasper McCoy
John S. Orr
A. J. Rainey
F. M. Stanley
C. W. Stephens
V. B. Smith
Z. B. Tyler
J. Whiteman
B. F. Wilson
W. R. Harris
D. J. Bagby
Samuel Hashaw
L. L. Bailey
Francis Curry
C. C. Dale
E. G. Dudley
J. W. Davis
Samuel Duty
J. B. DeWolfe
Richard Erwin
Wm. Floyd
C. F. Greimer
W. P. Haley
Joseph Jackson
Stephen Kirk
Wylie Kirk
C. E. Mosley
Richard Orville
J. M. Roaks
W. S. Richardson
Cornelius Stephens
John Trimble
G. H. Wootten
F. X. Welte
J. E. Walker
J. E. Duke
W. R. Caton

"State of Texas, County of Red River

I, N. C. Gueld, Captain, commanding the Clarksville Light Infantry, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the muster roll of said company and contains the names of all the officers and members of said company and that the same was organized in the town of Clarksville, in said county and state, on the 15th day of June, 1861, and that it belongs to the Light Infantry service and that the said company is reported for active service."
N. C. Gueld,
Captain Commanding C. L. I.

On which is endorsed:
Filed July the 9th, 1861
J. W. Bivins, Clerk
Recorded June the 11th, A. D. 1861.
John W. Bivins, Clerk

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